Half-Life Easter Egg - The VERY Hidden Gargantua.

I found this egg when I was bored after defeating Nihilanth (to find this egg you don't need to defeat Nihilanth). As you probably Know, when you use the noclip cheat, you are able to fly out of the game so you can see the entire level, if you know what I mean. Do this in the Nihilanth level and fly around until you see a bright pink cube. Fly towards it and you will see that it is infact a hidden room, go inside it and you will be in the very claustrophobic room where the walls are covered with the half life symbol and in the company of a hidden Gargantua. This is my first confirmed (to my personal satisfaction)egg :-).

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-02-2006
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, racedogg2
Special Requirements: basic half life game, noclip cheat.
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Ascendancy writes:
Actually, it's not an egg at all. You get to this Gargantua if you keep getting in the way of the teleporters Nihilanth fires at you.
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Goatboy writes:
I am very sorry but this egg has been mentioned called 'Purple Halflife Box' in this section. The Gargantua was meant to spawn to some place but either the developers left it out (because the actual sprite is big and complicated), you need to trigger a trigger somewhere to make it spawn someplace (I cannot find the trigger) or it is a hidden actual egg. The box itself (what I call a spawning zone) is a certain type of area where sprites are held (users aren’t meant to see it) so that they can be instantly moved to the map area when something activates (like a trigger being activated). It is mainly for technical reasons (the Gargantua is a big and complicated creature unlike the other smaller sprite and so you would need a place to store the Gargantua, the smaller simple sprites can spawn unlimited without the need for a spawning zone) and spawning zones can be seen a lot in older games like Doom2. Did you know the crystals you smash when trying to kill the Nihilanth, is the same crystal that you put in the aspectrometer (I think that’s the name of that massive machine) at the beginning at the level that started the teleporting rip. Valve, later in development stages dropped the idea of stating the connection (don't know why). And why don't you see anyone one else in the HEV (apart from the dead ones in Xen)? And how do Barnacles actually teleport in during the disaster or before the disaster (I can't believe all of them teleport onto the actual ceilings)
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Ascendancy writes:
That's "Mass Spectrometer."
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It's not an easter egg. Read the comments here: http://www.eeggs.com/items/2289.html
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PredatorKing writes:
Goatboy, you need to learn what a model is, and it's been stated plenty of times by Valve that the barnacles climb/walk to the ceilings.
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