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Webmaster's Preamble: This "synchronicity" between Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz has been spread around for years. Yes, I've tried it, and it is entertaining, but I have to say I'm extremely skeptical that it's anything more than a coincidence. It's a neat urban legend, but that's all it is in my opinion - an urban legend. Other references:


And a site that's REALLY out there: http://home.xnet.com/~arkiver/synch/synch.shtml

This has been submitted hundreds of times to the archive and rejected all those times, but I'm letting this one in because it's so descriptive.

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In case you havn't already heard about the strange cosmic synchronization that occurs when you play Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" in place of the original "Wizard of Oz" movie soundtrack, here's the rundown. Start your Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" CD at the precise moment the MGM lion finishes it's third and final roar and you will find some very interesting coincidences (or are they?) you decide.

You'll know you've got it right when the first chord of "Breathe" comes in at the same time "Produced by Mervyn LeRoy" is displayed on the screen.

Dorothy is teetering on the fence to the pig bin when the band is singing "balanced on the biggest wave" from the song "Breathe".

Dorothy falls into the pig bin just as the you hear the words "race towards an early grave" and the music changes at the same time.

Dorothy holds a little chick up to here face in a caring manner as you hear the band sing the words "Don't be afraid to care" from the song "Breathe"

In the beginning of the movie during the song "Breathe", the band sings "smiles you'll laugh" and you see the Lion and the Tinman in human form laughing "and tears you'll cry" shows the Scarecrow crying.

When you hear the words "when at last the work is done" from the song "Breathe", Scarecrow in human form smacks his hand with a hammer and stops working.

Mrs. Gulch AKA Wicked witch of the west appears riding here bike at the same moment you here the alarm clock bells going off at the beginning of the song "Time".

When the band sings "kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town" from the song "Time", Toto hops out of Mrs. Gultches basket and runs back to the farm.

When the band sings "waiting for someone or something to show you the way" from the song "Time", Dorothy is in her room wondering what she should do when Toto comes hopping through the window to show her the way.

When you hear the words "ticking away the moments that make up a dull day" from the song "Time", Dorothys uncle puts his hand up to his head and rolls his eyes just before he kicks back in his chair after arguing with Mrs. Gultch.

When Dorothy leaves the fortune teller to return to the farm, the lyrical content "home, home again" from the song "Breathe" is playing.

A triangle can be seen hanging from a tree and the way the fence rails run look an awful lot like the cover of "Dark Side of the Moon".

When you hear the words "Smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry", the Lion and the Tin Man are smiling and the Scarecrow is crying.

Auntie Em appears and starts talking at the same moment you hear the womans voice talking in the song "On the Run".

Toto pops his head up in a window at the same time that the band sings "Waiting for someone or something to show you the way" from the song "Time".

When you hear the words "racing around, to come up behind you again" from the song "Time", professor marvel appears at Dorothy's back.

During the guitar solo in the song "Time", You see the words "Past Present and Future" on the sign of Professor Marvel.

Glinda, the good witch of the North, appears in her bubble as the band is singing "don't give me that do goody good bullshit" from the song "Money"

In the song "Us and Them" right when the word "Black" is said, they show the wicked witch and when the word "Blue"is said, they show Dorothy in her blue dress.

The Good witch of the north confronts the wicked witch of the west as the band sings "and who knows which is which" (or would that be "witch is witch"?) from the song "Us and Them".

When the Mayor of munchkin land is talking to Dorothy just before she takes off down the yellow brick road, his lips are moving as you hear the dialogue "I don't know, I was really drunk at the time" and it appears to be what he is saying to her.

The song "Brain Damage" begins at about the same time the scarecrow starts singing "If I Only Had a Brain".
After the scarecrow is let off his post and is stumbling around trying to walk the band is singing "the lunatic is on the grass" from the song "Brain Damage".

When the Munchkins are dancing after Dorothy arrives in Oz, the scene appears to be perfectly choreographed with the song "Us and Them"

When the Lollipop men hand Dorothy the lollipop , the song "us and them is playing and it's right at the beginning when they say "US......."AND THEM". Us is said when the munchkins hand it to her , "and them" is said when she takes it .

When Dorothy opens the door to the house after landing in Oz, the move switches from black and white to rich color at the same moment that you here the synchronized cash register sounds at the beginning of the song "Money".

The coolest part of the whole thing though is the tornado scene. "The Great Gig in the Sky" is the perfect song to the perfect scene. They bind together seamlessly. As glass and debree are flying and Dorothy is being blown around, the vocal screams are in perfect synchronization with the movie.

About three and a half minutes into the song "The Great Gig in the Sky", you hear a womans voice say "I never said I was frightened of Dorothy".

Right as they are showing the twister for the second time and it's well on it's way, you hear a voice in the background saying "I am not frightened of dying, anytime will do, why should I be frightened of dying, there's no reason for it, we've all got to go sometime"

At the same time you hear the words "all that you taste" from the song "Eclipse", Scarecrow squirts the oil can into the corners of Tinmans mouth.

This thing hangs in there right up to the very end when you hear an insistent heartbeat at the end of the album and Dorothy has her head against the Tin Man's chest listening for a heartbeat.

There's a ton more I probably missed, but so far, that's all I got. Coincidence? Hmmmmmm....

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Special Requirements: The CD, and "The Wizard of Oz" movie
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mango writes:
I just did this two nights ago. There are some things that may be considered coincidence, but there are other things where there is no way would like up w/o doing it on purpose. 1) The cover - the prism goes from black to color 2) The length of the first side of the vinal is the EXACT length of the black and white part. 3) Money starts up right as it goes to color - back then that was the first movie in color and it cost them a pretty penny, and made them a lot of money too. 4) So many lyrics line up perfectly w/ the movie. Three of the things that lined up perfectly that freaked my friend and I out. 1) One part there is a womans voice on the cd and it lines up exactly w/ Antie Em talking. Freaky 2) The chimes in time start and stop when the evil lady on the bike rides up, and the chimes ring as the clocks and such are going off at the end. 3) When the lion is doing his little dance number at the end, at the end when he is crying, his mouth movement looks exactly as if he is laughing, which starts and stops as the same time as on the cd. Pink Floyd is known to hid things in their music - And this is just another one.
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Bored_Fan writes:
Ok, 1 thing that I have NEVER seen anyone bring up, but maybe one of you can answer: Who in the hell figgured this out?? I mean, following the lines that it may be on purpose, then someone on the "inside" would have let it "leak"... Then again, if it isnt intentional, what stoned college student was watching Pink Floyd while watching the Wizard of Oz? Thats something thats always intrigued me about this, is HOW it was found out. I dont think I've ever been so bored that I had to sit there and syncronize movies with CDs.. Oh well...
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lsd writes:
When i heard of this i had to try it , so i did and it works, in fact i saw a few other 'coincidences' of the music matching up with events in the movie: during "us and them" as the band sings 'haven't you heard its a battle of words' the two witches are having words with each other during "us and them" as the band sings 'down and out' one of the witches turns into a bubble and disapears just as the work 'out' is sung when the song 'any colour you like' is playing the scarecrow seems to whirl around to the notes the keyboard is playing when the band sings 'the lunatic is on the grass' in brain damage the scarecrow is dancing around wildly like a lunatic Finally one other comment, i happen to have the 'quad' version of the dark side of the moon, which is a special version of the album produced in limited numbers during the 1970's for audiophiles, even if not playing back on a quad system the mixes of the songs are slightly different with some things brought out louder than on the normal stereo mix of the record. A previous comment said that during the great gig in the sky the girl says " I never said I was frightened of Dorothy", actually she says "I never said i was afraid of dying", on the quad mix it is much louder and clearer. I always felt this lp was special, i always felt that no matter how many times i listened to it there was something more to it ; now i know what it was !!
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warwick writes:
I'm not entering the debate on contrived co-incidence but I am offering another connection beteem Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz that hasn't been covered above. Someone mentioned the album cover going from black to colour (just like the film), but what about this; the prism on the cover produces the full spectrum of visible light - just like....a rainbow. I could point out that "somewhere over the rainbow" is the signature tune of the film but also "somewhere over the rainbow" and "the dark side of the moon" are conceptually similar, places we feel must exist even though they can't be seen or traveled to (yes i know we have been to the moon and it was probably dark at some time but I'm talking more about the the meaning of the phrase as a figure of speech. Mind you the idea of the dark side of the moon is a little gloomier and more frightening than a sunny spot somewhere over the rainbow but that's Pink Floyd for you.
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Franky writes:
I never tried it but it must be a coincedence for a couple of reasons: DSOTM was, before it was put on record, performed live and kept evolving during these live performances. At least one song was a soundtrack for the movie Zabriskie Point and I think it is impossible to write such a great album when you have to keep exactly in tune with a movie.
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E-Money writes:
Ok now this is pretty weird now. I just watched this on vague heresay and I didn't know where to synchronize the two. I started the disc at the moment Dorothy meets Professor Marvel. This seemed like a logical place to me as I've always felt both pieces were written as advice on life by L. Frank Baum and Roger Waters. This is where Dorothy's journey truly begins. I also feel both paint stunningly beautiful pictures of the ideas they try to, and do, convey. My way also matched seemingly perfectly. Now this HAS to be a coincidence with all the others but... Screams are heard when Dorothy enters the trailer and the music kicks in just as she sits down. As Marvel begins to attempt to lead Dorothy homeward the lyrics begin. Waters is giving advice to us. "Run rabbit run" is heard as Dorothy runs back toward the farm. On the Run is THE perfect song for the tornado, the music changing with every object that flies through the window. Laughter is heard as the witch flies by. A crash as the house lands, and on cue, the alarms when the door opens and color is revealed. Time's opening gives an eery feel to Dorothy's perception of this strange new place. As soon as Glenda speaks to Dorothy, so does Floyd. This is Glenda's advice now. The guitar solos as the munchkins reveal themselves. Ooohs and aaahs are heard when Dorothy stands on the platform in the town center. The mellow piano of the Breathe reprise begins at the delivery of the witch's death certificate. This goes on for the duration of the film. Words, music, and sounds perfectly match the film. Money builds to a crescendo when Dorothy comes to a fork in the road. The drum solo beats out the Scarecrow's clumsy steps. Us and Them's lyrics commence as Dorothy and Scarecrow skipping down the road together, as a team, for the first time, and continues as they are attacked by the trees and into the Tin Man's appearance. Gospel-like voices as he is gains mobility. The album ends with the foursome intact on their journey to see the Wizard. They trot happily down the Yellow Brick Road after a close encounter with the Witch. The film reveals the Witch observing them in her crystal ball as Eclipse comes to a close and as she casts her spell on the poppies we hear "and everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon", perhaps a reference to the Witch's crystal ball with which she casts her spell. Then just let the disc restart itself and it fits the entire rest of the film. Right up to the end, just before Glenda tells Dorothy she had the power to leave all the while. Now the fact that the album fits this film whether you start it at the beginning or at Professor Marvel's is coincidence, but that coincidence should prove that this album was definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, in some way connected to this film. Please try it my way and post what you think.
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glenestes writes:
I am not sure if this has been mentioned, but I don't start the cd at the MGM lion. I wait or FF until I get to the Cowardly Lion's entrance. You will hear him roar loudly approximately three times and then make some very quiet roars. It is after these quiet little growls that you start the cd. I was amazed at how much better this was in comparison to starting at the beginning. The scream heard at the beginning of the disc comes when the Lion chases Dorothy. The huge explosion that comes at the end of (help me here on song title) happens when the good witch spreads the dust and makes it snow. The cash registers in money go off when they get into the castle. I am not sure of all the details because I did this many years ago. Try it though because you will find it to be very interesting. I truly believe this was intended and not coincidental. I am a huge fan of Roger Waters and this is the type of thing he would do. He has a very aesthetic belief in music and I think this really proves it. Some other things I have heard you can try. There are rumors of Wish You Were Here and another album being used with The Shining and 2001....
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DJ Kafka writes:
Another clue to show the validity of this "egg" is that on the cover of the Pink Floyd album Pulse is (very faintly) a bicycle with a basket that looks very similar to the bicycle that the wicked witch rode in The Wizard of Oz. Additionally, there is a very faint little girl that is wearing red shoes like Dorothy. As I am sure you know, on the Pulse album, Pink Floyd plays the entirety of Dark Side of the Moon. Also, for several albums, the artwork has done by a company called "Hipgnosis", you figure it out...
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I have always been fascinated by the music and lyrics of Pink Floyd, the movie The Wizard of Oz, and the phenomenon of synchronicity. However, all the times I've taken the time to sit and pay attentiont to the three of these together, I am convinced it is more than coincidence. Pink Floyd denies it because there would be a lawsuit I'm sure, and because it's just the way they always were- full of mystery and humor- keeping you guessing and hanging on to every word- at least, that's been my experience. The only thing that causes me doubt is the the difficulty of matching the two of these up so well. It seems as if the music was actually written TO the movie. I understand the skepticism- sh*t, back in high school I remember watching static to the tune of a pink floyd album and the occasional giggle or grunt of fellow stoners. "Whoah- did you see how it jumped right there?!" "Did you see how it turned red RIGHT when he said RED???" OK, but there are just too many coincidences with the movie- I'm convinced- stoned or not.... was I saying something? Seriously though, who gives a sh*t if it's intentional or not, really? THAT'S entertainment man!
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manda writes:
Floyd fans rave over this Oz sychronization!! It's amazing how the lyrics: 'run rabbit run', 'balanced on the biggest wave', and 'the lunatic is on the grass' match up with what goes on in THE WIZARD OF OZ. I was lucky I caught the A&E special that gave the option of listening to Dark Side of the Moon while viewing Wiz of Oz (using the SAP function). It sychronized the music/movie together and the connection is amazing. Roger Waters is a genius and a god!!
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John3p writes:
If I had known about this at age 16, when I was pouring over Atom Heart Mother and Umma Gumma - with strained ears and dilated pupils - listening for hidden messages, it would've reinforced my then-opinion that Waters, Barrett and Gilmour were "tuned-in" to THE higher authority. But at age 41 I've seen and heard enough to realize that it's just coincidence... but a cool one nonetheless. Incidentally, I read that L. Frank Baum's book was actually sociopolitical satire espousing the merits of turn-of-the-century America changing from the gold standard to silver (in the book, Dorothy's slippers were silver, not ruby). So Mr. Baum was actually writing about money. Money! Oh no, I may have just fanned the flames.
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g writes:
For all those who are interested in this easter egg, visit the site users.boone.net/brittanma/introduction.html and be amazed by the wonderful world of synchs. For those of you who like to post comments about how its all a bunch of garbage and that its all stupid coincidences because the human brain can find patterns if it looks hard enough, it seems you are gravely missing the point, ITS ALL JUST ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! Art in fact. Just as the director created the film and the band created the music, you as the synch viewer can create an incredibly cool and entertaining work of art. I don't mean to be rude or nothing but for those who cant see this for purely entertainment, GET AN IMAGINATION! Let go and just have some fun. You cant define the word fun, you can only experience it. take care now. shine on.
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binky writes:
That's nothing. I discovered even stranger coincidences listening to dark side of the moon while watching snow white and the seven dwarves! Press play at the beginning of the credits. When the song money starts, they introduce the dwarves mining for diamonds! And when the song says "don't take slice of my pie" it shows snow white making a pie for grumpy. There's more too! check it out.
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beth writes:
i don't care much whether the synch is intentional or not, and in fact, I've never even tried it. just wanted to point out that while still in Kansas and dreaming about being elsewhere, Dorothy says that this dream place is on the other side of the moon (which would be dark, assuming the side we can see is light b/c the sun is hitting it). Hmm..
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MauveFrog writes:
To add the whole vinyl vs. CD bit, the LP ends right before 'Money.' If you notice this is one of the only silent parts on the whole cd. There is easily enough time to flip your record over and sync it with Dorothy opening the door: the beginning of 'Money.' I purchased my copy in Belarus and the length of time between the two songs is off so I have to re-sync. BTW, 'Money' is in 7/4 time, a rarely used time signature, which oddly matches with the munchkins' marching feet.
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KJ writes:
To me, there is no question that Pink Floyd produced The Dark Side of the Moon to purposefully synchronize with The Wizard of Oz. Most comments I've read so far on the subject always are either "yeah, I think they did it," or "it's a bunch of coincidences, go smoke some more weed." Since it's obviously purposeful (misalign the start time for even a few seconds and the synchronization doesn't work - need I say more?), the real question is "why would they do it?" That's what seems to be lacking in this discussion - what was their motive? I believe Pink Floyd had a very interesting reason for doing this project. I think this may sum it up: Quoting Roger Waters on 'The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon' DVD, 2003: "Dark Side of the Moon was an expression of political, philosophical, humanitarian empathy that was desperate to get out. I think because we still had a common goal, which was to become rich and famous." The album and the movie share much of the same political, philosophical and humanitarian empathy. But it might be possible that the last part of his statement is the actual reason. They wanted to make a lot of money. I think Pink Floyd put Dark Side of the Moon together in a way that was meant to utilize the subliminal 'programming' that almost all us have had over the years - from watching The Wizard of Oz. It's one of those movies that most people in the United States can say they've seen more times than they can count. The human mind is like a sponge and draws correlations when it recognizes patterns and similarities between events. Also, it's very good at keeping time. It's entirely possible that the album was meant to tickle our minds with ideas and remembrances that don't exactly fit with anything we're familiar with, and the transition timing between songs and scenes would reflect the same approach: to trigger a childhood memory of a story we loved, but as we listen to the album again and again, we never really know what that memory is. It's possible that Pink Floyd picked the most watched movie of all time to exploit as an experiment to see just how far the subconscious mind might take their new album, The Dark Side of the Moon, in sales in the United States. They had no idea it would become the number one rock album of all time, but because it did, they would have no way to admit this freely because MGM would probably sue for royalty payments and win - on the basis that the album is a type of a derivative work of the movie.
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MRPetunia writes:
To anyone who doubts that this can be done with vinyl: You may be right about it being contrived, but you are right for the wrong reason. I love this egg, I think it was intentional, and more importantly, the first time I did it I used vinyl, because I had the same doubts as you. The first side of the vinyl ends exactly as the movie turns color. It's real easy to pause the movie at this point and flip the record.
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christal writes:
I have done this with both record and cd. I found cd works better, due to the fact that you don't have to pause the movie to flip the record. Using the cd you can set the cd player to repeat the whole cd over and over (it should play about 3 times with the film). However I have the new digitally re-mastered (or whatever) "Wizard of Oz" movie. On my tape there are 2 lions, I believe the first one is in color if I remember correctly. The second lion is in black and white, at the third roar of this lion, start the cd/record. The first time i tried this I started the cd with the third roar of the first lion and I was really disappointed that nothing lined up. When I found out that I was supposed to start the cd with the second lion everything came together nicely and I was surprised with the effects. I don't know if it is coincidental, but it sure is neat.
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My personal opinion: I think that all of the lyric coincidences are indeed a case of people looking too far into it, but what impressed me was the musical rhythms and beats lining up. I think people picking out little examples only makes it sound more ridiculous, but i think that the musical beats lining up is intentional. Some people said something to the effect of "it's fake because different people started at different times," but you'll notice that these people mainly reported lyrical coincidences and not music lining up. If you start it up at the third lions roar, the overall musical effects include: 1)The heartbeat shifting to music at the exact moment that the small credits switch to the directors name at the beginning (this alone is really cool) 2)The bells on "Time" start exactly when the evil later appears 3)The BUM.....BUM.....BUM..... at the beginning of "Time" (you know what I'm talking about) lines up perfectly with the character's motions in the scene. 4)The Great Gig in the Sky's vocalizing woman's "screams" match with what would be occurring in the movie. 5)Money starts exactly when the door to Oz is opened. And additionally, as was said before, the record could be stopped and flipped and the video could be paused at the same time so as not to throw of the continuity. 6)The Munchkins appear to dance in time with the music. There are some other lesser incidents that I've probably forgotten, but I also think that it wasn't supposed to line up through the whole movie, just one time through the record. I think that most of the lyrics lining up is coincidence, but the music itself lining up makes me think it was intentional.
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the bachman writes:
hello to all the floyd lovers out there...i have executed the dark side of oz hundreds of times and done endless research on it (yes, i have too much free time)...and i have this to say...they did it on purpose...they make several references to it on other albums (like in "another movie" on momentary lapse of reason)...and i also will add this...IT'S NOT JUST DARK SIDE OF THE MOON THAT IS SYNCHRONIZED WITH THE MOVIE!!!...their next 2 albums (animals and the wall disc 2, not disc 1) are synched as well...you play 3 albums in a row to do this correctly...here are some of the "coincidences" nay-sayers would be interested in... animals-in dogs...the lyrics begin, "...you gotta sleep on your toes, when you're on the street..." as the tin man sways back and forth "you gotta strike when the moment is right without thinking..." as dorothy LUBES THE TIN MAN WITH OIL!!! later on..."and when you lose control, you reap the harvest you have sown...and as the fear grows..."...this all refers to the lion who loses control while trying to scare everyone, the scarecrow who reaps the harvest and the lion again who is afraid of everything... in pigs (3 different ones)...just watch and listen during the guitar solo at the end of the song as the lion runs away from the wizard and jumps out the window...which leads me to... in sheep..."harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away...only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air..." as the bad guys approach to steal the dog and attack everyone in the wall (disc 2, i promise)...in hey you-"...hey you, standing in the aisle with itching feet and fading smiles, can you feel me" as they chase dorothy and company around the castle...it's freaky i promise... comfortably numb..."hello...is there anybody in there...just nod if you can hear me..." and she nods to go back home...and she wakes up to the chorus...it's pretty cool... ok...i could go on for hours about all the nuances of the synchronization, but i don't want to ruin it for everyone...but i will tell you how to do it...SO LISTEN UP IF YOU WANT THIS URBAN LEGEND TO WORK!!! don't use one cd player with 3 discs...the lag time can mess it up when the player changes discs...have 2 SEPARATE PLAYERS...start with dark side and yes, use the third roar or however you do it...then, on the second player, put in animals and pause it on 00:00...then hit play when you hear dark side of the moon stop spinning (it's hard to find because there is silence at the end of the cd, but it goes for a while...it's easy if you have a reverse counter, or just get up close to listen for it to stop...)...then on the first player put in the wall disc 2, paused on 00:00...when animals is done (spinning), play the wall, and listen to the end of the movie...enjoy don't play dark side over...if they were going to do this on purpose, why would they repeat the sounds and music, especially when the mood of the movie has changed...it makes no sense...give floyd some credit, they're not dumb, they're not going to repeat the music, so they did this...it makes sense...i would be willing to defend myself to anyone who challenges this idea...it works, i sware...comments welcome...that's all i have...PHEW!!!
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yours are right on... we also found that if you pause the movie at the exact time the CD stops and put in "Animals" by pink floyd, it lines up even better... at times. the dog barks line up with the lions roars and the witch talks in time with the music, which is really cool. there's more... so check it out. P.S. "Animals ends with alot of the movie left, so try putting in "The Wall" disk 1... but you only go through about five or six songs and it doesn't end the same, but la de frikin da. have fun. boris & natasha
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webpilot writes:
I'll have to try this synchronization. What I find truly amazing is that Pink Floyd (apparently intentionally) synchronized their album to the Wizard of Oz while producing one of the greatest albums ever. For those who are interested in what the Wizard of Oz is really about, check out this link. http://www.federalobserver.com/print.php?aid=6053. Basically, the movie is about the creation of the federal reserve system, the bankrupting of the U.S., and taking our money off of the gold standard. That's why Dorothy follows the yellow brick (gold) road to Emerald City (the color of money). There is nothing federal about the federal reserve. It is made up of about 5 private banks.
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Raylove writes:
Just thought I would add my two cents. I have done this on more than one occasion and each time I find a new thing or two. I believe there is NO WAY that this is just a coincidence. There are way too many things that match up in the songs/ movie to even consider it blind luck. If anyone could do it, it would be Pink Floyd. I don’t think anyone would dispute that they are in fact musical geniuses. The one thing that I am surprised to not have seen mentioned is the fact that Pink Floyd has already made a movie to match a soundtrack. The movie “The Wall” wasn’t filmed until years after the same titled soundtrack came out. Who is to say that they wouldn’t do the opposite and make a soundtrack to fit a movie? Someone mentioned to put the cd on repeat. It’s true, that works perfectly which is the most incredible part of it all. When the heartbeat sounds at the end of the cd the 2x; its exactly when the witch is dying. Unbelievable! I too read the book, “Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Oddyssey” and yes Pink Floyd does deny any parts of it being on purpose, but I believe they do this to keep the intrigue alive (not too mention the fact that it keeps the record sales going) I don’t recall when the book was written but maybe it was early enough to prove my next point. I don’t think anyone actually figured it out. Think about it. It would be virtually impossible for someone to stumble on this accidentally. Therefore someone would have had to “let it slip” If Pink Floyd in fact did do this purposely, why announce it immediately. Why not keep it a secret and wait until sales on the album slowed, then announce it. This would start a new craze that would again put the album in high demand. It worked! People are still buying the album to test this theory.
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Eboreg Onxre writes:
I agree totally with the Webmaster on this one. This is clearly an example of the "seek and ye shall find" syndrome -- the human brain is so good at finding patterns that it will find them even when they're not there...
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kermitov writes:
I've done this with the DVD version and I have a feeling that there is a scene added because the things you talk about are right at the beginning but are a few seconds off after that. As far as is this intentional... well... if it is it was a really damn big project. The only way I see of doing this would be to note the times each event happened in the movie using the third lion roar as a reference point and base the song and album timing around that. Not to mention you'd almost have to write the songs specifically for this timing... not an easy thing to do. Just one of life's delightful coincidences :)
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simon(id4) writes:
i just thought this may be of interest... if you play the track "breath" backwards you can here this... here the armies are with jim im singin the last of them not that i refrain,he would.. healthier in new york no one under gives the last of acts this man, and i think of its sunken ebb and aaahhh....thats ok , war that is "NOW PLAY BACKWARD AND MAN RE-DEVELOP THE LAND OF OZ" we steal our missed swa-sticker dark was this and in his arms healthier in new york and our war was rich i reckon, in me was mean i left this here for you but, anyway ..... breath , breath ... so i think somebody back in the late 70's spun the album backwards.. discoverd the above tried it (putting oz wiz dark side) and there you go the birth of the wizard of oz sync.. it is said that "what you hear when playing backwards music and words is contraversal..but the door swings both ways.. if you record (sing) the above alternate lyrics what you should get back when that recording is reversed is the correct lyrics to breath.. you do!!! i tried it just for fun .. i just though i would mention that as i think it is relevant to some questions asked here... simon(id4) i thought this may help
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thisone writes:
When you are intoxicated in some fashion, you have less of a boundary between you and the rest of the world. This makes you more connected to other people on some levels, which consequently enables your awareness of the collective unconscious. (It also makes you less able to function as an individual.)
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warren writes:
Was the Wizard Of Oz on video in 1972 or 1973 when Pink Floyd made there album on record. The only way to really check this is to get the record albums (was it a double?) and a copy of the Wizard on old reel-to-reel video tape or 8mm or 16mm or whatever and sit there and listen to the music and watch the film. Then when you have to change the film or record, would you stop the other or let it go through? I personally think it is all coincidence, but I am not the band. Try putting "the rushian matrix" in search and find out what you get!!
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Meredith writes:
There's a part in the middle where the lion jumps out of the woods and scares Dorothy, the Tinman, and the Scarecrow. There is a loud shout on the cd at exactly the moment they open their mouths to scream. I don't know if this whole thing was planned or not, but either way, it's really cool!
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Janie writes:
I can't believe that I had never heard of this before now! Wizard of Oz has always been my favorite movie and Dark Side of the Moon has also been one of my favorites ever since it was first released. I have read all the other comments and most of them were terrific. IF this is a coincidence, it is very odd....Everything lines up perfectly between the movie and the album. All I can say is WOW!!! I have forwarded this page to several people, all of whom love Wizard and Dark Side. I can't wait to hear from them! Thank you so much for this site.......
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thisone writes:
All the Jungians out there understand the correlation of these two pieces of art perfectly. Those making The Wizard of Oz were working with heavy, heavy archetypes-- that L. Frank Baum only barely touched on in his book-- and the success of their film reflects that. The reason so many of us love The Wizard of Oz is the same reason so many of us love the works of Pink Floyd: We all spring from the same bed of thought, and the artists involved with these pieces were tapping into similar regions of that bed of thought. Waters may or may not have been synchronising consciously, but he was synchronising none the less! I would imagine one could find correlations between artworks in other genres as well, for example by playing a piece of music that was composed by someone who loves Tchaikovsky, while watching a recording of Fantasia. You who challenge this are like fish who follow their school, unable to see the ocean in which they swim. I doubt that you are artists.
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Alm0nd writes:
Well I think that it's pretty obvious that this whole "Dark Side of the Rainbow" thing is just a coincidence. The part that stands out the most is that everyone seems to have their own starting point in the movie. There is no way that Pink Floyd could of written and recorded an album that's synchronized to a movie at several spots! Plus the suggestion of putting in other albums when the first one is over also seems like a stretch. Also, some have said to put Dark Side of the Moon on with other movies and they also get results. How could the Floyd have done such a thing? It is VERY unlikely and VERY close to impossible. Just my two cents.
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William writes:
While I'll admit that the coincidences found between The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd+'s Dark Side of the Moon are striking, they're ultimately nothing but mere coincidences. The book A Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey reveals several band members talking about the coincidences and admitting that they were not intentional. This discerning news shouldn't hinder your enjoyment of the spectacle. It still is very interesting to watch.
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Pullupachair writes:
I don't know if you've tried this, but if you let the CD loop, the synchronizations keep coming, even through the third run of the CD. A lot of the things that didn't match up the first time will by the second or third run.
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DanaMorrigan writes:
I've done this, and while I'm convinced it's a coincidence (try turning on the radio and watching TV with the sound muted some time), the funniest thing happened. Immediately after the Scarecrow and company fight with the witch's guards just outside her castle (on their way to rescue Dorothy), you see a guard's pike followed by a disguised Tin Man (I think it's him first) appear from behind a ridge. At that precise moment, I was hearing "you raise the blade, you make the change." I've always wanted to try duplicating it... I wonder what different CD's would do? Anyone tried any?
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expectdelay writes:
I don't know if anyone is still reading at this point but.... the poster who pointed out the 2001/ echoes connection is on the right track. The third part of 2001, where the lead character flies into the monolith and things get all trippy matches exactly to the PF song Echoes. Now that might sound like nonsense, but this one has facts from the real world to back it up. First off, it is the exact same amount of time. Secondly Kubrick actually met with Pink Floyd to discuss them doing a sound track for the film.
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When the Munchkins first appear the song Money plays in at the exact time, when the Munshkins pop out the bass kicks in.
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JimmyGoGO writes:
But it seems pretty drastic to go through writing all their songs and tablature to go with the Wizard Of Oz, I mean why? but if it was intentional then it's a good egg, if not then its freaky.
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Hello out there...I have listened to Pink Floyd for a very long time. I always enjoyed the album Dark Side of the Moon, but it never made a lot of since...After watching the movie, The Wizard of Oz, played with the sound track of Dark Side of the Moon, it all seem to come together. I personaly like using three albums to make the experience complete. Start with Dark Side of the Moon and when it ends, cue up Animals. As you know, Animals has very little words, but what really caught my attention is when the scenes change, so does the music and it also has dogs barking in several key places. After Animals ends, try cueing up Wish You were Here. The movie will end before the album does, but I think it's a great experience. Hope you enjoy the input.
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marander writes:
I also noticed that in what I think would be the song "Time" as the word "touch" is said, the fortune teller guy touches Dorothy's shoulder.
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kb writes:
One of my professors in college held a three day discussion over this topic, and at one point said to pick out a random film or album and try the same thing. The next week he said that he used Casablanca as his film and Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" as the album, and things line up in this perfectly as well. For example, Elton sings the line "Play it again, Sam" as the pianist in the film is shown playing...Prof. said there were numerous other "coincidences" though I have not personally attempted it with this particular combination of film and album, but several people in my class did, and said it worked great.
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Wal writes:
I tried this many year ago and it does work. When the big fuss was made about this around 5 years ago, the album producer (might even have been band manager, not 100%) did deny that this was intentional. However he qualified his statement by saying that the movie was being played constantly in the studio during the recording and he was pretty out of it at the time! Also, try starting money so the first sound of a cash register occurs when the Munchkins first pop up from behind a bush. The sound of it closing coincides with them dropping back down, among other coincidences (this way they really are coincidences); during "Us and Them" the band sings "Us" when the camera is on Dorothy and the good witch and then it cuts straight to the wicked witch the exact moment the band sings "Them". That was a little freaky & I was stone sober!
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TGO writes:
Here's something else to think about... The Wizard of Oz was always thought of as a way to show the supposed 'evils' of the late 1800's... With inflation and the Populists and whatnot. I agree that some of the lyrics don't go exactly with the actions in the movie, but alot of those relate to the actions of the late 1800's. Maybe Roger Waters was intentionally doing so just to prove to us that he knows the secret of the Wizard of Oz or something? :-P Those are just my thoughts though... They don't necessarily make sense, or even relate to the subject for that matter. But yeah... Great movie and CD, by the way.
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SSTARZ writes:
I personally think that the disc may have been specially made to fit the movie...couldn't it? I mean, if you like a movie so much, you can create your own sound-track to it. Coincidence? I think this was planned.
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Courtney writes:
Wow. That is one loooonnnngggggg easter egg.
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fats writes:
This just might be the best egg ever.
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Aitch writes:
Wow! Right when the Band played 'Breathe', I found myself breathing!!! Amazing, eh?? How did they do it??!!
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I cannot believe that nobody has mentioned this one yet! I totally loved it! If you play the CD over for the third time, around the same time as Dorothy is about to go home, "Time" is playing. It's so perfect, it's shocking: Just as the lyrics say "The time is gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say," Dorothy is about to go home! And then, as the reprise hits for "Breathe", the lyrics sing "Home... home again, I'd like to be here when I can", or something of the like, and Dorothy ends up right back in her bed, waking up from the dream!! I mean, sheesh! As for it all being coincidental... I would say that it is. I would assume that if you tested a bunch of other albums, you would find a lot of other coincidences as well. But, that's not to say that it wasn't extremely fun (if not a tiny bit creepy) to watch it all happen and try it yourself. I think it's just uncanny that the heartbeat starts RIGHT when they listen at the Tin Man's chest. I mean, jeez. Also, it works a lot better the first time than the second. A few other things I noticed: when they mention something in the song about "Sharing their cash" or whatever it was, a munchkin hands out a bouquet of flowers to Dorothy. Not money he's sharing, of course, but he is sharing it. Also, when Eclipse runs the second time, it goes ten times better with Dorothy being rescued by the gang then with oiling the Tin Man. With the Tin Man it seemed mismatched to me, but the climax for the last song and Dorothy escaping seemed to fit wonderfully. "All that you save, all that you steal, all that you borrow..." It works fairly well! Another one that SORT of works is that "Money" plays for a second time when they're in Oz- Green Land, after all. :) ;) (No pun meant whatsoever concerning the country "Greenland", by the way). :D
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Hey. Don't know if anyone has mentioned these syncs in dark side and oz, but I figured I'll list them anyway. Some of them may seem silly, but oh well. *As Dorothy is singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," On The Run is playing, and there seems to be the sounds of planes going over, and with each rushing sound of a plane, Dorothy looks across the sky as if she's watching it fly over. *The music on "On the Run" sounds sort of apocalyptic, and the sky looks quite foreboding behind dorothy as she's singing Somewhere over the rainbow. *After Dorothy stops singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", The music hushes, and she looks at the sky and it looks calm and peaceful, the way the music becomes. *As the lyric "no one told you when to run/you missed the starting gun" plays, it shows dorothy *walking* down the road dejectedly as if the lyrics were exactly what happened. *"Magic spells" is mentioned on the "Breathe Reprise" *"Plans that come to naught" Dorothy's plan to run away backfired. *Great Gig mellows out right in the part where Dorothy is passed out. *"Money, it's a hit" The movie is a hit, and that lyric is sung right after the house hits the ground, and Dorothy goes into Oz. *"Four star daydream" on Money - her vision of Oz was pretty a dream *Saxophones on Money are playing right in time Dorothy and Glenda's mouth movement when they're talking to each other. *"I don't know, I was really drunk at the time" is said in the background, and I remember someone saying earlier that one of the producers or something said something to that effect when asked if there was any correlation between the album and the movie... *"The poster bearer cried" on Us and Them... sounds a bit like the munchkin that was holding the "certificate of death"... *"Listen son said the man with the gun/there's room for you inside" on Us And them - the wicked witch points to Dorothy (sort of looks like a gun) and if you watch her mouth that looks like what she's saying... and there is room for Dorothy in her castle... *"Got to keep the loonies on the path" in Brain Damage - Dorothy keeps all "the loonies" on the yellow brick road... *"Lock the door, and throw away the key" - the witch locked dorothy in her castle. *"There's someone in my head, but it's not me." perhaps Waters is referencing the movie being his influence... *"everything under the sun is in tune" on Eclipse - much like the relationship between the album and movie. *There are four main characters in the movie, and four members in Pink Floyd... *If you replay the CD after it ends, right at the time they're walking down the yellow brick road, you can hear what sort of sounds like footsteps at the beginning of Breathe. *"you rearrange me 'till i'm sane" - the scarecrow gets restuffed (rearranged) when they get into the emerald city... *"The tolling of the iron bell" in Breathe Reprise - they ring the bell when they are trying to get in to see the wizard. *"And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too" - Dorothy becomes very upset when she sees visions in the wicked witch's crystal ball. *Note the song called "Time" and Dorothy sees the time ticking away in the hourglass. *Notice how there are elements in the CD that applies to every character: you hear the heartbeat at the beginning and end of the CD, and the Tinman is searching for a heart; The song "Home" applies completely to Dorothy's quest to get back home... Brain Damage is stunningly suited to the scarecrow, and in two places, at the beginning of breathe, and during Great Gig you hear screaming, something the cowardly lion did a lot through the film. I'm not saying one way or the other whether Pink Floyd actually planned all this, but I do think it's very fun to find all the correlations.
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Chappi writes:
Most of the similarities can be taken as a fortunate or remarkable coincidence. But "great gig in the sky" fits too perfect, even for the most remarkable coincidence. The mood of the song alway changes the same time as dorothy's. And this precise. After about 15 minutes of a record and a movie. Even more, after this scene the movie turns to color and the first side of the LP ends. I really can't believe, that this is a coincident. The great gig in the sky is the ultimate soundtrack for the tornado scene, and not just this, it fits perfect at the very second. Why should the band deny this? Well, there are some probable reasons. First, a rumor or riddle is losing its magic wenn it becomes lifted. Maybe there are some problems about license, who knows. And not to be forgotten, Dark Side Of The Moon is a masterpiece of modern music. There is no reason to reveal more. I also believe that this synchronism wasn't the main intent of the band. For sure not. In most moments, music and movie aren't parallel. But I'm quite sure, that the band proposed some synchronisms. As a reference to Oz maybe, as a secondary reference, not as the main topic. Nevertheless i'm sure that this "easter egg" is no pure coincidence.
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Jesus Christ writes:
I accidently put the subject under the Movie Section on the site. I tried it with the CD looping and I am now forever afraid of Pink Floyd. I can't comprehend the perfection of it all! It can't be possible to figure it out that way, on the EXACT seconds at times. The fact that the beat goes perfectly as well is just too much for me.
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I tried this a couple of months ago, but I had heard wrong on how to do it. I thought that you were supposed to start the CD on the third Lion roar (as in, when he comes out after Toto about halfway through the movie), and when I tried it, it worked out great. I don't have any idea why it lines up so well, and I really don't care. I just thought it was cool to try out. The best part was that the woman singing lines up almost perfectly with when the Lion sings in Oz - that is some dang funny stuff!!! There are lots of other things that line up too, but none of them were as good...TRY IT!
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craptrafic writes:
Pink Floyd musicians use timing and rythm. Snow White animated movies do because the editors have to, or they will go mad?!! (The sound is usually done first and timed to make it easier to sync.) Wizard of Oz is packed with music. if gilmore/waters wanted to sync it fully, they would have simply timed the movie, done B.P.M counts for the music of Oz and winged it or acted it on tape for the non music parts. The Wall has lots of acted parts as transitions.
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jpc47 writes:
Whether or not this is planned (very doubtful) it's an awesome thing to try and play with. But I guess you can say Dark Side of the Moon does something to your mind. One night during a lunar eclipse we were blasting the album out the window and the climax (you know what part I'm talking about) happened just as the shadow fully engulfed the moon. Freaky, yes, planned, Mr. Waters could only wish. ;-)
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Striker writes:
I've tried this trick with both the cd and the vinyl record, and they both work. You people that are trying to crush this need to loosen up and let yourself go. Another interesting fact is that the prism and rainbow on the cover of Dark Side of the Moon match up with the triangle hanging from the tree and the fence rails in the opening scenes of the movie. Anyone else catch this?
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ahpook writes:
I tend to agree with "This One". I think this form of artistry in both cases is derived from the same Muse!Or gather the energy from the same source. Therefore there is always going to be similarities.
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Doc_Strange writes:
I've also found a few: A telephone pole falls just as the drums kick in on "Great Gig In The Sky" the good fairy leaves on the words "down and out" on "Us And Them" "Any Colour You Like" begins just as Dorothy leaves Munchkinland.
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TomTerrific writes:
Here's one that I have not seen posted here. It's an amazing match-up! If you start the Wizard of OZ movie at the beginning and start Dark Side of the Moon at the beginning....they both start at the beginning! Amazing!
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Eboreg Onxre writes:
highlander has summed up this matter perfectly -- I mean to say, according to the consensus of most of the believers one can use just about any Pink Floyd album with just about any movie, and "synch" the two just about anywhere, and you'll still get "amazing" coincidences?!?! This, to me, proves that they're exactly that -- coincidences, and thus not "amazing". A Web site I've seen (I've forgotten the URL, or I'd post it here) explains it far better than I could; that one notices the two dozen or so coincidences, and goes "wow", all the while not noticing the 20,000 non-coincidences that also occur...
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smorgasbord writes:
I'm surprised that nobody has pointed out the difference in speed between film, and video. If Floyd did synchronise it to Oz, surely they would have been using a copy on real film, which runs at 24 frames per second, whereas video runs at 25 frames per second, so after 20 minutes, you would be 48 seconds ahead of where Floyd would have planned you to be. Of course, it's only laugh.
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T-zone writes:
I think it's "seek and ye shall find" syndrome as Robert.bak said. I can line up my old B-52's record with any TV show or movie I care to and I can find a number of amazing coincidences. I can also do this with my brother's Baha Men CD. And would a group as dim-witted as the Baha Men think of lining up their CD with old movies? Geez, this egg is just a coincidence. Pink Floyd probably had no intention of doing this.
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Dr Worm writes:
I have just been to a film festival in New zealand and they showed a special screening to this phonomenon. It was realy freaky. There was heaps of things that matched up with the music more than lyrics tho. Like when the good fairy(witch) is talking to dorothy in the munchkin village, she is moving her fingers up and down her wand in time to a guitar solo. That was freaky. And so was the change of scene from black & white to colour when Money started up. If anyone else went to the film festival id be interested to hear yor thoughts. Dr Worm
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I guess that this was originally discovered using the movie on video cassette. Does it work with the DVD release of the movie too? Has anyone worked out if you have to have the Region 1 (NTSC/US) or Region 2 (PAL/UK) version? As there is a time difference between the two. If anyone knows then let me know, because I would sure love to check this out!!
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ChefShady writes:
I am not a believer nor skeptic of this phenomenon I just want to point out a couple of things to ya'll. First most soundtracks are composed and then recorded while the movie is being shown on a screen in front of the composer/musicians! Second Pink Floyd would not be the first organization in history to do something covertly and then deny it either for personal gain or personal preservation. Lastly since none of us are the musicians of Pink Floyd(Roger you are not posting here anonymously are you??????) and we can not read minds then we will never know for a certainty if it was all contrived or if that first bored/High on whatever person stumbled on one of the great entertainment mysteries of the later Twentieth Century. All we can really know for sure is that we can still spin a disc and illuminate a CT tube for purely entertainment purposes ;)p
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Wish You Were Here is the second half of The Wizard Of Floyd soundtrack. When Dark Side Of The Moon ends down to the last very faint heartbeat (on screen you should see the Tin Man falling backwards & being caught by Dorothy and The Scarecrow)pause the film and put on Wish You Were Here... then unpause the film and start Wish You Were Here at the same time. I won't give away all the syncs in the film because they're fun to watch and listen to however you'll know you have the sync correct when duringthe little Moog solo at the end of the Wish You Were Here album as the witch is slowly melting the Moog solo is slowly fading out. When the witch has completely melted the Moog solo has completely faded out and the album ends there. For those of you who have trouble synching Dark Side Of The Moon you'll know you're in synch when after the warning bells (alarms)of the song "Time" ring warning that the mean lady is coming to Dorothys' home to take Toto away you'll notice that the alarms dwindle as she gets off her bike... and the key to the synch is 'at the same time as the fence door slams on her butt the first bass slap tones in the song "Time".' I did this with my friend over 6 years ago figuring that since Dark Side Of The Moon ends practically halfway through the film it is only logical that Pink Floyds' nexyt album should cover the rest of the film and it does till Dorothys' mission is completed with the "hit" on the witch. "Money, It's a hit, Don't give me that do goody-good bullshit" is sung precisely when the Good Fairys' ball appears. The Good Fairy appears all nice however she instructs Dorothy do a "hit" on the witch. When Dorothy finaly does the "hit" on the witch that's where The Wizard Of Floyd ends.
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QUBIQ writes:
I tried this with my cd player on repeat. I believe the album runs through about two-and-a-half times, and the coincidences keep coming. The line "Home, home again" coincides first with Dorothy returning home from the fortune teller, the second time when Auntie Em appears in the Wicked Witch of the West's crystal ball, and the third time right when Dorothy opens her eyes & awakens from her dream. I also noticed that the organ music which occurs when the Wicked Witch of the East is proclaimed dead, as well as when the characters enter the great hallway to the Wizard's chamber. More interesting coincidences are noticed if the closed captioning is activated. The music was probably scored to the cyclic pacing of the movie, then later embellished with complimenting lyrics. It's a pretty well-known fact that Roger Waters & Stanley Kubrick separately entertained the thought of Pink Floyd scoring 2001: A Space Odyssey, but the two never connected. Pink Floyd later scored an unauthorized alternate track for the the closing scene of that film on their Mettle album. Hmmmm...
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FranksValli writes:
At the end of 2001, right when the screen fades after the last line of dialogue, start playing "Echoes" - everything lines up PERFECTLY. Right to the very end. ~David
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Ive done this, and it is a lot of fun, no one whos watched it can say that there arent some similarities. however i see no reason to think of this as some mass conspiriacy by roger waters. i think that people who are trying to debunk this myth should just back off and have some fun with their lives, because after all isnt that what this is all about? on a side note, i think that pink floyd is great, but who doesnt.
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For the record ... My friend and I were sitting around one night watching the Cartoon Network on mute with his "Phishology" CD on in the background (his mix of the essential and best of Phish). He leans over to me and says, "Hey, this is crazy. Just listen real carefully to the music while you watch this." Sure enough, I began to find synchronization and patterns while "Bouncing Around The Room" served as a soundtrack for "Powerpuff Girls." One more thing for the record ... I've done the "Dark Side of Oz" thing more than once, and I'll do it again. I doubt it's "on purpose" (do you even understand how hard that would be?), but it's still entertaining as hell. Know what I mean?
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Birdie writes:
I already have the wizard of oz on dvd and im a fan of the film and also a massive pink floyd fan. So when i heard about this connection i watched the wizard of oz with dark side of the moon in replacement of the audio and it was a very strange experience. Its completely bizzare how much its synchronized together. I read over a few sites to get some more info and i found many of the ones listed. Although a very obvious connection is clear, Roger Waters who wrote all the lyrics denies any connection was intended to be made. I doubt the album was made as an "alternative soundtrack" to the movie as some people are suggesting. If you havent watched it, it is worth a look and is a different way of visualising the album.
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Tiny writes:
OK, I think that ya, they had to have had some kind of idea that they wanted to put a few coincidences in there. I just have one question to the first person who actually figured this out...How much crack did you have to smoke to notice something like that?
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nol1m1t997 writes:
I have actually done this a number of times with my friends, and we can all say that there are coincidences, but then there are just other things involved with both that are on a whole different level. After Dorothy has already arrived into the land of OZ, if you notice, EVERYTHING goes in cue with the music, even small gestures go with the rhythm and are synchronized perfectly as if orchestrated. We all can vamp for this and tell you all that this is true, watch it closely. When the midgets ESPECIALLY are around dancing, not only are their feet kicking to the beat, but the whole rhythm and tempo is going perfectly with the music. We have done this a number of times, and each time, same result.
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hagerc writes:
i got told to do this a while ago & i just did it last weekend.. & i think it was amazing.. especially when "Us and Them" is playing & right at the part where the wicked witch comes in the part of the song goes "black" && it just fits in so well. its amazing
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Also, if you play Pink Floyd's, The Wall, along with The Wizard of Oz, the story lines match up as well. It scared the living crap out of me when i first tried it. It doesnt work unless you get it just right, but when you do, it's amazing.
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moseyposey writes:
I have tried synchronizing the album with the movie in the place that everyone is saying to but I guess I am just weird because I can't get it to work. Although one day I was just messing around with it because I was bound and determined to get it to work if not in that place then another. I actually got it to work where Dorothy was leaving the fortune tellers trailer and the tornado is just starting. It works until the CD stops which is when the characters get to the Emerald City's doors. It's pretty cool.
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Draco05 writes:
Well I have watched this many times in sync and the similarities are very intriguing. I also think that half of the fun is in the back of your mind you question the the thought process of the artists. I think Roger Waters is a genius and a god. I also think that if you let your mind go and tap into your human nature to get lost in something it is far more enjoyable. I also think that being really stoned will help you get lost in the world. I also think that the album cover says it all!!!
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ratty writes:
Roger Waters is a musical genius anyway. People say it would be almost impossible to write an album syncronized to a film with different starting points. Well lets not forget it is almost impossible to write music as good as that by Pink Floyd, they are geniuses.
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xymir writes:
To tell you my opinion, I do not think they did it on purpose. However, it wouldn't have been that hard to do it on purpose! How do you think soundtracks to movies are recorded in sync?
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mary writes:
Hi, Can anyone help me out with this? Who was the first person to make the connection, or decribe the possible connection?? Thanks Mary
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Dano writes:
In "Great Gig In The Sky", the woman's voice is saying "I never said I was frightened of DYING" ....not Dorothy
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coda304 writes:
Dave R. ([email protected]) writes: Although the link is pretty cool and could be entertaining, everyone who thinks that this was intentional is forgetting one thing: Dark Side of the Moon was released before the invention of CD's. These supposed "intentional" links between the two could only really be experienced with modern equipment. Turning over a record would kill the synchronicity of it, and plus the start time of the record would be dependent on where you place the needle on the start up groove. Trust me it would impossible to do it with a record player. Think about it. Are you high or something, stop and think for a min. Compact disc was not available then but (duh) reel to reel was the standard for recording to vinyl. I guess you must think records were pressed while in the recording studio. Again think about it, don't you think it would be just a bit hard to edit a record; simply it can't be done retard. Recording was done using tape, then edited with TAPE and finally pressed to vinyl. One more FACT is that vinyl STILL sounds better than digital due to the higher bandwidth. CD’S are compressed to sound like records. There is no question in my mind that the syncing was intentional, indeed Roger Waters is a true genius. The new Floyd sucks ass without Waters and sissy David Gilmore should have never ditched him. The correct way to sync the cd with the movie is: First boot up the cd (very important) and pause at 0:0:0.Then play the beginning credits to the movie, after the third lion roar hit play on your cd. I got this technique from a local radio station that talked about it for weeks.
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Joe Lopez writes:
Here is a different way to watch The Wizard Of Oz and Pink Floyd together. When Dorothy is in the house looking for her aunt and the window busts open, she will fall on the bed and go into a daze. As soon as she goes into a daze press play on your cd player. If it works out right then when the music in Speak To Me/Breathe begins the lady on the bicycle should turn into the witch.If this doesn't convince you then what will?
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Driver writes:
With so many weird lyrics in Floyd albums you could get any song to match with any film. So What ? Just a small coincidence but great fun and don't take it too seriously
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Big Butts writes:
I like eggs. The visual content on this egg should supply more of a whimsical feel than it actually does. The egg doesn't move me the way it should have.
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willywaders writes:
I just love musical coincidences. If you want to amaze your friends (smoking or not) drop the Cd, The Carl Stalling Project: Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons 1936-1958 in your Cd player and start switching your TV from commercial to commercial. Everything moves in time to the music and sound effects. Or just leave your TV tuned to Animal Planet. Track 13: Powerhouse and Other Cuts From The Early 50's is especially recognizable for all those Bugs Bunny fans and fans of Soul Coughing too.
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adipe writes:
I am listening to PF music since I was 16. Now I am 25. And after all this time i found out that "i've always been mad, i know i've been mad like the most of us are; they try to explain why you are mad - even if you're not mad". It is a paradox at first glance. Now to speak about this madness that people are helped out by Pink Floyd... Unfortunately some people still retain it and listen to such good music and poetry ("music seems to help the pain, seems to cultivate the brain...") and so we have this subject to discuss. Do you think Pink Floyd would have done such a poor job if they would wanted to make a syncronized album over a movie. In the first place PF would have picked another movie. This one is quite good but for the 8 year old children that don't understand why dreams occur. You cannot explain it to them plainly the way Freud brought up his theory to mature (considered so) people. I personally enjoy "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and "The Wall". Secondly they (PF) would have adapted the music better to the movie. The songs don't follow up with the story, not all of them. This is the final proof to support my opinion that they didn't plan the coincidences. 'The Great Gig In The Sky' matches nice with the picture but what about the other songs? Breathe, Money, Us and Them, Eclipse are expressing completely different moods. Just look at PF videos. I could go on writing about PF all day but... I suppose I dunno if anyone cares. Feel free to bug me at [email protected] - i won't "stagger and fall"
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Stardust writes:
Hello, I jsut wanted to add that, you can see EVERY place where the music and movie lines up when you type in Dark side of the moon, and The wizard of Oz in a serch engion. there used to be one site that had it all, but I can not find it. You can start the CD over about 5 different times, id different places where it all lines up, its VERY AWSOME! ....the only thing about allof this is that, the band Pink Floyed did say in an interview that they actually watched the movie while they recorded the album, so it really isn't a huge find, and that they meant for the music and everything to match...but it is still fun to do from time to time.
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p floyd writes:
First of all I wholeheartedly belive that pink floyd did this on purpose, and possibly not the only album they did this with. dark Side of The Moon simply has too many things in common with The Wizard of Oz to be a coincodince. The album Dark side of the Moon premierd at the Rainbow theater. the biggest song of The Wizard of Oz, somewhere over the rainbow. Consider how Jerry Garcia wrote a song for a love scene from Zabriskie point, he sat in front of the screen with she scene played on a loop over and over until he perfected the sound and lyrics. Is this how floyd achieved this? Also is this the only album that syncs up with a classic american movie??... try one of the most Floyd like movies ever, Alice in Wonderland with The Wall. start it at the begining of the movie when the music starts and pause the movie to switch dics. Skip comfortobly numb, and in the fllesh on some remastered versions for it to work properly (note the "-" sign next to the song on the remastered versions another hint that it needs to be skipped) some things i noticed Aice is cradeling the cat like a baby durring the crying in the beginning, "baby blue" is sung when a blue bird flies by. There are bricks in the wall at the end of her fall. see for yourself, its amazing
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Jena writes:
I've tried this a few times. The first time I was none too impressed, but the more I tried it, the more I liked it. Now it's entertainment on a boring day--whether or not it was intentional. No matter how many times you try it, it goes best with Rum and Coke.
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Webmaster writes:
There's a discussion about this going on in the Discussion area at http://www.eeggs.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000004.html
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jdpoo writes:
This is not just a coincidence, I've been checking this since I was twelve years old (I'm 17). this is best witnessed though, when drunk or stoned.
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mbhjeter writes:
I personally think Pink Floyd didn't do this on purpose which to me makes it even more cool. I don't think they were like hey lets make a CD synchronized with The Wizard of Oz! I think they're more creative than that. Plus none of the people in the band ever admitted it. That would take them so long to make a CD synchronized with a movie on purpose. I think they'd get bored of it really if they did something like that. I just don't think they would write lyrics about a movie i think that would be like against all of their ideas. But i think it makes them even more mysterious because i don't think they didn't on purpose it just happened. Somebody was probably watching The Wizard of Oz with sound and listening to Dark Side of the Moon and said hey this is synchronized! I don't think they did it on purpose because they were never like any other band i think they wanted to be creative, but to me doing that would take out their creativity because it's almost like they copied their lyrics from a movie. I think they wanted to be like no other band before. And making a CD based on a movie would ruin their reputation. -Mike H.
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Pinkfloyd writes:
There is also another interesting "egg" in this cd. Play the song Great Gig In The Sky, and go to about 3:30 seconds. You'll hear a faint voice say "I'm not afraid of dying". Now if you go all the way to wear the song fades out, turn your speakers up loud. Apparently Richard Wright was having fun, you hear the last note sort of bend out. He must've used the "Pitch Bend" that most keyboards have.
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shelbyGT writes:
this is so weird... i just did this tonight. there are some coincidences, but i dont think they did it on purpose.
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If you line up this record with Star Wars A New Hope, the song Money starts playing when Obi-Wan tells Han Solo at the Cantina how much money he'll give him. Sso what? It's a coincidence. Why would Pink Flloyd deny this if it was true? They would go down in history for making such a weird record. Maybe they intended it somewhere beyond the lines but humans can put things into other peoples heads because of a few coincidences that are barely coincidences!
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