Superman Returns Easter Eggs

Classic "Action" - 8.6/10 with 9 votes
In one scene fairly early in the movie, Superman saves a women in a car after her breaks were cut (to avoid spoilers, I'll leave out details). A bit later, Perry White (editor of the Daily Planet) shows two pictures of the event to Jimmy and Lois. The... more

The "Original" Number - 7.0/10 with 3 votes
Go to the part where Lex Luthor is stealing the meteorite that contains the kryptonite, the camera zooms in on the kryptonite and its label. On the label the is the number "1978" which is the year that the original Superman movie was released.
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Branson Cameo - 5.5/10 with 4 votes
DVD Chapter 9, 30 minutes 15 seconds into the movie during the black out scene in the space shuttle piggy back, you see billionare Richard Branson of Virgin Records. Interesting that the same technology shown in the movie is the technology Virgin Galatic... more

pic Scrabble Message - 5.2/10 with 6 votes
At the beginning of the movie, when everything was shaking in the Kent home, you can see the Scrabble board. If you look closely, and quickly, you can see the words "alienation" and "Zod". Zod is a Kryptonian villain from the second Superman movie.
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pic Aquaman Pajamas - 4.9/10 with 9 votes
In almost the last scene of the movie, when Superman is visiting Lois Lanes son, if you look closely her son is wearing Aquaman pajamas. As you may well know Aquaman is another hero in the DC comic collection.

Superman on Batman's Turf - 4.7/10 with 10 votes
Shortly after Superman has returned to Meteropolis and has performed numerous heroic acts, Lois Lane is reading a list of cities where there have been Superman sightings. She names off a couple, including Gotham,the "hometown" of Batman. Batman and... more

Fantastic Four - 3.2/10 with 6 votes
When Clark Kent is in the Daily Planet and the news is talking about Superman, for a short moment, when they turn to channel 4, the "4" icon is actually the fantactic four icon!

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