Half-Life: Action Half-Life Easter Egg - Hell Egg

I'm surprised no one has listed this egg yet as it is a great little adventure to do!

Okay, In order to get to the hell egg, you need to run action half life and select the map where theres a gas station, a bank, and the mini mart. Now after you start off on the map you need to go to the mini mart, climb up the drain pipe and enter the building above the mini mart through the window. After you are in the building, the hallway curves to the left, follow it and you get to a small 2x4 of wood between two buildings. Stand on the piece of wood and look opposite of the gas station and you should see a sign behind a fence. (this part is easier with 2 people, but can be done with 1 player) Shoot the sign and run into the building and down the stairs as fast as you can! You should hear an explosion and you want to be standing right infront of the boarded up doorway. If you made it fast enough you should be transported behind the boarded up doorway.

-Stairs to hell-
After you complete that part you need to go down the stairs(takes FOREVER) and as you go down a weird sound will get louder and louder until you come up to a big red-eye thing, run into it.

-Black abyss-
Now you should be in a room of pure blackness and in water. (Dont try swimming up because you will only drowned) You need to swim down as fast as you can and you will be transported to the elevator part.

Long egg hugh? Anyway, you should have dropped down into a weird lobby with a couple of elevators. You will need to keep hitting the elevator switch(it might just open on its own) until the right elevator opens, go inside the elevator. The elevator door should close and start moving, then it will start to shake and you will drop into a bloody pit with a huge eye staring at you. You will take damage so kill the eye as fast as you can. After that just follow the cave. I can't seem to remember whats at the end, but I do remember it is worth it! Good luck :P

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-18-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, Boneho Chane
Special Requirements: Half-Life, Action Half-Life mod.
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Pictures and Videos

Shot of the T.V. in the final room of the egg
"Welcome To" "HGRETHEDELON" Shot of the T.V. in the final room of the egg
Bloody Wall Boarded-up Doorway Bloody Elevator
Bloody Wall Boarded-up Doorway Bloody Elevator
The Eye Another Picture of the final room Outside The Room
The Eye Another Picture of the final room Outside The Room
The Sign Says,
The Sign Says, "Shoot Me"

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Dopefish writes:
The map is ahl_nocredit. It's by the mapper Hondo, who is notorious for having really wierd and obscure, long and messed-up secrets in his maps.
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Seth writes:
This would be a lot more helpful if I could get the name of the map.
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