Halo 2 Easter Egg - Blind Mode

1. Start the second level (Outskirts)

2. When you start the level you should see a door with blinking lights, go through this door.

3. As soon as your through this door look up at the lights. Jump on these.

4. When you are on the light turn in the direction of the way that you would normally go if you were going to do this level.

5. There is a dark brown wall in front of you. You can jump on this but when you are in the air you have to press the crouch button in order to pull up your feet to make it over the wall. This may take a few tries to get up there.

6. Once you are on this wall turn to your left and you should see a dark alley across the roof. Go down this alley.

7. At the end on the ground is some frag grenades, a camera, and a skull if you hold the X button you can pick up the skull. Picking up the skull will remove your HUD and you can't shoot a weapon or throw a grenade while holding the skull. The skull adds strength to your shields and your melee attack. Even if you throw the skull away you do not get your HUD back.

In order to get your HUD back you have to turn you X-box off and then back on.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-25-2004
Reviewed By: Boneho Chane, sars
Special Requirements: Any copy of Halo 2
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Pictures and Videos

this is a pic of a few skulls, one is blind skull
this is a pic of a few skulls, one is blind skull

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Boneho Chane writes:
There's actually a TON of skulls. Here's an awesome guide: http://www.highimpacthalo.org/showskull.php My favorite skull? Sputnik. It makes things a whole lot lighter and launching a whole easier.
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haloi writes:
my sisters boyfreind showed me this one, and he said that instead of just trying to jump up throw a frag grenade at the base of the wall and just as it blows jump up on top of it and it will boost you up on top of the wall.
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