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71 Easter Eggs were found for "Life on Mars":

Item Title Rating
Life on Mars Series 1The Director Cheated with CGI7.5 with 2 votes
Viking 1 and 2 Lander (Mars mission)The Viking Project5.2 with 82 votes
Mars Hotel (Grateful Dead)The 'Real' Title7.7 with 3 votes
Mars RisingThings to Do, Opinions, and Other Stuff4.4 with 5 votes
Mars RisingChristmas Theme6.6 with 7 votes
Half-LifeReferences to All the People Who Made Half-Life5.2 with 50 votes
Google EarthChatting Robot on Mars5.0 with 1 votes
Rocko's Modern LifeCreators Name1.8 with 5 votes
Half-LifeG-man Id Card6.3 with 11 votes
My Life as a Teenage RobotHitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Reference8.0 with 2 votes
Life Before Insanity (Gov't Mule)Hidden Delta Blues Song8.9 with 20 votes
LifeHarlem Night Life6.3 with 36 votes
Mars Attacks!Martians Visit Pahrump Nevada5.0 with 1 votes
Chronicles Of Life and Death, The (Good Charlotte)Hidden Track: Wounded8.8 with 33 votes
Drawn to lifeDs/Wii Reference7.0 with 2 votes
Half Life 2: Episode 2Old Hev Charger7.2 with 6 votes
Half-LifePeoples Thoughts6.9 with 97 votes
Rational QuantifyRational Quantify Meets Mars and Men in Black!8.4 with 10 votes
Chronicles Of Life and Death, The (Good Charlotte)Hidden Bonus Track5.0 with 27 votes
Sleepy HollowMars Attacks4.0 with 73 votes
Half-LifeHalf-Life TFC Birthday7.1 with 147 votes
Bug's Life, AA113 Bug's Life5.5 with 2 votes
Half Life 2: Episode 2Gordon's Van?5.0 with 2 votes
Day in the Life, A (Beatles)Funny Talking4.5 with 230 votes
Got the Life (Korn)Orgy Cameo6.8 with 177 votes
Half Life: Blue ShiftThe Pinky Room1.0 with 10 votes
Doctor Who (2009)Waters of Mars7.0 with 1 votes
Day in the Life, A (Beatles)Ultrasonic Dog Whistle6.8 with 73 votes
Suite Life On Deck, TheBubba's Debut7.0 with 1 votes
Life through a lens (Robbie Williams- First UK Album)It'll Scare the S**t Out of You6.5 with 34 votes
Half-LifeNovel in Gordon's Locker4.6 with 110 votes
Half-Life: RedemptionHappy Doors5.9 with 65 votes
Half-Life: Opposing ForceHalf-Life Secret Penguin Weapon7.2 with 232 votes
Half-Life: Opposing ForcePoem5.2 with 24 votes
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryMars attacks factory5.9 with 9 votes
Red Faction: GuerrillaMars Rover in Badlands8.7 with 3 votes
Bug's Life, ANickname4.5 with 37 votes
Suite Life of Zack and Cody, TheLondon Tipton's Really Great4.2 with 4 votes
Half Life: Blue ShiftThe Purple Half-life Symbol (inside Elevator Shaft)0.8 with 10 votes
Suite Life of Zack and Cody, TheReference to High School Musical8.3 with 3 votes
Half-LifeValve Logo in Air Duct4.1 with 55 votes
Bug's Life, ACereal Box Code6.4 with 103 votes
Robert Onion (Frank Black)Acrostic in Lyrics8.8 with 37 votes
Rocko's Modern LifePCP Reference5.5 with 8 votes
Half-Life: Opposing ForceHidden Names of People Who Made OF4.1 with 17 votes
Half-LifeThe VERY Hidden Gargantua.2.1 with 14 votes
Rocko's Modern LifeCreator Makes a Cameo7.0 with 52 votes
Half Life 2: Episode 2Lost Reference8.9 with 8 votes
Half-LifeSmall Room Full of Gabe Newell9.0 with 1 votes
Half-LifeA "Closer" Look at G-Man?7.0 with 151 votes
Rocko's Modern LifeMerry-Go-Round of Fun6.0 with 73 votes
Half Life 2: Episode 2Subtle 1984 Reference in Graffiti7.9 with 8 votes
Half Life: Blue ShiftChumtoad in Locker5.9 with 40 votes
Half-Life 2"Back to the Future" Reference2.7 with 91 votes
Rise of the Planet of the ApesMore Original Movie References (SPOILER ALERT)8.0 with 1 votes
Half-Life: Action Half-LifeHell Egg7.7 with 12 votes
Half-Life: Opposing ForceGearbox and Valve3.9 with 44 votes
Half-Life"Redrum"8.7 with 30 votes
Half Life 2: Episode 2Casserole Amends8.3 with 3 votes
Half-Life: Opposing ForceA Return to the Original HL Training Ground7.8 with 31 votes
Mars Needs MomsHidden Poster5.0 with 1 votes
Doctor Who - Pyramids of MarsOriginally Aired Audio Intros and Promos5.0 with 9 votes
Robinson Crusoe On MarsTrailer's Hidden Audio Tracks6.0 with 1 votes
League of Extraodinary GentlemenWar of the Worlds Reference6.2 with 9 votes
FuturamaLife in Hell References9.6 with 7 votes
Half-Life: Action Half-LifeThe Secret Hallway (and so Much More)9.7 with 10 votes
MatlabConway`s Game of Life7.8 with 6 votes
FuturamaLife in Hell8.0 with 1 votes
FuturamaSimpsons in Background7.0 with 6 votes
Google.comAnswer to Life the Universe and Everything7.7 with 342 votes
Wall-EAnother Valve/Half-Life 2 Reference2.4 with 13 votes

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