Carnivores: Cityscape Easter Egg - Flatulent Dumpster

There is a dumpster that will make the player character pass gas and say something about it.
This Easter Egg is very hard to find if you don't know how to activate it. It's also a fair amount of work to do, but it's funny the first time you hear it.

1) Load the first Human City Mission.
2) If you look up at the top of the building behind you, you'll see a neon sign on top saying "Leo's" or something like that.
3) Turn back the way you were facing, go up the ramp, do a 180 degree turn to your right and walk back along the railing towards the building with the neon sign I mentioned in step 2.
4) There should be a doorway directly ahead of you.
5) Step inside this, and an elevator takes you to the top of the building.
6) Walk to the neon sign on the edge of the building and inch your way out onto the edge of the building and walk along the narrow bit of ledge in *front* of the sign. There is an invisible trigger here.
7) Get back down off the building and cross the street.
8) As you enter the alley across the street you'll see a dumpster on your right at the entrance to another alley. If you walk close to this dumpster you are treated to the audio clip.

A lot of work, I know. It's silly.

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Contributed By: Spamtrap on 07-03-2003
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: none
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