Max Payne Easter Egg - The Sound Guys Sound Off

Fist you need both the game and the MAX-FX tools Installed. Then use RASmaker.exe to extract x_english.ras. To Do this go to the start menu and select run. Then type the following INCLUDING the quote marks.
"c:\program files\max-fx tools\rasmaker\rasmaker.exe" "-x" "c:\program files\max payne\x_english.ras"
Also you may need to modify this depending of where you installed the game and/or MAX-FX tools.
If you typed everything right and remembered the quote marks x_english.ras should now be extracted. Now go to your max-fx tools directory (c:\program files\max-fx tools by default) and Go To the Rasmaker directory. From there go to data\database\sounds\ingame\misc\ and find rockstar.wav. Play it to hear the sound guys say hello to the people at Remedy.

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Contributed By: Just some dude on 08-02-2001
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Special Requirements: the game and MAX-FX Tools (found on CD)
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Zutroy writes:
There is another, easier way to hear this sound. In Part 3 Chapter 4, on the roof of the parking garage (where you start), there are some barrels right next to the way down to the next level. Climb these to the top of the little roof there, and you will notice a patch of metal wall that is slightly lighter than the rest. Shoot it and it will fall, revealing an inner room. Go in here and drop through the grate. You will find a sniper rifle and ammo, and a radio. Use the radio to hear the same sound clip.
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St_Just writes:
You can also get this on the garage level in act 3. Before you go into the underground garage, jump up to the roof using the oil drums and the junction box and shoot the different coloured panel on the side of the shack. Walk onto the grate in the room and drop down. Turn the radio on. You can also play any instruments in the game and if you silence any alarm systems or playing music speakers, then Max will say thank you.
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its a WHOLE lot easier if you just go to find: files folders and type in rockstar.wav . tada easy as pie
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Scorpio_666 writes:
Another egg is in Part III, Chapter Five, in the first room after the room with the video tape, blueprints and TV to use, shoot the painting and push the white button. The sofa on the opposite side of the room should open and reveal a secret room. Use the tv there for a hilarious audio clip. You can also open the closet to see what those Finnish folks do in their spare-time. Another egg you'll ROFL is the egg where you declare war on rats, and they get a little hostile..... (on the second level, throw grenade inside rat-hole in the very beginning, then shoot the first mice you see, remember to check your mission objectives)
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Trasher writes:
Also, try shooting the alarm at the bank, or the lift speakers during the chase. Max will thank you for stopping the alarm/elevator Muzak.
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f writes:
The rats can actually do even more. If you throw the grenade in the hole then when you come across some rats, shoot the light above them so it drops down between them. The rats then form two opposing forces and have a battle. If your side wins the rats follow you around and offer assistance. If the other side wins then they turn on you.
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