Starship Titanic Easter Eggs

Registration - 7.2/10 with 27 votes
When the deskbot asks for your name after the title screen, type Douglas Adams. The deskbot will say that there IS a reservation in that name. I think that it might work for other names as well, tell me if you find more of them.
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The Robots Know About 60's Bands - 7.0/10 with 62 votes
1: find a robot (liftbots work best)
2: talk to it
3: say something like "abba" (or another band)
4: it should reply,
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Text Files on CD - 5.9/10 with 10 votes
Place any one of the 3 Starship Titanic CDs in your drive. Browse the files located on the CD - if you are using Windows, you can double-click 'My Computer', then double-click the icon for your CD-ROM drive to be able to view the CD's contents. You will... more
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Douglas Adams Shows His Mug - 4.4/10 with 30 votes
At the beginning of the game, in your house, when you turn on the TV, look at the guy on the TV who tells you to get going or something. That is Douglas Adams Himself!!!
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