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Top 25 Easter Eggs

pic Hidden Volition Game Design Studio - 9.9/10 with 1076 votes
Posted Sunday, November 2 in Saint's Row 2
In the North Shore Marina District, there is a building with shops on the water front called the North Shore Marina Super Mall. There is a large glass tunnel that goes straight through the middle of this building with the shadows of fish swimming behind... more
pic C.J.Dee's Beef - 9.8/10 with 985 votes
Posted Monday, August 4 in Grand Theft Auto 4
Located in the Meat Quarter, on the main road running parell with the street with the bowling alley(Hematite st & Union Drive West), is a building called 'Minster Meat Marker'.

On the outside wall of this building on the corner, there are some small... more
Comic Relief Red Nose Cast - 9.8/10 with 11559 votes
Posted Saturday, August 27 in Red Dwarf series 4
From menu select episodes and select "Scene Select" Choose D.N.A. and select "Next" You should see an outline of a chicken laying an egg. Select the egg (highlighted in red) and a short Comic relief comprising the cast in rehearsal for a pledge.
pic Hidden Pixies Cover Video and Weird Segment with Brian - 9.5/10 with 44 votes
Posted Monday, June 21 in Placebo Soulmates Never Die Live in Paris 2003 DVD
On the main menu go to the subtitles section and click enter, then select 'Français' and click enter, then return to the main manu and place the cursor or square over the 'Set List' section, but don't enter, instead of that, press UP and you will see... more
6 Hidden Eggs on "Lost: The Complete Second Season" Disc 7 - 9.5/10 with 141 votes
Posted Sunday, October 29 in Lost: The Complete Second Season
Egg #1: At the main menu where it says "PHASE 1", "PHASE 2" and "PHASE 3". Move over so "PHASE 3" is selected. Press 'up' twice on your remote and a white dot should appear above "PHASE 3", near the log books. Press 'enter/play' and enjoy.

Egg... more
Legend of Francois - 9.4/10 with 94 votes
Posted Saturday, March 24 in Nacho Libre
Go to Special Features, then Deleted Scenes. Click the LEFT button and an EAGLE will appear on Nacho Libre's chest. This will open a special behind the scenes story.
pic Aptitude Version of Moo - 9.3/10 with 60 votes
Posted Thursday, March 16 in Debian GNU/Linux
$ aptitude moo
There are no Easter Eggs in this program.
$ aptitude -v moo
There really are no Easter Eggs in this program.
$ aptitude -vv moo
Didn't I already tell you that there are no Easter Eggs in this program?

Keep on adding -v's until after... more
Gary Martin Trailer Voiceover - 9.3/10 with 295 votes
Posted Thursday, March 23 in Red Dwarf Series 7
The way to access this egg is similar to reaching the Chloe Annett Audition.

Press the red button in the mid-section, it will take you to a bazookoid. The bazookoid will aim at a door, and you select the right button. This will take you to the Gary... more
"I Am" - 9.3/10 with 1638 votes
Posted Thursday, March 16 in Most Wanted (Hilary Duff)
In the album "Hilary Duff Most Wanted"hear track 13,the song "Why not" will play when the song is over count to about 24 seconds and her song "I Am" plays! This song is on track 10 of her album "HILARY DUFF". (this song is not on the CD case of "Hilary... more
pic Even More Lost Hidden Numbers - 9.3/10 with 183 votes
Posted Saturday, August 19 in Lost
In the episode "Two for the Road", a flashback of Anna Lucia takes place at her old police precinct. At just less than 2 minutes into the episode, there is a shot of the parking lot at the precinct. All of the police cars have their call numbers visible... more
2 Hidden Eggs on Lost: The Complete Second Season - Best Buy Bonus Disc - 9.3/10 with 122 votes
Posted Sunday, October 29 in Lost: The Complete Second Season - Best Buy Bonus Disc
Egg #1: On the main menu, move the dot to "WHAT KATE DID". Push the 'left' button twice. The dot should move from the left side of "WHAT KATE DID" to the right. Press enter/play and enjoy.

Egg #2: On the main menu, move the dot to "GOOD WITH KIDS".... more
Tracks to Be Played Together - 9.3/10 with 86 votes
Posted Tuesday, August 22 in 10,000 Days (Tool)
Open up your favourite media player, and make a playlist with:

Viginti Tres
Wings For Marie (Pt 1)

Now, open up either a second media player, or pop the CD into your stereo, and get the 4th track ready:

10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)

Make sure... more
pic Fruity Oaty Bars - 9.2/10 with 86 votes
Posted Wednesday, March 15 in Serenity
From the main menu highlight play, but don't select it. Press the left arrow. A background icon on the right will light up. Press Enter on that icon and you will be treated to a special behind the scenes featurette on the making of the Fruity Oaty... more
Me White Noise (Hidden Track) - 9.2/10 with 49 votes
Posted Wednesday, July 16 in Think Tank (Blur)
OK, first let me point out that this doesn't work on all CD players (i.e. computers, some portable stereos), but here we go anyway...

1) Place album in CD player
2) Press play on track one and then...
3) Rewind. If you go far enough back you will... more
pic Serenity in the Fleet - 9.2/10 with 67 votes
Posted Tuesday, June 14 in Battlestar Galactica 2004
In the original pilot and in several episodes of the new Battlestar Galactica, amongst the various ships of the fleet, you'll occasionally spot the Firefly Class ship, "Serenity" from the Joss Whedon TV show "Firefly". The agency which handles the optical... more
pic Snowbored - 9.2/10 with 45 votes
Posted Wednesday, June 2 in Hiptop (t-mobile's Sidekick)
1. Go to the Jump screen. Press Menu and go to Settings. Press About Sidekick.
2. When the credits start to come out press Menu+Shift+8
3. Use space bar to contol (on Sidekick II you can click or click&hold the scroll wheel to control: holding it down... more
pic Hidden Message at Start - 9.2/10 with 337 votes
Posted Tuesday, August 22 in Fight Club
Put the feature into your DVD player. There will be an FBI warning followed by an Attention warning. The next screen contains the coolest egg ever. Can't believe no one took the time to read it. Since there is no pause option at this point it took... more
Anthem 1975 - 9.1/10 with 54 votes
Posted Saturday, August 14 in Rush in Rio
Put in disc 2 of the Rush in Rio DVD
Select O Baterista. You can view the entire clip or return to the menu after it starts.
When you return to the menu, select YYZ
Upon returning to the menu, select YYZ again
After that, select O Baterista
When... more
pic More Hidden Lost Numbers - 9.1/10 with 257 votes
Posted Wednesday, March 15 in Lost
During the episode "Exodus--Pt. II" there are several references to the "special" Hurley numbers. First go to 52min18sec into the show. When Hurley is leaving his hotel room, you can freeze frame on the door--it's room 2342. Now, go to 52min50sec and... more
Picture of Two Powerslide Creators - 9.0/10 with 113 votes
Posted Friday, June 28 in Powerslide
Select single player game.
Select any difficulty.
Select Mineshafted track.
Select Skeeto car.
Select Crayz.
Press race.
Wait until it loads up.
Play the race until you get to the radioactive toxic waste dump.
Take a turn and go to the radioactive... more
List of Pop Culture References - 9.0/10 with 220 votes
Posted Monday, April 17 in World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft


Diablo I & II — The weapon "Wirt's Third Leg" is a reference to the character of Wirt the peg-legged boy from Diablo, and his wooden leg which you could actually pick up and wield as a weapon after Wirt's death in Diablo... more
3 in 1 - 8.9/10 with 126 votes
Posted Thursday, July 4 in Powerslide
This is the best egg I have ever found in my entire life!

Select the "nutopia" track and choose any car or character. I do recommend "sabre" though.

Press race.

When the game loads, drive your car and keep driving.

When you get to the jump... more
It's a Family Thing - 8.9/10 with 60 votes
Posted Monday, August 20 in Cadence
Almost at the end of the film, Pvt. Bean (Charlie Sheen) goes to visit Sgt. McKinney (played by his real-life father Martin Sheen). He stops at the reception desk to Psych Admin. The MP manning the post is played by Christopher Judge (Teal'c from Stargate... more
Hidden Message in Cover - 8.9/10 with 42 votes
Posted Friday, February 9 in Whoosh (Eat The Menu/The Mercy Bell)
Take the CD out of the case and, keeping it open, hold the tray on an angle and look into the tray. You should see a hidden message on inside the side of the tray. Note that the band changed their name and re-released the CD on Polydor. When the CD was... more
Are You Making the Tea? - 8.8/10 with 44 votes
Posted Thursday, January 27 in Scare at Bedtime with Podge & Rodge, A
On A Scare at Bedtime Series two DVD, put in the DVD, wait for the main menu then just leave it! Don't touch the remote and just wait for about 6/7 minutes. The full 'are you making the tea' argument will automatically start - about 15 minutes of it!... more

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