X-Files Easter Eggs

Butterfly Scully - 7.2/10 with 34 votes
Get to the level where you rescue Mulder in the attic. You should have to call Scully sometime during this stage. When you do, she should be in the airport. When the girl walks by, shoot her and a butterfly will magically appear. This is a tribute... more
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Shoot a Lead Programmer - 6.9/10 with 45 votes
1. Go to Rauch's house and go upstairs and talk to mulder.
2. Pull out your gun and get ready to answer your cell phone.
3. Answer your cell phone with your gun drawn.
4. Shoot the woman in brown who walks in front of scully near the begining of... more

Programmers' Photos in the FBI Database - 6.5/10 with 35 votes
1. Sign in to the FBI Database using Wilmore's computer.
2. Go into the ING.
3. Choose NAME and CRIMINAL for search options.
4. Turn to page 40 in the instruction book.
5. Type in various names of the Fox Interactive staff or software engineers... more
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The Programmers Can't Stand Skinner Either - 4.5/10 with 36 votes
Bored and frustrated with some of the puzzles, I saved my game off and travelled around shooting EVERYBODY. All killings that were not enemies landed me in prison --- except one. When I shot Skinner, the higher-ups took my badge and gun. -0- jail time,... more
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