Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Easter Egg - Producer's Details

Easter Eggs in Custom game stages

Survivor: From T-Spawn go to the ski resort and walk down to the row down the middle where the cars are parked, walk all the way to the end and turn left, walk about halfway to the opposite walland turn left again and look at the brick wall to your left (it is raised) shoot it and it breaks open to reveals the producer's screen. there is also a labelled crate in the red building, you can find it by taking an immediate right as soon as you come down the path to the ski resort and go level with the red building and look inside.

Siege: From CT-Spawn go down the rock ramps and into the mine place keep going in until you can turn left into a dead end due to a boarded up place. when you die go into free look and go backwards into there to find another producer's screen.

Vertigo: This is more of a hidden area than a producer's screen but it's location is directly underneath the corner of the closest wall pillars to the target on the ground in bombsite B. I can only get to it in free look mode after dying. It has a roof and floor like the rest of the level and two of the walls have yellow and black diagonal stripes but one of them has pictures, one of the walls has the level name, designer, email adress etc but the other wall has....well i'll let you see for yourself

Estate: another free look only accesible game area. From CT-Spawn go through the sewer and into the house. in the room with the pool table and the hostage in the orange suit. go through the wall that the hostage has his back to and look around, you cant miss it!

Airstrip: its another hidden area with the screen inside and its under the level but outside the boundaries if you go in free look mode and go under the level you can look around and find a cylindrical area that looks normal but when you enter it you will find that it has a revolving screen in the middle which has the producer's screen on it.

Office: another living accesible one in the storage room near T-Spawn with all the crates and empty shelves shoot the patch of wall with the visable pentagon on it it may take several shots but you can shoot out the whole shape to reveal the screen

Dust II: It is only accessible in free look mode and is simply locatd on the back of the wall opposite the light in CT-Spawn

Havana: it is another hidden area and only accessible in free look mode. form CT-Spawn go through the only closed door on the opposite side to where you can go and you should find a room with an old orange ute on a raised platform in a spotlight and on the far wall of the room is a map of the level showing team spawns and the hostage locations

Piranesi: from CT-Spawn go into the archway that says villa piranesi and stick to the right wall until you get to a wall with a bench and barrel at the base and two raised windows. got through that wall to find a room with a wooden giraffe and an unopenable door with a symbol above it. hey it may not be a producer's screen but it's the best i found and the wooden giraffe is pretty cool

Torn: in free look mode go through the door behind the mesh gates and the wooden door to find a room with a map and weapon and some other stuff. the map is upside down according to your 'e' map

747: This is not a screen however but a logo of a game producer or something. it is accessible in free look mode and is behind a fire door and flashes annoyingly. if you look at the level from beyond the boundaries you can usually see the flashing. if you go to the cockpit of the 747 and go out the windscreen and up onto the balcony, turn left and go through the metal mesh and through the fire door you can see it

Storm: in free look mode go to CT spawn and go through the opening where the door has fallen down and go throught the door on the opposite wall. turn left and go throught the underpass until you come to the hill on the other side. on the right of the hill should be two big crates and a small crate on an angle. go up the wall that the crates are on until you see 3 windows on the wall. go through the section of wall that has 3 windows to reveal the room. the room has the writing on red on the walls and a grave on the floor.

Oil rig: i dont know what this is so if anyone could tell me it would be appreciated. if you go into free look mode and look down on the top of the tallest tower there is something. as i said i do not know what it is so im not going into any more detail.

Note: some levels have 2 versions. if you cannot find a screen or room try the alternative level.

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Contributed By: Mark on 01-30-2007
Reviewed By: arrell, racedogg2
Special Requirements: Counter strike: Condition Zero
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