Echoes (Pink Floyd) Easter Egg - Echoes/ 2001 Final Scene Sync

(Webmaster's Note: This may be controversial, but it sounds more plausable to me than the Wizard of Oz sync with Dark Side of the Moon, so I'm posting it and you can decide for yourself.)

I was reading a book called "Saucerful of Secrets; a Pink Floyd Odyssey" (a must-have for any Floyd fan!), and it breifly discussed how when film maker Stanley Kubrick was making 2001, a Space Odyssey, he asked the band to contribute to a predominate part of the sound track. I don't know exactly what or how much he wanted them to do, but obviously, they turned him down. Roger Waters had been quotes as saying that this was one of the few career moves he ever made that he "truly regretted". 2001 was released in 1968, and Meddle was released in 1971. I'm syre you can do the math.

Now, getting to the point (finally), if you pay attention to times, you will see that Echoes is about 23 minutes long, as is the final scene of 2001. After Dave shuts down Hal and the screen goes black and a title screen comes up, you should have your cd player set with Echoes on pause. Right when the title fades, start the cd. The first "ding" in the song should correspond with the first image on the screen i believe, is the monolith. Once you get it matched up, sit back and enjoy the ride.

While i do enjoy the Dark Side/Wizard of Oz sync, it pales greatly in comparison with this one, at least in my opinion. good luck to you all!

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Contributed By: Becca on 11-09-2001
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Special Requirements: TV, VCR, 2001 a Space Odyssey, Pink Floyd - Meddle, CD player. Hopefully all in the same room. Knowledge as to how to use all these high-tech gizmos
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Sorry, bud, but your timing is off. Everyone who knows about this synch agrees that the best starting point is either when Dave's face fades out or a tiny bit earlier, in which case the third ping arrives when the title appears. Best of luck.
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Becca writes:
Sorry, I did have the timing wrong. Start right as Dave's face fades. It's been awhile since I've done this, and if you start it where I originally said, it stinks. Thanks!
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Joe Smoke writes:
Well, if you are planning on using the version of the song "Echoes" that is in the the ECHOES greatest hits compilation, I imagine that you are going to be out of luck. The song "Echoes" that was originally released on the MEDDLE album is 23 minutes long: This is what 2001 matches up with. However, the version on the compilation is only 16 minutes long, so I doubt it will work. The song had some of its middle parts removed, such as the duration of the crows cawing, the build-up to the second drum beats before the song begins, and some general Floyd freak-out sessions.
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I usually cue up the cd and pause it. Then I unpause the instant the words "Jupiter Beyond the Infinate" show up on the screen. I also keep the volume up on the movie. The sounds blend well together.
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Moe_Syzlak writes:
Ok, well, I took your advice. I had never heard of this before and it intrigued me. I was able to get the third ping to synch up with the appearance of the title by starting right after Dr. Floyd says "inert." I just finished watching it and I gotta say, other than the fact they are the same length, I see no evidence that this was intended. If it was, it is about the shoddiest job of scoring a film I have ever seen. The only part that even remotely matches up is when you are flying over the alien landscape and that is because the music has very little structure at that point and is similar to Gyorgy Ligetti's Atmospheres that is used in the actual soundtrack. Am I missing something?
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flyingpig writes:
Are we missing something people, ANY rambling peice of music [I do not mean that unkindly] will fit anything you play it with. Wait for a windy day, watch the clouds, and listen to looong track of ANYTHING. Works for me!
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mfsl_junkie writes:
I can understand how "Echoes" would work for the "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite" scene, but I've heard that the even weirder title track from "Atom Heart Mother" (which is about the same length as "Echoes", plus or minus five seconds depending on which CD edition of "Meddle" and "Atom Heart Mother" you have) is supposed to work even better with this scene, although I haven't tried the "Atom Heart Mother" suite out on it yet. I've also heard it said that they conceived the AHM suite as "a soundtrack for a film", although they didn't say which one. For this reason, I'm pretty certain that "Atom Heart Mother" working with this scene isn't a coincidence, and maybe "Echoes" was a second attempt by the Floyd to do a soundtrack for this scene (because it's a very well-known fact that none of the members of Pink Floyd were very satisfied with "Atom Heart Mother"--Waters said recently that he wouldn't play the "Atom Heart Mother" suite today if you paid him a million pounds to do it--he said that he didn't want to play anything that embarassed him).
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cruelmo writes:
i believe kubrick was wanting to use floyd's "atom heart mother suite" for his 1971 film "a clockwork orange". as for this egg, even if the music doesn't particularly match up with the film, it's still a heckuva lot better of a score than the one in the actual film. this scene was immensely more tolerable with "echoes" as the soundtrack IMHO.
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killaAinNC writes:
Atom Heart Mother Suite rocks with the "Jupiter" better than echoes, while echoes is the right length Atom Heart Mother Suite actually seems to go with the movie, (especially when the "starchild" is flying around)
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ezilrock writes:
I wanted to play around with my new apple and use iDVD and Final Cut, so ripped chapters 28-31 from 2001 DVD and ripped echoes off of meddle. First off, let me tell you its just above a second difference from the 4 chapters of 2001 and Echoes. 23:27:09 for 2001 and 23:28:25. I synced them starting on the third ping. I had always done it like that, seemed alright. But I figured if floyd REALLY did do this, why would it be the third ping. Why not the first. I lined it up on the first ping. I dunno, I guess everyone see's things different.. but it actually felt right. Being able to sync it so precisely seems to make all the difference. Litteraly tenths of seconds of space difference between the two files. (beginning and end). Do it however you like. But the experience will not "stink" either why you choose to do it. In my method: Right in the first few minutes I noticed some distinct syncs. Loud pings when the planet first appears in the shot. Soft ping as the second appears.. then an almost drifting watering pings as the ship comes into shot. Also, as the light show begins, the transition into the intense music is perfect. The musical transition into the dark scary landscape is also right on. So are some scene changes in the end when he is staring at himself. Well this is just all my opinion do what you want. But either way its fun. -peace
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ctoe72 writes:
This is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. If you begin when Dave's face fades out, the part with the whales singing and whatnot lasts almost exactly as long as when he flies over all those crazy landscapes. It is absolutely amazing.
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JimMorrison writes:
I don't know if there is any truth in this, but when i turn on i find this very... inspiring...
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DocCasualty writes:
I just tried this for the first time with my HD DVD and iPod and that was awesome! I have been a fan of 2001 since I saw it in the theater when it first came out and have seen it many times since then. Almost too much to believe that this could be a coincidence. I synched the start of the tune with appearance of the "Jupiter" title and enjoyed it immensely. I'll have to give the other suggested synch options a try.
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BonTon writes:
During the process of writing and creating this piece of music, it was called "Return of the Son of Nothing", also the first lyrics were about a "space theme" of the meeting of two celestial bodies (planetary stuff). Apparently it has been played live with this title and lyrics before it was revised to an "under water theme" and recorded. The first idea seems to match with the 2001 part quite well. The Pink Floyd has also worked for Stanley Kubrick's Zabriskie Point, but at that time their "soundtrack" was turned down. Roger later said "all he wanted was Careful with that Axe, Eugene".
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Jay1_6900 writes:
FYI, I found its best to start the first ping when the man on the TV screen says the word inert. Also you can try it with the third ping on that word. Granted, its just my opinion. Atom heart mother is wild as well, though a bit harder to sync. I have no definite place to start the song, yet.
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