Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Easter Egg - Special Videogame System in Big Smokes Crack Palace

In the final mission of the story mode you'll find yourself battling Big Smoke on the top floor of his crack den. After the battle you'll have the opportunity to have free roam of his establishment (after completion you can come back anytime you want). Use your camera or sniper scope to zoom in on the videogame system Smoke is playing when the mission begins (note that there is no T.V. in here but he's playing lol). If you zoom in on the controller you'll see the buttons colored similar to that of a PS2 controller. However you'll notice the top two buttons are labeled "C" and "J" and the bottom two are labeled "M" and "D". I assume these represent lead character C.J. and his client Madd Dogg the rapper. The system itself may also be named after CJ. This is all made more significant by the fact that I cannot see this on any other game system in the state of San Andreas. It may exist but I've yet to see it.

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Contributed By: JPhinfan86 on 10-10-2007
Reviewed By: David Wolf, The Myth Mapper JC
Special Requirements: GTA: SA
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The left is the
The left is the "CJD 500" console - looking alot like a Sega Saturn, on the right is the controller with "CJ and MD" on it with colors mimicking a playstation controller coloring nearly perfectly.

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JPhinfan86 writes:
I noticed it after posting the egg. This exact same egg does in fact exist on the home console too - I assumed it was normal.
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Nicktrance writes:
they are all the same textures that's why because i've changed one to a ps3 and all got changed actuall it looks stupid in burglary because there are some games included and they appear to hover when cj carries them
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you can find this in c j's house in the beginning of the game!!
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holyguns123 writes:
what about the video game console in the johnsons house?
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Javuz writes:
Yeah.. And if i remember right CJ has like a game console in his home called something with CJ in it...
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