Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Easter Egg - Forth Road & Rail Bridges

The Garver and Kincaid Bridge in GTA: San Andreas (from San Fierro to Las Venturas) are exact replicas of the forth road and rail bridges in Scotland, this can be proved by having a look at the real article at:

The reason behind this is that the team that made the game, Rockstar North, are from Scotland in that region.

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Contributed By: Ze Panther on 03-23-2005
Reviewed By: Loginer, Awabdesu
Special Requirements: GTA: San Andreas PS2
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forth road and rail bridges
forth road and rail bridges

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Edster writes:
*sighs and stretches typing fingers* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Right folks, this is where I come into my element, hello. My name is eD and I am from Scotland. I live in a town called Montrose which is a few miles up the coast from the city of Dundee. That's right. Dundee, ring bells? There was an eegg in GTA:Vice City near the airport at the end of a long line of ad billboards, an ad reading, "Come to Dundee" and then a hard to read bit saying, "Look! We have a boat that belonged to a loser." taking a dig at the famous explorer Captain Scott there, for some reason. Rockstar North HQ, which I think is what the blue logo refers to, was originally situated in Dundee which is why the makers lovingly reconstructed the Forth rail and road bridges, bless em, that lead out of Dundee over the river Forth. Incidentally, they didn't make the Dundee logo, they nicked it off a Fife Council Tourist Board advert which can bee seen at the train station, and the ship they refer to is the HMS Discovery, the ship that Captain Scott sailed in on his Arctic explorationm which is still moored in Dundee harbour and you can visit it. If you want to go on a private pilgrimage best not because they got rich and moved to Edinburgh, don't blame them, Dundee's nickname is Scumdee which is almost as bad as Scaberdeen. They've got themselves a shiny new office block in a business complex beside an investment fund offices, I know because I myself have been right up to their front door on a wee pilgrimage (and tried to see in the window to see the fabled Postit Room Of Death and attempted to break in to plant a game idea I had) and thus is why Jezz Torrent the rockstar is Scottish and why on The Wild Traveller Show a caller slags off England and why I need to get more sunshine. Who wants to touch me?
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Yodaman writes:
Ok... I am also from Scotland, and I would like to point out that the Forth road and rail bridges do not lead out of Dundee OR Edinburgh. They are close to both cities, however.
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hey, im not from scotland....and I really dont care if a bridge in a game looks like a bridge in real life, isnt san andreas supposed to imitate real life anyways?!
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