Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Easter Eggs

Retro Gaming - 10.0/10 with 1 votes
When ding the mission Madd Dogg's Rhymes for OG Loc go to Madd Dogg's mansion and sneak through to the bar area.

After you've snuck behind the counter you enter a room with a guard playing a computer console.

If you listen to the sound effects of... more

pic The 'sky door' - 8.8/10 with 106 votes
Do you know about the famous 'Sky door'? I have found a way to enter it!

Finding the sky door-
If you don't use the 'jet pack' as stated in the requirements and go high up above the cluckin bell in fort Carson-there you will find an Enex marker or... more
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pic Half-Life Reference - 7.9/10 with 17 votes
In the "Black Project" mission, where you have to infiltrate Area 69 and steal the jetpack, at one point you pass an inaccessible room with a bunch of tables in it. On one of the tables is a red and white crowbar. This is obviously a reference to the... more
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pic Don't Do That in Public!! - 7.9/10 with 74 votes
Once you have completed the mission for Big Smoke, the one where you must go to an atrium and kill loads of Russians, before escaping on a motorbike, go back to the Atrium.

Look at the statue in the center of the complex. It is a statute of a man pleasuring... more
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pic Trash Maps - 7.8/10 with 62 votes
To find this egg go to angel pine (in the badlands), find the clucken bell, across the street should be three trash cans, two with there lids off, knock over either one and look inside it with something that zooms (sniper rifle or camera) inside should... more
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pic Max Is Back - 7.7/10 with 26 votes
On Catalina's robbery missions, when you go to the petrol station to hold it up, before taking the rig. During the cut-scene look at the bulletproof window and there is a sign saying 'Max Pane - Bulletproof Glass'

A reference to Rockstars popular Max... more
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pic Abandoned Wheelchair on the Edge of a Jetty - 7.7/10 with 11 votes
Travel out to Red County to the Palamino Creek's side of Fisher's Lagoon. On the coast you will see a jetty heading out into the lake. Walk to the end of the jetty and you will see an old, rusty, abandoned wheelchair on the edge of the jetty, possibly... more
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Weird Police Impound - 7.6/10 with 8 votes
Ok, First you will need to go San Fierro.Go straight to the the Easter Basin Docks (where you do the import/export submission). As soon as you get there, there will be a gate with a security stand. To the left of this, there will be a motorcycle called... more
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pic License Plates - 7.6/10 with 15 votes
You'll need a camera or a sniper rifle to see this Easter Egg better.
Whenever you are on a mission and you are given a car, check the license plate. They often have a reference to the mission. For example, in the mission where you have to steal weapons... more
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pic San Fierro Bridge Facts - 7.6/10 with 24 votes
Head toward the big red bridge between San Fierro and Las Venturas. Just before you get onto it there is a gray pavement going downhill to your right. Follow this and down a stair case and there is a big sign there that reads:

Bridge Facts
length... more
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pic A Taste of Come - 7.6/10 with 12 votes
You first have to do the mission where you, your brother, Smoke and Ryder jump out of the car and let it crash though a billboard and then it falls down on the main road. The billboard you came through showed the words "a taste of something to come...",... more
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pic Umbrella Corporation? - 7.6/10 with 18 votes
This egg is kind of hard to find so keep looking if you don't succeed the first time around

1. Go to San Fierro.
2. Go to the center of Downtown.
3. Look for a building with french/glass doors on your right and left.(the center also has these doors... more
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pic Forth Road & Rail Bridges - 7.5/10 with 26 votes
The Garver and Kincaid Bridge in GTA: San Andreas (from San Fierro to Las Venturas) are exact replicas of the forth road and rail bridges in Scotland, this can be proved by having a look at the real article at:

The reason behind... more
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pic A Rockstar Memorial - 7.4/10 with 16 votes
This one is not your typical bonafide "egg" but I feel it's a good mention because the reference seems to be lost on the vast majority of people I tell about it.

In San Fierro there is a broken up stretch of neglected double-decker freeway running... more
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pic Rockstar Constellation - 7.4/10 with 19 votes
Look in the night sky to see the Rockstar constellation. It may be hard to find, but a picture is found below. This is also from Vice City.
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pic Rockstar North Don't Like Your Kind 'Round Here - 7.4/10 with 5 votes
During the very last mission of the game, you'll find yourself assaulting Big Smoke's "Crack Den" in East Los Santos just before crossing into Los Flores. After battling your way clear up to his to floor doorstep a battle with Big Smoke will follow. Before... more

pic The Doors Reference - 7.1/10 with 10 votes
Everyone knows the wicked awesome band 'The Doors'. In the episode where CJ is sent to the desert to pick up Kent and Macca, Truth says some stuff about getting high in the desert with some fellow travelers. Anyone who knows anything about The Doors or... more

pic Reservoir Dogs Reference - 7.0/10 with 17 votes
In Los Santos at Verona Beach,look at one of the movie theater buildings and on the building it says "The Last of the Mullet" and under it says "Reservoir Dregs" and if you saw the early 90s movie "Reservoir Dogs" you would know that it's an exact parody... more

pic "69" in the GTA Series - 7.0/10 with 1 votes
The number 69 appears in almost every GTA game, and it's a gag referring to the 69 "position." Here's some appearances in the games:

GTA: London, 1969:
1. The name itself is a gag.

1. There's a play that's being advertised called "69th... more
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pic Opposition - 7.0/10 with 22 votes
Go to the second island and look for the graveyard (It's near a save point). Look carefully at the tombstones and you will see the Rockstar logo. The tombstone reads "R.I.P opposition 1994-2004". This is in reference to Rockstar's GTA games and how... more
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pic The "No Easter Eggs" Sign on the Bridge - 6.9/10 with 183 votes
Remember in the game Vice City that chocolate Easter Egg in the hidden room? I found a new Easter Egg in GTA: San Andreas. Go to the bridge that connects San Fierro to Las Venturas. Get to the top some how and you will see a sign that says,
"There... more
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pic Vice CIty sells out - 6.8/10 with 6 votes
If you go to the sex shop in Las Ventures, and go to the counter and pull out a camera. Take a look at the movie box on the counter, you will see empty shelves that say Vice City on it.

pic Vice City references - 6.8/10 with 5 votes
• Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reference in 555 We Tip mission
While going to the destination marker, you will see police cars chase a car and a man firing at them. If you look closely, you can see it is Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice... more
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pic "Fire Crotch" Strippers at the Pig Pen Club in East Los Santos - 6.8/10 with 9 votes
At the Pig Pen Strib Club in East Los Santos you can easily find a stripper with an extremely skimpy bottom (which is arranged to look like pubic hair). Along with this treat you'll see flames coming out of her nether region = Fire Crotch. "Fire Crotch"... more
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Kevin Mitnick on Wctr - 6.7/10 with 11 votes
When listening to WCTR, there is a show called "Area 69". One of the callers goes by the name of 'kevin'. He says that he can launch all the nuclear missiles in the world by just whistling into a phone.

During their early 1990's, a man by the name... more
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pic Gta San Andreas funny sign - 6.7/10 with 3 votes
In Gta San Andreas if you go to San Fierro find a tall pointy buliding (Tallest in San Fierro.) and go to it.
When you get to the building there will be 4 signs but go to the north 2 signs and one will say `voted san andreas pointiest building` and the... more
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pic Reference to Candy Suxxx from GTA: Vice City - 6.6/10 with 28 votes
To find this egg you have to first get to Las Ventura's. If you search the city long enough you will find a billboard model of Candy Suxxx from Vice City. It is located near one of the casinos .It would probably be easier to search at night since the... more
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pic Game Rivalry - 6.4/10 with 14 votes
Im surprised nobodys put this in yet...

Go to the train station in Los Santos
Go to the mouth of the train tunnel and look up
You will see a billboard that makes a reference to the game True Crime: Streets of LA which a lot of people tipped to be... more
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pic Parrot Scarface Line - 6.3/10 with 6 votes
In a cutscene in Caligula's Casino mission, listen to the parrot called Tony and he quotes: "I never f***ed anyone over in my life that didn't have it coming to 'em.", which is a line Al Pacino says in the movie 'Scarface'.
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Conair Referance - 6.3/10 with 3 votes
This egg is during the mission where Sweet goes into a motel to meet up with some of the OGs and SWAT raids the place. After you rescue Sweet and exit the motel, Smoke and Ryder will pick you up in the car. After a while of shooting cops, you will see... more

pic Spike's Tomb - 6.3/10 with 10 votes
Go to the Los Santos graveyard in Vinewood. Then look around to see a crypt you can enter. Enter it and you will see a TV, some pizzas
and a couch which, all references to 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' character Spike.
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Vice City for Sale - 6.2/10 with 18 votes
During the cut scene first Zero's first mission, you see yourself walk up to the counter to calm Zero down. The camera pans across and for a quick second, you can see a bunch of disks for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on display for sale. Blast from the... more
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Ferry Corsten Song - 6.1/10 with 7 votes
Listen to SF-UR and before advertisements sometimes you hear a woman sounding like a robot saying "everybody's beautiful..." beautiful and the robot voice are from a song by Ferry Corsten (electronica)- it is 7th track from his album L.E.F; the best song... more

pic Interestingly Shaped Rock - 6.1/10 with 10 votes
In the desert just west of the aircraft grave yard their is a intresting rock. If you have helicopter fly over to the really tall pillar next to the abandened shopping centre and circle it. From a certain angle it will make you laugh. There is even two... more
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pic Vice City Flashback - 6.0/10 with 3 votes
In the game go to Las Venturas and to the Old Venturas Strip. Drive down it and you will see 2 casinos flashing and you will see 2 statue-like things on them. If you played Vice City you know the bikini girl is Candy Suxxx and the old texan guy is Avery... more

Gta Characters - Real Life References - 6.0/10 with 3 votes
This egg is a mockery of a Scottish football (soccer) team. The characters Vlad and Roman, who fall out, is a mockery of a real life football club, called Hearts, or Heart of Midlothian. The Scottish creators (who I believe support the team's rivals,... more
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Matrix Reference - 5.9/10 with 10 votes
in stowaway, the second mission of the desert airfield section, the group of FBI agents in the plane act a lot like the matix agents- ' Carbon based bufoon' and 'You evolved from shrews!' are some of the lines. Also the mission itself with the plane and... more

pic Another Doors Reference - 5.9/10 with 23 votes
The Truth is somehow related to Jim Morrison. They both have bizarre view on the world and are well known stoners. Need more proof? Look at the pictures as they are doing the exact same pose, kinda...
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pic San Andreas Fault Line - 5.9/10 with 29 votes
Near the big red bidge with the "no easter egg" sign look for a big red/or black boat (not hard to miss) well jump in the water and dive underthe ship swim across the bottom until you see a large crack way across the sea bed well boys ang girls this is... more
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Terminator 2 Reference - 5.9/10 with 14 votes
In one of the beginning levels in the game with you and Big Smoke, there is a scene where you are driving away from a group of angry citizens who are also on their motorcycles and some in cars.
The guy tells you to fire at them to keep them at a distance.... more
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Walkthrough Homie - 5.9/10 with 7 votes
All that's required is one friendly gangster and a safehouse. Step 1-recruit any friendly gangster [aim at them and press the ^ button on the directional pad]. Step 2-go to any safehouse and save. If your save is succsessful, your homie should be in the... more

pic Message on Fast Food Worker's T-Shirt - 5.8/10 with 46 votes
Go into any Cluckin' Bell restaurant. Jump over the counter and turn around. The back of the workers' shirts say "Taste The C*ck".
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Matrix Reference 2 - 5.8/10 with 4 votes
Go to Zero's RC Shop in San Fiero, go to the end of the shop in a little room, there's a computer and if you look close on it you can see that it is the green letters of the matrix that are going down

pic Jesus Saves - 5.8/10 with 8 votes
In Los Santos there is a wall painting with a heart, Mary and an angel on it and it says: Jesus Saves. In GTA 1 and 2 on the buildings where you saved it said the same thing.

Epsilon Program - 5.7/10 with 22 votes
When you are up to the desert on WCTR Lazlow is talking to a guy called Chris Fomage, founder of the Epsilon Program, a religious cult in San Andreas (ripping off scientology). You can hear adds about it on the radio as well. There are even some peds... more
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pic Bodybags - 5.7/10 with 40 votes
If you've unlocked the third island(Desert), go to Area 69. Stand about 50 feet away from it, on the northern side. Then, turn West and drive/walk until you're surrounded by large desert hills and rocks. The closest rock-type hill on your right will have... more
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pic Tommy Vercetti Mention - 5.5/10 with 42 votes
In Las Venturas during Ken Rosenburgs mission where you go and meet Joey Sendocko. When you enter the room with the big freezer when everyone is shooting at you Ken will run into the freezer, and either before he goes in or after you get him out he will... more
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pic Driv3r - 5.5/10 with 8 votes
During the mission "Madd dogg's rhymes" you will hear a guard playing a game say: "Haha Tanner,you suck ass.Man,how could Refractions mess up so bad."Refractions is a reference to reflections,developer of driv3r.Tanner is the name of the main character... more
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3 Stupid GTA3 References - 5.5/10 with 6 votes
NOTE these are easy to find and you will probaly already seen and heard of them.

• Grand Theft Auto 3 reference in Farewell My Love mission
The man who Catalina is with is the main character from Grand Theft Auto 3. At the end of the mission,... more
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pic Hidden Ammu-Nation - 5.4/10 with 15 votes
go to "suburban" (a clothes shop),and stand
in front of the mirror next to the door where you can buy clothes.look to the mirror with a
camera or a sniper and you will see an
ammu-nation from inside
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pic USS Numnutz - 5.4/10 with 8 votes
This is another sex reference thrown in by Rockstar. If you really want to see this, follow these instructions.Find a boat and go to Gant bridge.
Then go down past pier 69, all the way down to the docks. Look in all the docking areas until you find a... more
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Zombie Policeman (glitch, Not an Egg) - 5.3/10 with 6 votes
Sometimes when you shoot the driver of a car in the head, the driver will still be in the car.
The glitch happens when you shoot a policeman in the head (of course he must be in a police car). You will get two stars and the car will start to follow... more
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pic Hidden Rockstar Symbol - 5.3/10 with 3 votes
If you drive around Los Santos you will notice a Church next to the train tracks and near the "Sub Urban" clothes shop. If you go south of it and look up at the glass you will find the Rockstar logo.

pic Vice City & Manhunt Dolls - 5.2/10 with 25 votes
This is fairly simple, but I still found this clever of Rock star to stick this into the game.

When you go to Zero's RC store, look behind the counter at the magazine racks, there will be Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance action figures for sale(Though... more
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pic Ryder and Eazy-E Comparsion - 5.1/10 with 8 votes
In the game, you might want to look at Ryder's appearence. If you know the late rapper Eazy-E, you would know exactly that Ryder and Eazy-E got the same appearence, attitude, and lifestyle.
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Rockstar North References - 5.0/10 with 8 votes
There are a few parts in the game that show the Rockstar North picture (Rockstar North is the creator of the Grand Theft Auto games). In the mission "Home Coming," watch the scene where CJ picks Sweet up. You can see a small Rockstar North sticker on... more
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pic Shout Out to My Homie - 5.0/10 with 7 votes
When you're in San Fierro, use the jetpack and go to the highway facing your garage. Turn to your right and you will see a brick factory. Read the sign - it says Shady Industries. If you're a rap, hip-hop or Eminem fan you will know that is Eminem's record... more
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pic Manhunt References - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
Manhunt reference in Red County
In Fisherman's Lagoon, there is a circle wire holder. On it is a company name and Carcer, which was the city in Manhunt.

Manhunt reference in San Fierro
When you first start the Zero RC toy shop's missions, watch... more

Gta: Vice City Reference Porno - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
Go to the sex shop in Las Venturas, across from the tattoo parlour. Using a sniper rifle (or something that zooms in). There is a porn magazine called Anaconda. Look closely, you'll see Candy Suxx from GTA Vice City on the cover.

Vice City & GTA3 References - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
Go to the four Dragons casino. Play one of the video poker games. When you get a J, Q or K, you will see some charactors from previous GTA games, such as the lady on the pink logo of Vice City, rhe main guy in GTA 3, Tommy from Vice City, and so on. Also... more

GTA III References - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
Here's four GTA III references I found in San Andreas:
1. A character who pops up in a few missions is Claude, the silent protagonist from GTA III and apparently Catalina's new boyfriend.
2. Maria, Salvatore's 'girlfriend' from GTA III pops up briefly... more
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Zero's "Toys" - 4.9/10 with 16 votes
During the Zero mission "Air Raid", Zero tells CJ to shoot down the RC Barons. CJ say something like, "Okay, man, but their just toys." Zero say "Their not toys, their just smaller". This is a reference to Small Soldiers, a movie David Cross (the voice... more

Bigger Moon - 4.7/10 with 7 votes
First, get a sniper. Then wait until it's night and the moon is visible. Then zoom in with the sniper and shoot at the moon. It should be bigger. After a few times it will be small again.
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pic Actual Piece of Cable - 4.7/10 with 32 votes
To get there, take the big red bridge at the northwest end of the map south towards San Fierro. Just before the intersection, there is a
small path heading down on your left. Take it down towards the diner. Once you reach the diner, you'll see a... more
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pic Character Poker Cards - 4.5/10 with 17 votes
If you play some poker in Las Venturas, you'll see that the face of cards have pictures of previous characters from GTA 3 and Vice City. Here's a
list of them:

Jack of Spades: Lance Vance
Jack of Clubs: Darkel
Jack of Hearts: Film Studio Director... more

Hans Oberlander's Second Appearance. - 4.4/10 with 10 votes
Hans Oberlander, the german dj of SF-UR had actually been mentioned in Grand Theft Auto 3.
If you listen to Flashback FM, and a few other stations in GTA3, then you might hear the Medieval Millennium Fair commercial. It mentions "A mysterious prancing... more
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pic Special Videogame System in Big Smokes Crack Palace - 4.3/10 with 3 votes
In the final mission of the story mode you'll find yourself battling Big Smoke on the top floor of his crack den. After the battle you'll have the opportunity to have free roam of his establishment (after completion you can come back anytime you want).... more
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pic Person and Arcade Game Machine in a Mirror - 4.3/10 with 6 votes
Go to the tattoo parlor and zoom in on the mirror and there will be a person (sometimes 2 people) walking around and talking and there will be an arcade game machine inside the mirror.
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pic Cok Cigarettes - 4.2/10 with 5 votes
You'll need a camera or a sniper rifle to view this Easter Egg.
Go into any bar. Approach the man at the pool table. Take out your camera or sniper rifle and aim at one of the cigarette boxes on the floor. The cigarette brand is called "COK". The logo... more

pic Hardon - 4.2/10 with 6 votes
In Los Santos, if you look around the Mulhollen Intersection, you might the the billboard reading "Hardon Electrical". It is one of the many perverted references that the developers put in GTA. The name of a company is referencing... well you figure it... more
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pic S.W.A.T Guy from Manhunt - 4.1/10 with 18 votes
1.Go Into Any Bar.
2.In Every Bar You Go Into, The Walls Are Covered By Graffitti.
3.Search The Graffitti Until You Find A Picture Of A S.W.A.T Guy With Red Night Vision Goggles And Breathing Apparatus On.
(He Is Also Holding An M16 Assault Rifle In... more
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Past Gta References - 4.0/10 with 4 votes
In Los Santos in the Vinewood area(or near it)there is a wall where there is boxarts of Vice City and GTA 3 when you get close to the wall you gonna have to zoom in to get a closer look
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pic The monkey advert is a hoax? - 4.0/10 with 1 votes
Go to a 24/7 shop. There are ad posters sticked on the walls. Usually, players are not interested in these ads. But if you'll zoom and look on the underside of the ad with the monkeys in it, you will see this thing written:

"Freshly squeezed
Taste... more

Invisi-Bike - 3.9/10 with 7 votes
Head to San Fierro. Here You need to find a small town called Financial.Its located at the North-East corner of the San Fierro map(if you have a hard time finding it, there is a Well Stacked Pizza Co. and a clothes storeright next to eachother on the... more
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The Building "Bird" - 3.7/10 with 17 votes
1st Step: Go get a camera from the bdrooom.
2nd Step: Go get a car drive to a dock the supplies boats.
3rd Step: Drive to Bone Country.
4th Step: Go to the southern west most edge of Bone Country.
5th Step: Take out your camera.
6th Step: Turn west,... more
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Man's Road - 3.4/10 with 22 votes
There's one egg that looks like a man's private part (yes, another one) and I can't believe why doesn't anyone noticed it. When you go to most of the roadways, some have turnings making an "8", if you look closely (on the map) you'll notice that the 8s... more
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pic Rockstar Comeback - 3.4/10 with 5 votes
Sometimes, mostly in Los Santos, you will find a billboard that says True Grime: Street Cleaner. I thought it was really cool because in True Crime: Streets Of LA they made fun Rockstar.

pic Mansion Blueprints - 3.2/10 with 23 votes
In the first mission in the Heist strand, the one where you have to photograph the blueprints. In most of the other offices in that room you can see blueprints to Starkweathers (hope i spelled that right) mansion. Stark was the "director" in the game... more
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Star Wars Reference - 3.1/10 with 43 votes
In the mission "Air Raid" For Zero when you are shooting down planes towards the end of the mission Zero says "Great kid don't get cocky" which is easly copied from Han Solo on new hope
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Cereal?!? - 2.9/10 with 7 votes
The general called for backup on the mission "The Black Project" is General Mills, a brand of cereal makers.

Burgershot - 2.8/10 with 12 votes
Go to "Cluckin' Bell" and kill the first guy...
Now you must stand in his place, take you sniper and zoom in on the register...


It reads: "BURGERSHOT, D-lux and Buster"
(Buster is from "Well Stacked Pizza")
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Funny Horse Names - 2.6/10 with 20 votes
When entering one of the Inside Track Betting shops, go to one of the ITB machines. Use it and there may be some Horses with strange names (These are random and may not be seen when you start the machine)
They include - Scotland's Sh*te (The Rockstar... more
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Northstar Rock - 2.3/10 with 48 votes
Look on the map towards the east of Red Country. There is an area named Northstar Rock. Re-arrange the syllables to get Rockstar North, the creators of the game.
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pic Bigfoot!!! - 2.3/10 with 102 votes
Go to back beyond in the country. There is a woodland area next to a road. At night it's really foggy. If you wait there a while a strange object will come toward you. BIGFOOT!!! He kinda chases you so be careful. lol
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