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44 Easter Eggs were found for "Pretty in Pink":

Item Title Rating
Try This (Pink)Hidden Track7.4 with 15 votes
Pink Floyd's The WallReference to "The Final Cut"7.0 with 1 votes
Pink Panther 2, thePink Panther Song!6.0 with 3 votes
Pink Floyd's The WallReferences to Dark Side2.8 with 13 votes
Pink Floyd's The WallAn allude to Syd.7.5 with 20 votes
Empty Spaces (Pink Floyd)Man Talking Backwards7.1 with 220 votes
Pink Panther Strikes Again, TheOriginal Artwork4.8 with 5 votes
Pink Panther, TheOriginal Artwork3.6 with 9 votes
Wall, The (Pink Floyd)Hidden Sound Bites7.1 with 89 votes
Revenge of the Pink PantherClouseau Changing Face6.8 with 4 votes
Wall, The (Pink Floyd)Secret (Backwards) Message on the Wall7.1 with 91 votes
Pretty WomanThe Director - Homeless?6.0 with 103 votes
Wall, The (Pink Floyd)Secret Backwards Message in the Wall (Corrected!)7.2 with 192 votes
Echoes (Pink Floyd)Echoes/ 2001 Final Scene Sync7.3 with 241 votes
Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)Wizard of Oz Synchronization7.1 with 2713 votes
Van Wilder, National Lampoon'sRented the DVD, Two New Eggs6.8 with 9 votes
Simpsons, ThePink Floyd References7.1 with 23 votes
Call of Duty:Black Ops 2Simpson Reference.6.0 with 1 votes
Banjo-TooiePink Egg5.0 with 1 votes
Tarzan (1999)Pink Floyd's "Money"6.3 with 54 votes
Reservoir DogsWillhelm Scream!8.1 with 13 votes
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, ThePink Floyd Reference9.0 with 1 votes
Try This (Pink)Hidden Song6.0 with 6 votes
Simpsons, ThePersonal References5.9 with 38 votes
Wall, The (Pink Floyd)"Isn't This Where We Came In?"5.9 with 29 votes
Great Gig in the Sky, The (Pink Floyd)Listen Closely... You're Dying7.0 with 393 votes
Wall, The (Pink Floyd)Where We Came In7.3 with 171 votes
Pink Floyd Pulse DVDTootin' Their Own Horns2.4 with 29 votes
Not Another Teen MoviePissed Off Ringwald2.2 with 5 votes
Empty Spaces (Pink Floyd)Backwards Message6.9 with 75 votes
Division Bell (Pink Floyd)Charlie's Phone Call6.6 with 62 votes
Division Bell (Pink Floyd)Hidden Message6.7 with 55 votes
Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)If You Can Hear a Whisper5.9 with 27 votes
Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)Hidden Music6.8 with 16 votes
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (The Flaming Lips)Secret Message7.7 with 43 votes
Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii 2003 Director's CutTwo Headed Dog10.0 with 1 votes
Radio Shack Product Support Library CD 2nd release (pink)Godzilla Burns Down Tandy Center7.0 with 1 votes
Van Wilder, National Lampoon'sFour Eggs7.2 with 64 votes
Shine On You Crazy DiamondSee Emily Play refrain5.0 with 3 votes
Monkey Island 4 (Escape from Monkey Island)Randy Sucks8.0 with 30 votes
Buffy the Vampire SlayerInside Jokes6.5 with 342 votes
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryEd Wood Reference7.7 with 96 votes
Doctor Who (2006)Pink Floyd "Animals" Reference5.7 with 10 votes
Animal Crossing: City FolkGamecube and Homage to Original Game7.0 with 1 votes

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