Angry Beavers, The Easter Eggs

pic Posters - 6.9/10 with 9 votes
Watch the episode Dag's List, when all the animals disguise themselves as trees to steal Dag's list, look at the trees, they have posters on them, not just any posters, mind, it is posters of Ranger Dag, these posters were previously seen in another episode... more
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Richard Horvitz - 6.8/10 with 115 votes
1) Watch the beginning of the episode where Tree Flower comes to visit. Norbert is sorting through the mail.

2) He tells Dagett, "Richard Horvitz had a baby boy!"

3) If you look at the cast, Richard Horvitz plays the voice of Dagget!
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pic Helga - 5.9/10 with 248 votes
In the episode where Norbert and Dagget are working in the french snob restaurant to get money for masks of their favorite movie actor's (Oxnard Montalvo) Characters. When they get the box of them @ the end and look inside, You will see a mask of Helga... more
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Barry = Barry - 5.2/10 with 8 votes
There are references throughout the series that the character Barry the Bear is based on singer Barry White:

- He has a similar voice to Barry White
- He calls people "Baby" a lot
- Whenever we see him, Barry Whites "Cant get enough of your love"... more
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pic Subliminal Gun Support - 3.7/10 with 7 votes
In the episode "Stinky Toe" when Norbert leaves Daggett a note and he begins reading it, look at it, towards the bottom it says NRA4EVER (which is said to be used in the Simpsons opening credits) This one made a lot of people in my family laugh
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8-Track - 3.3/10 with 11 votes
In the episode "Partying is such sweet sorrow" when Dag goes to choose an 8-Track to play, he picks up one that says "Mitch Schauer", who is the creator of the Angry Beavers

Who's Angela? - 2.0/10 with 3 votes
In the episode "Euro Beavers", during the Abba sequence with bears, Dagget is playing a drum with "I Love Angela" written on it

Angela may be any one of the following:
1 - Richard Horvitz's (voice of Dagget) wife
2 - Richard Horvitz's daughter/niece
3... more
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