Zelda: Link's Awakening Easter Eggs

Prince Richard & Totaka's Song - 9.0/10 with 1 votes
While looking for the Slime Key you will meet up with a prince called Richard. He was kicked out of Kanalet Castle by monsters, and he asks you to retrieve five Gold Leaves from the castle before he'll let you get the Slime Key. Richard (and the frogs... more

Grab the Game Operator! - 8.5/10 with 4 votes
When you have Marin following you, go into the game shop you use to get the Yoshi doll. Marin will ask if she can play the game. Let her play it (it will still cost you 10 rupees) and she will go over to the crane and use it to grab the shopkeep! The... more

Enemy Cameos - 8.5/10 with 2 votes
Link's adventure is peppered with familiar enemies from the Super Mario games, as well as a few others. Many of them appear in the side-scrolling sections, but some are standard dungeon enemies.

The Yoshi Doll - The first item in the trading sequence... more

New Name - Thief - 8.4/10 with 7 votes
OK, in the starter village, go into the shop, pick up an item, and quickly run around the back of the shopkeeper then out the door. If you're quick enough, and if his head follows you, you will have the item for free. Now when you escape from the shop,... more
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Cheap Items - 7.5/10 with 4 votes
1. Go to a shop
2. Get an item(get the bow, with that it is much easier to do because its so expensive
3. Buy it
4. When the rupees are counting down quickly press Start + Select + A + B.
5. Save and Quit

You just bought the item without paying... more
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Cool Music - 7.0/10 with 125 votes
Using specific names on the player select screen can have fun and special effects. On the player select screen, start a new file. Enter the following names, and their effects will take place.

Name it ZELDA - (Must be in all caps)Press START and a... more
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Speak to the Gumbies - 6.4/10 with 55 votes
To pull this off you simply dust one of the electrical "gumby" critters (they were green on the snes)with magic powder. After he changes (you will know by the "groucho" glasses he is wearing). Now, with the sword button walk EXTREMELY close to him and... more
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Wart Camio - 5.3/10 with 3 votes
There is a sign maze area in the game that can be reached after having the pegasus boots, roc's feather,ocarina, and hookshot. In the maze, there are signs that say to move different ways, I'm not going to list the directions because there are many different... more
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Mabe Village Shop Secret (Steal Items!) - 5.0/10 with 8 votes
Go to mabe village located below the mysterious forest, above toronbo shores, and to the left of ukuku prairie (if you didn't know, this is where you first start out in the game). Go to the shop with the little cashier and pick up an item. (I highly recomend... more
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pic Play as Dark Link - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
NOTE: You MUST be using an emulator and NOT be playing the DX version of this game.

First off, make sure you have the sword. Now, equip your shield button with anything other than the shield itself. Here is where the tricky part begins; walk in quick... more

Simcity Reference - 3.3/10 with 110 votes
When you go to Mr. Write's, house, you will hear one of the songs from SimCity for the SNES. If you go to the Goat's house in animal village, you will hear another theam song from SimCity. Also, Mr. Write is spelled the same as Mr. Write from SimCity.
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