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Add a New Easter Egg

So you know of something cool and hidden... but is it an Easter Egg?
There are a ton of things out there that might be considered hidden and are entertaining. But an Easter Egg is more than that... it is something the creator(s) have hidden for a PERSONAL REASON. To save us both time and trouble, here is a checklist. If the "Easter Egg" you want to submit doesn't match ALL of these criteria below, please don't bother submitting it because we won't be able to accept it.
Is your Egg an intentional reference meant to be noticed by savvy veiwers? Yes / No
It must be truly hidden, not meant to be noticed by people in the general public. In a movie, for example, obvious references to other movies or actors' roles aren't Easter Eggs, even if some people don't pick up on the references. This includes references that would be considered "obvious" to any fan of the series or genre, but not to others.
Does your Egg have personal significance to its creator? Yes / No / No, but it's one of the exceptions listed below
It must be something personal to the creator(s). Corporate logos and references to other famous people or products are in tons of things and aren't Eggs. Eggs have to have that "personal touch".
EXCEPTIONS: Hidden DVD features, hidden tracks on CDs (before the first song or far after the last song), and comprehensive lists of game cheat codes. We accept these regardless of personal significance.
If you answered "yes" above, can you state the creator's personal significance of your Egg? Yes / No
If it is something personal, you should be able to state WHY it is personal. If the personal significance of an Egg is at all questionable, you must provide good reasons for WHY it is there. How else can we tell if it's a true Egg? If you don't know the personal significance, you can try posting it in the discussion area instead, to see if others can provide more information.
Was your Egg put in by the creators on purpose? Yes / No
It must NOT be accidental. Eggs are there on purpose. Accidents belong on www.slipups.com. NOTE: Slipups has a seperate database, so any slipups you submit here will simply get deleted.
Is your Egg symbolism, foreshadowing, or another common literary technique? Yes / No
It must NOT be symbolism, foreshadowing, or any other literary technique like this. Storytellers use these all the time to tell a good story, and they certainly don't count as Eggs.
Is your Egg interesting background information, but not actually personal, intentional, AND hidden? Yes / No
It must NOT simply be interesting background information. For example, an ad-libbed scene and how it happened might be great trivia, but it isn't an Egg.
Is your Egg in a Web site? Yes / No
It must NOT be an Egg in a web site. Yes, we've accepted these in the past, but we've decided not to accept them anymore. The web changes so fast, and Eggs that are here today are gone tomorrow, so it's not worth cataloging them.
Is your Egg entertaining? Yes / No
It must be entertaining. Yes, this is subjective, but it's important! Eggs are put in for humorous or entertaining purposes, so if it's not entertaining, it's not an Egg.

Sometimes examples speak louder than rules. Here are some examples of genuine, indisputable Easter Eggs, and you should use them to guide your gut feeling about what is or isn't a true Easter Egg.

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