Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Easter Egg - The Castle Was Here

Level: Thin ice
At the beggining of the level you will have to use the blowtorch to gain access to a room. There is a refrigerator in this room. Use it to open it and crouch to look at the bottom of it... You will see a little black box writing: The castle was here on every side of it.

Level: Building recon
When you will climb a buildin and you have to use the blowtorch to open a locked door look at the opposite direction (to the right). There will be a sitting (perhaps sleeping guard there) I recomend to turn cheats on ("sv_cheats 1" at the console) and use the "notarget" cheat. Kill the guard now. Behind him there is a closed door... Look at the bottom of this door. The very same black box will be there.

Level: (the last one, i do not remember the name)
When you reach the final "boss" turn "notarget" and "noclip". get into the room with the bomb. Face the bomb and turn 90deg right. There is a closed window there. Walk through it (noclip) and you will get to the balcony. Now look at the window. Look at the botton left corner of that wall. What a surprise! The castle was here.

I am sure that the same black box must be on other levels too. I found only these three.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-20-2006
Reviewed By: arrell, racedogg2
Special Requirements: maybe cheats...
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Pictures and Videos

Fridge The black box in Office Room in Rise Hard
Fridge The black box in "Secret War" Office Room in Rise Hard
Location of Box (Before Arival)
Location of Box (Before Arival)

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Mark writes:
the one in the last level has already been added. the level is rise hard. i have also found another in thin ice. as soon as you shut down the engines on the ship and you get a loading message put on "noclip" and go to the cafeteria room and it is to the left of the food serving bench near the exit of the room
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ronin_109 writes:
Also, in the mission: Secret War, When you get to the part where the forklift smashes through the crates, climb up to the pipes, keep searching until you find the same small block box.
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Peter writes:
I have also seen this in the level "Building Recon". When you approach the church, you can see two sides which cannot be accessible with normal jumping. Go on the steps and jump on one of the sides. On one of the corners you should find the same egg.
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Jay Perry writes:
On Rise Hard (the last level) at the very beginning in the office room just as soon as it begins, after the S.A.S guy has at last shut up look at the roof just above you. as soon as the screen starts to fade out... you guessed it The Castle Was Here as well! actually, not HERE but hanging from the roof! :D
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