Skype Easter Eggs

pic A Few Hidden Emoticons in Skype - 8.6/10 with 102 votes
Just enter a chat session, type any of the following words, including the brackets, and enjoy the resulting emoticons:

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pic Cat - 8.0/10 with 23 votes
1. Open a chat window to someone.
2. Hold down at least 3 keys that aren't too close to eachother. C A T or S K L.
3. A kitten emoticon should appear, either in the bottom right next to your name, or just above the messagebox, indicating that 'a cat... more
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pic Pencil Break - 7.0/10 with 9 votes
Open a Skype chat window

Press RTG buttons all at the same time and hold.

Two hands holding a pencil should appear on the bottom right and then breaking the pencil in half.

Other letter combinations work as well such as JKL, SDF, ASD and many... more

pic Skype Creator Egg - 2.7/10 with 49 votes
Two easter eggs:

1.Open program chat
2.1 /eggy prayer
2.2 /eggy [email protected]

Enjoy The eggs.
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