Wall, The (Pink Floyd) Easter Eggs

Where We Came In - 7.3/10 with 171 votes
This is an easter egg that is split between two
songs on the same double album.
Listen very close to the very beginning of
the first song on "The Wall"
album and to the very end of the last song
on the last album of the same set.
In other words... more
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Secret Backwards Message in the Wall (Corrected!) - 7.2/10 with 192 votes
This is a correction of another similar egg I've already sent...

1- Put on Record 1, Side 2 (Yes, the vinyl record. Sorry, I don't think this works with the CD or the cassette...but see the PS below.)

2- Play track 2 (Empty Spaces) and stop it (i.e.... more
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Secret (Backwards) Message on the Wall - 7.1/10 with 91 votes
1- Put on Record 1, Side 2 (I mean the vinyl LP; if you have the CD or the cassette you're not very likely to find this!)

2- With the turntable in the Stop position (i.e. not moving!), put the pickup needle in the groove between track 1 (Goodbye Blue... more
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