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82 Easter Eggs were found for "Alley Cats Strike":

Item Title Rating
Cats: The MusicalT.S.E 16.1 with 90 votes
Armadillo AlleyGet a Strike Every Time (NOT AN EGG)6.1 with 10 votes
Nintendo WiiMusical Cats6.4 with 13 votes
Counter-StrikeHidden Message3.3 with 156 votes
Cats & DogsMr. Tinkles Screen Tests6.0 with 105 votes
Cats Don't DanceEnd-of-Credits Message6.3 with 56 votes
Cats & DogsMr. Tinkles Message6.4 with 12 votes
VG Cats Animated SeriesSubliminal Messaging!4.0 with 9 votes
VG Cats Animated SeriesHalf-Life 2 References7.0 with 2 votes
Counter-Strike: SourcePhysics Equation6.0 with 4 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceTurtle Rock Reference3.5 with 2 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted ScenesBuilding Recon: Police Hq8.5 with 2 votes
Counter Strike SourceSteam in Cs_office8.0 with 4 votes
Jay & Silent Bob Strike BackDirector's Comic Movie Connection6.4 with 73 votes
Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360)Counter-strike Reference7.5 with 2 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted ScenesHidden Characters Room7.9 with 15 votes
Timesplitters 2The Old Sage5.3 with 3 votes
Armadillo AlleyHit the Horse (NOT AN EGG)5.2 with 13 votes
Look (Venetian Snares)Look at Venetian's cats7.7 with 6 votes
Half Life 2: Episode 1Hidden Tag9.0 with 11 votes
Pearl Jam: Live At The GardenHunger Strike7.3 with 31 votes
Rainbow Six VegasCounter Strike Reference8.5 with 2 votes
Cats & DogsConcept Sketches6.0 with 6 votes
Phantom of the OperaAndrew Lloyd Webber's Other Work5.7 with 13 votes
Ultima VII Part 2Exploding Cats and Lewd Sheep8.8 with 24 votes
8 MileActuall Names of Actors4.1 with 141 votes
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsBookshop6.2 with 133 votes
Call of Duty: Black OpsBlack Ops, First Strike Exposed6.0 with 1 votes
World in ConflictHidden Massive Logo on Airplane9.0 with 2 votes
Carnivores: CityscapeSecret Movie Theater with Movie of Designer5.7 with 3 votes
Counter-StrikeMaker of CS5.8 with 292 votes
Counter-StrikeSmarties in CS5.9 with 126 votes
Counter-StrikeMore Eggs in CS Maps6.7 with 178 votes
Counter-StrikeNew Easter Eggs in CS6.9 with 77 votes
Counter-StrikeFy_iceworldx Map Credits6.8 with 45 votes
Counter-StrikeCreator's Signature5.2 with 14 votes
Counter-StrikeDe_dust 2 Credits7.0 with 7 votes
Counter-StrikeThe Birth of Christ9.3 with 9 votes
Sudden StrikeStarcraft?7.0 with 1 votes
Jay & Silent Bob Strike BackThe Film That Never Was7.1 with 108 votes
Jay & Silent Bob Strike BackDaddy's Girl5.4 with 89 votes
Jay & Silent Bob Strike BackBerserker7.0 with 2 votes
Jay & Silent Bob Strike BackComic Book Shop5.0 with 3 votes
Jay & Silent Bob Strike BackContuation to Berserker5.0 with 1 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroProducer's Details8.3 with 3 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroHuge List of Eggs4.2 with 11 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceHidden Room with Map and Tapestry in De_chateau4.0 with 42 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceFunny Messages3.6 with 36 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceOffice Space Reference in CS:Source6.9 with 15 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceThe Standing Giraffe8.1 with 15 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceDe_deathcookin Map Made by....5.8 with 5 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceLuck0r Cs_assult6.5 with 19 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceFreeman in Cs:s2.6 with 28 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceFart6.6 with 8 votes
Counter-Strike: SourceWeird room on cs_assault7.0 with 1 votes
Street Fighter III: Third StrikeChun-li's Bracelets6.5 with 2 votes
Harry Potter: Special EditionBertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans3.1 with 204 votes
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Special Edition)Jay's Balls7.1 with 277 votes
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Special Edition)Composer As a Child3.1 with 67 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted ScenesRitual's "Ritual"3.4 with 20 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes"Animal Farm"3.3 with 15 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes"Missile Humor"2.5 with 16 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted ScenesHidden Creator Nickname in Numerous Levels9.0 with 3 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted ScenesThe Castle Was Here7.1 with 7 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted ScenesNot Suppose to Be Here7.3 with 6 votes
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted ScenesHomer Simpson reference8.4 with 11 votes
Mirrors EdgeDiggstown Reference6.0 with 1 votes
Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel StrikeCheat Codes (NOT AN EEGG)8.0 with 1 votes
Halo 2Blind Skull6.5 with 17 votes
Sonic UnleashedSpagonia's Lively Citizens4.5 with 2 votes
Music Of Quality And Distinction - (BEF)Giggling in a Song7.7 with 3 votes
Incredible MachineHidden Message4.4 with 14 votes
Elf BowlingBowl 300 Every Time7.0 with 666 votes
SimSafariCheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)5.6 with 78 votes
Super Smash Bros. BrawlPokemon Stadium 2 Cat Photo5.7 with 6 votes
Batman: The Animated SeriesThe Mail Box5.0 with 1 votes
Drop Dead GorgeousWhats in a Name?7.0 with 77 votes
Blinx 2Barney's Face3.0 with 1 votes
Halo 2Blind Mode6.4 with 29 votes
Castlevania: Portrait of RuinStrike a Pose!5.3 with 3 votes
Carnivores: CityscapeFlatulent Dumpster5.7 with 3 votes
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)A Big Suprise3.9 with 126 votes

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