Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Easter Egg - Hidden Characters Room

Hello. To see this egg, you must have your game version upgraded to the last by Steam.

Now, go to the mission "Truth In Chaos".
Going to the final of the stage, you will find yourself in a place of the mansion, that has a garden near... If I can do a screenshot, I will attach it as soon as possible.

Now, explore the walls, and you will see a "Buda" statue, "use" the statue repeatidly and a lot of times, and a secret door will be opened, enter it and you will find a room with a strange circle on the floor. It's an elevator, press the button and wait until you reach the bottom.

When you arrive, you will see a circle room, with all the special characters watching at you across all the room. (Moses Sepulveda, The Motorcade Assault's VIP, The Chinese Girl That You Have To Rescue At Hankagai, The Boss Of The Final Mission, etc...).
Try to talk with them, they will say things to you. And notice that they have a "nickname".
Some of their nicknames are from Counter-Strike staff.

You want more? Try to kill all them. A message will appear and I'm sure that you won't live to say it to your friends XD.

(Note: If you have enough skill to kill all them, don't care... More enemies will appear XD! They're infinite)

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Contributed By: Pioneero on 07-23-2005
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, Techneon
Special Requirements: Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Deleted Scenes, And Steam.
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Pictures and Videos

The buddha statue The elevator room The button and the elevator
The buddha statue The elevator room The button and the elevator

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Jake writes:
What does the message say?
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