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Ok, first you have to find the half-life or opfor icon in your computer that launches the game. If it is opfor, it is usually on your desktop. Anyway, right-click on it, and select properties. You then have to modify the target command line that launches the game.
If you are playing opfor, your original target command line should look like this: C:\Sierra\half-life\hl.exe -game gearbox

Now, we are going to enable something which is called developer mode. This also allows you to have all the weapons from half-life and opfor at the same time! (if you want the code, it is "impulse 101" (without quotes))

Modify the target command line to look like this:

C:\Sierra\half-life\hl.exe -dev -console -game gearbox

(remember the spaces are imoportant!)

Basically this enables a mode that was sort of a debug mode for the programmers of the game and allowed to see how the game was working. So basically the only downside to this egg, is that when you encounter new things in the game it will be displayed in the upper right corner of your screen. For instance some model (like otis or barney.mdl) is loading.
But anyway the basics of this egg are as follows: find, say, a scientist and talk to him if you want. Now, hit him once with a weak weapon like your combat knife. If he runs away, follow him until he stops and starts cringing in place. Now, try to make him follow you, and in the upper right hand corner of your screen, it will say over and over, "I'm not following you, you evil person!!!"
Also if you hit one of your soldier buddies, it will say "Friendly grunt is suspicious!" Hit him again, and then it will say, "Friendly grunt is now mad!!!" and then he (of course) starts shooting you.
Finally, if you use the barnacle and latch onto ANY enemy, and kill it with the barnacle, it will say (in the same place) "Hurt!"
Phew, well thats my egg. Email me if you have any questions or comments.

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Contributed By: thegreatcow on 04-12-2000
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Half-life or Opposing Force, or the mod "They Hunger"
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evil person, huh?
evil person, huh?

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007Fanatic writes:
I really don't think you need any other mods to the command line but -dev. That displays all of the developer notes, like remark statements in a program. Anyway, I did a lot of level-design awhile back in HL, and you can actually edit what they say in a level editor. It's also really funny to hack into the .pak file with a utility such as as PAKexplorer and change the sounds the people say. My friend made the scientists scream swear words and the models actually move their mouths to match the sound. It's pretty funny.
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Andrew Hyde writes:
If you want to get rid off those annoying messages in the top-left corner of the screen then all you need to do is type this in the console "con_notifytime 0". What this does is makes the time which the text is on the screen go to nothing, i..e it does not appear. The disadvantage is that some text, such as the countdown for the detpack in TFC does not appear either but it will appear in the console. If you want the to happen automatically then just type "+con_notifytime 0" after the -dev in shortcut mode (remember to put a space) and it will automatically do that as th game starts. You could also put it autoexec.cfg but this way is simpler
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If you really want to get rid of the little annoying messages like when it is loading a model, just activate the console (~) and type in "developer 0" without the quotation marks, it turns the developer statements off, but not the other, more important, in-game messages.
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Stormcaller writes:
That's hardly new. This is not only for Opposing Force, as your "-game gearbox" suggests, but for HL or any mod. Another way to turn on developer mode is to type "developer 1" (no quotes) in the console, and "developer 0" to turn it off. An even better developer mode is "developer 3" which gives you even more information. Also with developer mode on, when you start a game or join a multiplayer server then you get a much more detailed report on what is going on as the game loads.
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Where do you get the "They Hunger" mod?
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