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74 Easter Eggs were found for "X-Files, The":

Item Title Rating
X-Files, TheLicence Plate4.3 with 62 votes
X-FilesFBI Agent Craig Willmore Mentioned4.0 with 1 votes
X-Files Motion Picture SoundtrackConspiracy Explained (the Truth at 10:13)7.0 with 791 votes
X-FilesDrummer for Nirvana in X-Files6.7 with 63 votes
X-Files: Songs in the Key of XBonus Songs7.0 with 427 votes
X-FilesDetective Munch5.4 with 8 votes
X-FilesOther "Hollywood Ad" Eggs7.1 with 58 votes
X-FilesMommy, Why Did You Name the Show After Me?6.2 with 114 votes
X-FilesCraig Willmore5.9 with 45 votes
The Dresden FilesCreator's Cameo8.5 with 2 votes
X-FilesVandals in the X-Files7.1 with 38 votes
X-FilesNew Agent's Name7.1 with 129 votes
X-FilesI Bet He Finds B.J.s Fascinating5.7 with 26 votes
X-FilesLara Palmer/Twin Peaks7.2 with 78 votes
X-FilesIt's Been Nice Working with You6.6 with 48 votes
X-FilesBirthdays6.5 with 132 votes
X-FilesWater Skiing5.8 with 46 votes
X-FilesA Nod to the Fans7.1 with 130 votes
X-FilesFictious Fox Cigarette Companies5.4 with 68 votes
MorrowindFunny Sound File5.8 with 27 votes
X-FilesFox's Apartment Number7.1 with 302 votes
X-FilesParking Space6.0 with 60 votes
X-FilesChris Carter, Producer or Viking?6.2 with 49 votes
X-FilesTombstone7.0 with 95 votes
X-FilesChris Carter and Mitch Pileggi7.0 with 149 votes
X-FilesSpecial Agent Chris Carter7.1 with 136 votes
X-FilesCarter Crosses Over7.0 with 42 votes
X-FilesAlien Namesake6.2 with 32 votes
X-Files"Return to Me" Co-Stars6.7 with 31 votes
X-FilesDeath of Mulder6.1 with 65 votes
X-FilesWriter's Girlfriend Mentoined Somewhere in All His Scripts6.5 with 34 votes
X-FilesWe'll Meet Him Later5.9 with 22 votes
X-FilesClyde Bruckman's Final Movie7.4 with 33 votes
X-FilesBut He Plays One on TV4.7 with 21 votes
X-FilesHe Lost on Jeopardy7.2 with 66 votes
X-FilesDave Grohl7.2 with 42 votes
X-FilesIdentification Codes3.1 with 24 votes
X-FilesShoot a Lead Programmer6.9 with 45 votes
X-FilesProgrammers' Photos in the FBI Database6.5 with 35 votes
X-FilesThe Programmers Can't Stand Skinner Either4.5 with 36 votes
X-FilesButterfly Scully7.2 with 34 votes
X-Files, TheField Office Time3.6 with 115 votes
X-Files, TheThe Pause That Refreshes6.1 with 96 votes
X-Files, TheMovie Premier Date6.2 with 74 votes
X-Files, TheChris Carter's Explosive Birthday6.9 with 86 votes
X-Files, TheScully's Cell Phone #5.9 with 88 votes
X-Files, I Want to BelieveMulder's Cell Phone6.7 with 6 votes
Starship TitanicText Files on CD5.9 with 10 votes
Interstate 82Mo' Cussing6.9 with 15 votes
Secret Files of the Spy Dogs, TheNotneb7.8 with 20 votes
Sims, TheExtra Skins from the .Far Files in the Sims5.4 with 111 votes
Midtown Madness 2Technical Director Credited in Data Files2.2 with 227 votes
Creatures 2Random "Sonnet"6.0 with 7 votes
MonopolyX-Files Monopoly3.0 with 172 votes
Space Quest 6Special Files8.2 with 17 votes
Creatures 2Len the Pen4.3 with 38 votes
Call of Duty 4 Modern WarfareX-files Reference1.1 with 16 votes
WinampThe Happy Files4.1 with 31 votes
Nero Burning ROMCool Egg in Version with 171 votes
Business Objects ProductsDeveloppers Photos on Install CD5.4 with 11 votes
AOL Instant MessengerCreator's Picture6.3 with 36 votes
Microsoft Combat Flight SimulatorAdditional Missions8.3 with 26 votes
MICROSOFT ACCESSAccess 97 Setup "Lizard" Credits6.1 with 71 votes
Star Trek: Deep Space 9X-Files Agents7.1 with 170 votes
Matrix, TheCreators Credits5.2 with 95 votes
Who Framed Roger RabbitValiant Files5.7 with 31 votes
Max PayneThe Sound Guys Sound Off5.0 with 57 votes
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi OutcastGeorge Lucas Making His Own Dreams Come True...8.0 with 2 votes
Terria (Devin Townsend)Hidden Videos8.8 with 5 votes
Law & Order: SVUThe Origins of Munch7.2 with 5 votes
SpidermanComic Character Files5.5 with 40 votes
LinuxThanks for All the Fish!5.7 with 57 votes
Adobe After Effects CS5Secret Project7.0 with 1 votes
Baldurs Gate II: Throne of Bhaal ExpansionPicture of the Creators in Bg2:tob Files5.5 with 2 votes

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