Close Encounters of the Third Kind Easter Eggs

pic Close Encounters Creator Makes an Appearance - 8.0/10 with 23 votes
The term "Close Encounters" was created by the late UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek, who worked on Project Bluebook for the USAF as the astronomy expert. He created the "CE" reference as a way of catagorizing UFO reports.
As the "mothership" lands, the... more

Jaws Theme? - 7.5/10 with 4 votes
During the scene at the Devil's Tower where they are playing music with the Mother ship there comes a part where the ship gose off and dose it's own little musical number. If you listen closly near the end, you can hear a piece of the theam to Jaws, which... more
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pic Starwars Cross-Reference - 7.1/10 with 169 votes
The scene is towards the end of the film, after the army has cordoned off the mountain, and just after the hero (played be Richard Drefus) jumps out the helecopter and runs up the mountain.

Look carefully at the scene where Richard dreyfus is peering... more
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Starship Enterprise in background - 2.7/10 with 3 votes
At the part where the main character wakes up in the kitchen, he starts tearing down newspaper articles about UFOs and stuff. At one point for about two seconds, you see a model of the Starship Enterprize from "Star Trek" behind him.
Steven Spielburg,... more

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