Monkey Island 4 (Escape from Monkey Island) Easter Eggs

Randy Sucks - 8.0/10 with 30 votes
I saw this egg by accident... I have a Geforce 2 GTS, windows 2000, the 22.80 detonator drivers (for the geforce)and use the geforce tweak util.
Using the tweak util in the Quality preset caused Monkey 4 to show me some pink lines, that i think define... more
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Engine Swap at the Scumm Bar - 7.3/10 with 34 votes
Just before leaving Melee Island for the first time, Guybrush recruits three crew members: Otis, Carla, and Ignatius Cheese. He finds Mr. Cheese at the Scumm Bar, but he won't go because he's afraid the bar will fall into Ozzy Mandrill's hands while he's... more
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Play Pong with Murray - 7.1/10 with 267 votes
On Jambalaya Island, walk up to Murray at Planet Threepwood. Keep trying to pick him up until he begins repeating himself. Then rotate Guybrush so that he is not looking at anything in particular.

Type 'murrayball' and you will play Pong with Murray's... more
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pic X-Wing in the Mists O' Time - 6.9/10 with 48 votes
Enter the Mists O' Time, on Lucure Island, and use the raft. In one part of the swamp you can see a half sunken X-Wing!
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Prosthetic Abomination - 6.5/10 with 24 votes
You can make an extra inventory item if you have the right parts from the prosthetics shop. (The shop where you get the wooden hand and the directions to Pegnose's house.) I have beaten the game, so I know the abomination is not required anywhere.

1.... more
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pic Congratulations, You Have Found a Bug! - 6.0/10 with 6 votes
I don't know how, but in Scum Bar, in the kitchen, message appeared.
It says "Congratulations, you have found a bug!"
I have a picture of it.
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LUA Bar Music - 5.3/10 with 29 votes
The music in the Lua Bar on Melee Island is a remake of the a peice from Sam 'n' Max Hit the Road, an older LucasArts game. The original music was the theme from the big-foot party.
Just a cute little joke... that's all.

Sex in the Menu - 5.0/10 with 79 votes
Merely open up the menu of the game (press F1). Look a bit below the middle and to the right and you should see the word 'SEX'. The S and E look like blurs in the map, and the x is two dotted line crossing. I think this might be a parody in how people... more
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Stormtrooper Not At His Post - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
On the directions through the Mystes O'Tyme Marshe to get to Pegnose Pete, the prescription is called "ACME Prosthetic Proboscis model TK-421" TK-421 is the designation of a storm trooper guarding the Millennium Falcon whose armor was taken by Luke Skywalker.

Guybrush Kills Himself - 4.8/10 with 28 votes
When you meet the other Guybrush in the Mists of Time in the Lucre Island, the other Guybrush will give you a gun. If you try to use that gun on the other Guybrush, you will shoot and kill him. Real Guybrush will say something like "So, it's true that... more

Sam n Max, Grim Fandango - 4.2/10 with 33 votes
When on Lucre Island you look for pegnosed petes house. When you are looking for the map in the databank thing at the prostheses, the name he gives you to look for is random but the name he gave me was "Sam N. Max." Another reference to the game.

In... more
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THX in Monkey Island - 4.0/10 with 80 votes
When you meet yourself in the swamp on Lucre Island, Guybrush asks himself on the other side of the gate, what number he's thinking of. The other Guybrush says "1138," which is a reference, just like in the movies, to Lucas' first movie, THX 1138.
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