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Around the time The Division Bell came out some anonymous user started posting messages to the usenet under the name Publius. He claims to be a messenger sent to guide Floyd fans through a riddle or 'Enigma' burried deep within the pictures, words and music of the album. He also promises a great reward to those who figure it out. The big question most people have is "Who is this guy, and is he for real?". Well, thats for you to decide. The following is an assorted collection of Publius posts and some cool evidence that proves Publius is somehow related to Floyd. So pull out your copy of TDB, throw it in the CD player, and let the Publius posts guide you to the hidden treasure that awaits (if there is one =>). I can't be bothered, so you try and figure it out!


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Don't waste your time. It's generally believed amongst the Floyd community that Publius is all a prank played on the fans, most likely by Nick Mason
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I believe it is all a marketing scheme, a publicity stunt.
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Martha writes:
I was at the site you mentioned because sounds really interesting but i think is also a waste of time and very complicated stuff too. hum!, and i like riddles, but this is too much.
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|ThePython| writes:
The album is actually a synchronization with Planet of the Apes, a description of the synchronization, as well as dozens of others, are here: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Amphitheatre/3528/ It tells all about how the pictures coincide with what goes on in the movie and the book. The album is also a goodbye message. "Division Bell" as many have probably realized, is the sign that the band is dividing. And on the last song of the album, "the ringing of the division bell has begun." And don't get me started with Pulse being the last album, because it's just a bunch of stuff they did live.
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triangel writes:
Correction: The Division Bell was used years and years ago...they would ring it in order to gather all politicians that would not see eye to eye...the division bell was rung...and they would gather together.... ...this would indicate that Floyd may well get back together and Division Bell may not be the Floyd's last album....sorry Python.
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Tofer writes:
Ok, so, whoever worked on this prank/"secret message" knew their history... The name Publius was the name under which the Federalist Papers (attributed to the United States' Founding Fathers John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison) were written. They got the name from an ancient Roman politician, full name Publius Valerius Publicola, who in ways saved the Roman Republic... Anyway, the point is is that (I assume) the writer(s) of the Division Bell "riddle" chose this name in order to evoke the same idea of an interpreter of a written work, since that's essentially what the Federalist Papers did for the Constitution. Maybe it also has something to do with the name of the album - the Division Bell seems to (for me at least) conjure up images of the founding of the US...
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