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81 Easter Eggs were found for "Superman 2 the Richard Donner version":

Item Title Rating
Superman ReturnsSuperman on Batman's Turf4.7 with 10 votes
Superman ReturnsClassic "Action"8.6 with 9 votes
Superman Returns : Two Disc Special Ed.Superman Returns Video Game Cheat Codes1.5 with 4 votes
SupermanOld Superman5.4 with 7 votes
Superman ReturnsFantastic Four3.2 with 6 votes
Superman Returns: The VideogameMemorial7.0 with 2 votes
Superman ReturnsScrabble Message5.2 with 6 votes
Superman ReturnsAquaman Pajamas4.9 with 9 votes
Superman: The Animated SeriesApokolips Inks6.1 with 17 votes
Superman ReturnsThe "Original" Number7.0 with 3 votes
Superman: The Animated SeriesComic Creators5.1 with 10 votes
Superman: The Animated SeriesWho Is Terrible Dan Turpin?6.6 with 13 votes
Superman Returns : Two Disc Special Ed.Hidden Outtake Reel7.5 with 10 votes
Superman ReturnsBranson Cameo5.5 with 4 votes
SupermanLois Old and New7.1 with 125 votes
Lethal Weapon 2Tales from the Crypt5.6 with 50 votes
Conspiracy TheoryLadyhawke Playing4.5 with 53 votes
Zelda: Link's AwakeningPrince Richard & Totaka's Song9.0 with 1 votes
MaverickLethal Weapon6.1 with 76 votes
Batman, TheSuperman References9.3 with 3 votes
Tarzan the animated Disney versionItems in Tarzan the Animated Disney Version3.9 with 9 votes
Angry Beavers, TheRichard Horvitz6.8 with 115 votes
Captain Marvel ComicsCaptain Marvel's Hometown2.0 with 5 votes
RuneScapeTribute to Richard O' Brian5.0 with 3 votes
Lois & ClarkCreators Name5.9 with 26 votes
Space Quest 1 (EGA Version)"Ken"6.6 with 5 votes
Lois & ClarkA Little Inside Joke7.1 with 104 votes
lord of the rings:two towers extended versionGollum Cuses You Out On MTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8.0 with 6 votes
Pokemon White VersionWii in Pokemon5.0 with 1 votes
Mujaffa Game - Gold versionSee the Developers7.0 with 345 votes
SeinfeldSuperman6.5 with 633 votes
SmallvilleOld Superman Meets New Superman3.3 with 7 votes
AssassinsDown with NRA?5.0 with 1 votes
SmallvilleSuperman Costume Colors3.9 with 15 votes
Storm of the CenturyWell, Yes I Do, Actually7.7 with 16 votes
Ultima VIHidden Picture Richard Garriott5.5 with 10 votes
Novell NetWareRichard Kiel Memorial5.1 with 30 votes
Casino RoyaleRichard Branson7.3 with 18 votes
SeinfeldBizzaro Jerry's Bizzaro Superman6.9 with 23 votes
Lois & ClarkOld Jimmy Is Old Jimmy7.2 with 91 votes
Batman: The Animated SeriesSuperman Reference3.5 with 91 votes
SeinfeldSupergirl6.6 with 56 votes
IMVU MessengerSuperman Pose3.2 with 9 votes
Superman: The Animated SeriesKyle, Meet Hal... Hal, Meet Kyle6.6 with 27 votes
Superman: The Animated SeriesMourners at Dan Turpin's Funeral7.8 with 32 votes
Superman: The Animated SeriesAnimator Credit6.6 with 8 votes
Superman Shadow of ApokolipsCat in Tree4.2 with 6 votes
Angry Beavers, TheWho's Angela?2.0 with 3 votes
Close Encounters of the Third KindStarwars Cross-Reference7.1 with 169 votes
Spice WorldThe Movie Pitch5.6 with 110 votes
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Season OneMa Kent8.8 with 5 votes
Waking LifePinball Machine6.1 with 12 votes
Rocky Horror Picture Show, TheKiss My4.0 with 13 votes
X-FilesDetective Munch5.4 with 8 votes
IT Crowd: Version 2.0MGS Reference8.8 with 5 votes
Pit and the Pendulum, The (1991 version)Hidden Bloopers3.3 with 7 votes
Space Quest 1 (EGA Version)"Scott"6.0 with 3 votes
Pokemon: Leafgreen VersionRemnants of a Nest...6.4 with 7 votes
Pokemon: Leafgreen VersionPat Benatar7.0 with 5 votes
Pokemon Emerald VersionPokemon Cloning Glitch8.4 with 222 votes
Pokemon Emerald VersionFirered/leafgreen Reference3.0 with 7 votes
Pokemon Emerald VersionLightningrod's Second Ability8.0 with 3 votes
Pokemon: FireRed VersionDevelopers' Computer Lab6.0 with 4 votes
Portal: The Flash VersionG-man Sighting8.3 with 3 votes
Pokemon: Platinum VersionArceus10.0 with 1 votes
Pokemon White VersionMother 3 Tracks4.0 with 1 votes
RavenousHidden Canibal Menu6.5 with 20 votes
Ocean's Eleven (Original Version)Casinos, Casinos4.9 with 28 votes
Ocean's Eleven (Original Version)"Sands" Implosion7.0 with 32 votes
Minecraft - Version Changer RELOADEDA Creeper easter egg! 3.0 with 1 votes
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended VersionCrew Cameo Including Pete Jackson4.8 with 10 votes
Lord of the rings - The return of the king. Extended versionInterview9.5 with 24 votes
Fairly Oddparents, The...yet another Butch Hartman egg!!!5.2 with 5 votes
Stand, The (Stephen King)The Shining8.1 with 8 votes
Nite Versions (Soulwax)Cool version of "e-talking"4.5 with 4 votes
Big Trouble in Little China (Special Edition)Summer Movie Trailers from 19867.1 with 30 votes
Notes (Lotus)Another R5 Egg4.7 with 64 votes
Through the Eyes (Flaw)Hidden Version of "Only the Strong"7.1 with 55 votes
Office, The (US)Hidden Reference from the UK Version of the Office in the US Version8.0 with 1 votes
Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireSir Ian McKellen in Alastor Moody's Foe-Glass4.0 with 2 votes
Roller Coaster Tycoon15 Funny Special Names!7.6 with 35 votes

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