Fairly Oddparents, The Easter Eggs

Some Easter Eggs in the Fairly Odd Parents - 7.5/10 with 4 votes
in the crash nebula episode the school bus says BH-01.BH are the initials of Butch Hartman, the creator.
When the kid is resting in the top of the barn, he has a comic over him.In one place says Danny Phantom coming soon.
In the episode that the lost... more
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Tina Turner in Fop - 7.0/10 with 1 votes
In the episode of FOP where Timmy wants to go inside the Godparents' fish castle and he sneaks in, he goes into the hall of infamy. He sees the last name Turner and thinks it is his name. He wipes away the dust, and you see the name Tina Turner. He also... more

Boyles - 6.7/10 with 13 votes
In the episode 'A wish too far', Aj and Chester are forced to sit next to Elmer. He says "Hi, im Elmer and this is my boyle, Bob." Bob Boyle is the art director on Fairly Oddparents.
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Movie Stars - 5.4/10 with 5 votes
In the episode where Timmy is trying to win a Dimmy to impress Trixie Tang. When he is walking on top of the stars with actors' names on them, look carefully at the actors' names. You should see the name Butch Hartman, the creator.
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pic ...yet another Butch Hartman egg!!! - 5.2/10 with 5 votes
This egg is fairly easy to find, yet it isn't shown really clear, so you need a quick eye. It can be found in the FOP episode where the Crimson Chin discovers he is "fictional" and his comic series is a bust.

It comes at the part where Timmy wishes... more

Two Disney Refrences - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
In "Escape from Unwish Island",one of the lockers
reads W. Disney. Walt Disney! In "Fairly Odd Baby", the licence plate of the rocket-powered stroller is RKTMAN, for "Rocketman", a disney movie.

Mario References - 3.0/10 with 1 votes
In Odd Ball, when Timmy is playing his v cube (gamecube reference) listen to the sound on the screen when he gets 200 pts. You should hear the mushroom noise from Super Mario Bros. And in the Hassle in the Castle episode, when Timmy is in the arcade,... more

New Vicky Head in Every Single Show! - 1.8/10 with 9 votes
In every show, at the end of the beginning credits, Vicky walks into frame from the left.
Her head turns into something related to the
episode, even if she is not in it. Vicky's head has been turned into a cow's head before the Dibidale Farms episode.... more
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Buzz Hartman - 1.2/10 with 26 votes
In Timmy Jimmy Power Hour, there is a scene where jimmy is saying "I'm not Timmy Turner! I am Jimmy Neutron!" And "Dad" will say "Just like when you wanted to get out of a math test by wearing the Buzz Hartman costume, and out of a science test with someone... more
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