Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Easter Egg - The Film That Never Was

There are many in-jokes and eggs in this film as the writer/director Kevin Smith refers to loads of his other films (or films he was involved with) but probably the really obscure reference that nobody I know has picked up on is one of the movie posters glimpsed as everyone is leaving the cinema at the end of the film. Its a poster for a film called 'Busing', and while most people notice the poster design looks very similar to the poster of Smith's first movie 'Clerks', the egg goes deeper than that.

'Busing' is actually a script Smith wrote following the success of 'Clerks', and was basically described as 'Clerks in a restaurant' but Smith abandoned it since the studio he pitched it to, the now-gone Hollywood Pictures, didn't like it. The similarity to 'Clerks' explains the parody poster design, but most people don't know that it was once going to be a movie.

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Palinchron writes:
Two other easter eggs refering to other Kevin Smith movies are: 1)When Jay and Silent Bob are in front of the store doing Jay's rap, the two kids ask what they are singing, Jay says "only the greatest song ever written, written by God herself..." anyone who has seen "Dogma" knows that God is a woman 2)Also in reference to "Dogma", when Jay and Silent Bob get in the nun's car, look at the dashboard of her car. It had a small "Buddy Christ" figurine, part of Cardinal Glick's Catholicism Wow campagn in Dogma
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AngelicLies writes:
Another reference to a Kevin Smith movie is at the end when everyone's leaving the theatre. Two girls are talking and you hear "Why didn't they option the other comic? The one about you and and your 'relationship'?" "You mean 'Chasing Amy'? That would never work as a movie.
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John writes:
i didn't even know this came out yet.when was the release?
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big shit writes:
I wasn't aware it came out either, when?
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Kap writes:
As of today (August 1, 2001), J&SBSB has not been released. It is going into wide release on Wednesday, August 22, 2001. Some people have been able to catch test screenings of this film in Arizona and California, though, and maybe a couple of other places as well.
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