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Top 25 Software Easter Eggs

pic Hidden Volition Game Design Studio - 9.9/10 with 1076 votes
Posted Sunday, November 2 in Saint's Row 2
In the North Shore Marina District, there is a building with shops on the water front called the North Shore Marina Super Mall. There is a large glass tunnel that goes straight through the middle of this building with the shadows of fish swimming behind... more
pic C.J.Dee's Beef - 9.8/10 with 985 votes
Posted Monday, August 4 in Grand Theft Auto 4
Located in the Meat Quarter, on the main road running parell with the street with the bowling alley(Hematite st & Union Drive West), is a building called 'Minster Meat Marker'.

On the outside wall of this building on the corner, there are some small... more
pic Aptitude Version of Moo - 9.3/10 with 60 votes
Posted Thursday, March 16 in Debian GNU/Linux
$ aptitude moo
There are no Easter Eggs in this program.
$ aptitude -v moo
There really are no Easter Eggs in this program.
$ aptitude -vv moo
Didn't I already tell you that there are no Easter Eggs in this program?

Keep on adding -v's until after... more
pic Snowbored - 9.2/10 with 45 votes
Posted Wednesday, June 2 in Hiptop (t-mobile's Sidekick)
1. Go to the Jump screen. Press Menu and go to Settings. Press About Sidekick.
2. When the credits start to come out press Menu+Shift+8
3. Use space bar to contol (on Sidekick II you can click or click&hold the scroll wheel to control: holding it down... more
Picture of Two Powerslide Creators - 9.0/10 with 113 votes
Posted Friday, June 28 in Powerslide
Select single player game.
Select any difficulty.
Select Mineshafted track.
Select Skeeto car.
Select Crayz.
Press race.
Wait until it loads up.
Play the race until you get to the radioactive toxic waste dump.
Take a turn and go to the radioactive... more
List of Pop Culture References - 9.0/10 with 220 votes
Posted Monday, April 17 in World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft


Diablo I & II — The weapon "Wirt's Third Leg" is a reference to the character of Wirt the peg-legged boy from Diablo, and his wooden leg which you could actually pick up and wield as a weapon after Wirt's death in Diablo... more
3 in 1 - 8.9/10 with 126 votes
Posted Thursday, July 4 in Powerslide
This is the best egg I have ever found in my entire life!

Select the "nutopia" track and choose any car or character. I do recommend "sabre" though.

Press race.

When the game loads, drive your car and keep driving.

When you get to the jump... more
Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG) - 8.8/10 with 139 votes
Posted Tuesday, July 2 in Starships Unlimitied
Cheat Codes
Precede each of the key sequences by the 'HOME' key. If successful, you will hear the cash register (or money) sound. For example, to add a Planet Killer artifact to the Focus Unit. Press the following key sequence:
H... more
pic The 'sky door' - 8.8/10 with 106 votes
Posted Tuesday, February 12 in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Do you know about the famous 'Sky door'? I have found a way to enter it!

Finding the sky door-
If you don't use the 'jet pack' as stated in the requirements and go high up above the cluckin bell in fort Carson-there you will find an Enex marker or... more
pic Hidden Feature - 8.8/10 with 53 votes
Posted Friday, March 25 in Ratchet and Clank
On Blackwater City, go to that alien girl that lets you go to the Hoverboard race. When you are in front of her, notice she will be looking at you. When she is looking at you, do back flips and front flips. Continue doing them, and after a while, her... more
pic Invisible Ink - 8.8/10 with 47 votes
Posted Wednesday, April 30 in Paint
In Paint you may be familiar with the secret X10 zoom, but there is also a secret paintbrush size- invisible ink.

If you click to the right of the smallest square paintbrush size it will seem like nothing is highlighted, but, just like the secret X10... more
pic Merlin Li... - 8.7/10 with 76 votes
Posted Tuesday, January 30 in Adobe Photoshop CS2
1. Open Photoshop.
2. Open the Layers|Channels|Paths window (at least one of them)
3. Press the ALT key and hold it down. (Option Key on the Mac)
4. Click the right-arrow options button in the top-right of the Layers window, but hold the mouse button... more
Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG) - 8.7/10 with 128 votes
Posted Friday, June 28 in Powerslide
Here are the cheats that I know of:

Remember, these are the ones I know of.
Tax Twenty Trick - 8.7/10 with 141 votes
Posted Thursday, October 12 in Sim City 4
For this egg, load any incorporated city with a "reasonable" population. Raise all the taxes to twenty, and leave them at that for a game year or two. Then, drop them all to zero. As a result, your city should do well for a while.
pic Wanda a Fish - 8.7/10 with 79 votes
Posted Monday, August 9 in Gnome
1) Goto the run dialog in Gnome.
2) Type the following phrase without quotes "free the fish"
3) Click the Run Button.

A fish called Wanda should pop up and wander around the desktop.
pic A Few Hidden Emoticons in Skype - 8.6/10 with 102 votes
Posted Thursday, July 20 in Skype
Just enter a chat session, type any of the following words, including the brackets, and enjoy the resulting emoticons:

pic Sneezing Chuzzle - 8.6/10 with 46 votes
Posted Thursday, June 16 in Chuzzle Deluxe
When you are playing the game, you have to click on a chuzzle of your choice, the chuzzle will begin to laugh. If you keep clicking it it will sneeze and if you click long enough, it will sneeze so hard that all its fur fall off (it'll grow back in a... more
pic Easter Rabbit - 8.6/10 with 42 votes
Posted Wednesday, October 22 in Saint's Row 2
This egg is a little unbelievable, but i swear i'ts true. first off get in a boat, then head off towards the little prison island, once you get to the prison island start heading to the wide open section between the prison island and the nuclear plant... more
pic Tetris in uTorrent - 8.5/10 with 222 votes
Posted Thursday, March 16 in utorrent
1. Select About in Help menu.
2. Press 'T' on the Keyboard.

Also if you click the uTorrent Logo in about, a music is played
pic Control the Pinball with Your Mouse - 8.5/10 with 351 votes
Posted Wednesday, March 15 in 3D Pinball for Windows
Open 3d Pinball
Start -> Programs -> Games -> Pinball
when game starts, Type in "hidden test" without the quotes. include the space.
h: Shows the high-score table, with an entry of 1,000,000,000 for you to put your name next to.
m: Shows the amount... more
Sony Ericsson Hidden Menu - 8.4/10 with 68 votes
Posted Friday, November 17 in Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone
from your home screen on the phone, press this instead of your pin code "right", "*", "left", "left", "*", "left", "*"

see what happens
Pokemon Cloning Glitch - 8.4/10 with 222 votes
Posted Tuesday, September 26 in Pokemon Emerald Version
Clone any pokemon!

1. First you must have already beat the Elite 4 and unlocked the Battle Frontier. Then fly to the Battle Frontier and go to the Battle Tower.
(Before you can clone your pokemon, you need to have it in your party already.)

2.... more
Secret Menu - 8.4/10 with 43 votes
Posted Monday, August 21 in ReplayTV personal video recorder
While watching live TV, press 2, 4, 3, then before the channel changes- press ZONES. You will then be taken to the secret menu. Here you can view the CPU meter, System Clock, force service connection, partition the Hard Drive, and clear channel guide... more
Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG) - 8.4/10 with 44 votes
Posted Tuesday, November 13 in DX-Ball 2
While playing a game, type "eureka" to enable cheat mode. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear music. Then, press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Advance to next board: Right
Return to previous board:... more
pic The ubuntu fish... - 8.3/10 with 43 votes
Posted Saturday, June 9 in Linux
This no doubt works in versions of ubuntu below feisty too, though I don't know how far back and it might not be ubuntu specific, it might just be gnome.

Press alt+f2 to get the run dialogue box
Enter "free the fish" without the quotes of course


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