Metal Gear Solid 2 (Playstation 2) Easter Eggs

Happy Birthday to Guards - 8.4/10 with 5 votes
First load a save after you have completed the game and where you have most/all dog tags acquired, or use the Gameshark code. Make note of each guard's birth date. Now try to find him. When you do, and use the Camera/Digital Camera/Scope to view his tags... more

Vamp's Weak Point - 7.3/10 with 3 votes
When you fight vamp, right before saving Emma, It´s possible to reduce a large ammount of his stamina by shooting (with the M9) at the wounds he has on the head and stomach.
This is hard to do but is fun to see him cry for the pain.
I Think that its... more
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Dreaming Iriquois - 7.3/10 with 3 votes
After you meet Iriquois Pliskin (Snake) for the first time, and he is asleep on the stairs, call him on the codec. (141.80) You will see him asleep on the screen. Continue calling him, and he will briefly wake up and shout, "Liquid!" Liquid Snake was... more
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MGS2 Pick N Mix - 7.2/10 with 244 votes
Having played through MGS2 many times, I have found a considerable amount of hidden things that many people would overlook. It might be a relatively short game, but it's bursting with secrets... Have fun with these!

Tanker Poster: When on the Tanker... more
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Perverted Snake - 6.9/10 with 8 votes
During the Tanker mission as soon as you enter the tanker go to the locker room. Try to find the 2 lockers with posters of women. Enter a locker with a poster. Normally when you press L1 or some other button you will look through the opening. Instead... more

Hideo Kojima - 6.3/10 with 3 votes
When the node in the plant prompts you for your nae, type in Hideo Kojimas the creator name and you will get his stats
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Snake's Bandana - 6.2/10 with 4 votes
In the tunnel in the plant chapter after you reunite with Snake nude, at one point Snake says something about giving you some of his ammo, and Raiden asks if he'll run out. Then Snake points to his bandana and says "unlimited ammo". In MGS if you beat... more

Iriquois Pliskin - 6.1/10 with 38 votes
When Snake is forced to make up a name for himself, he chooses "Iriquois Pliskin". It's a wierd name, but it's also an Easter Egg.

Iriquois means "Snake", so that's covered, but what about Pliskin? This is actually from the movies "Escape From New... more
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pic Z.O.E. - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
In the BIG SHELL part of the game, in Strut E (Parcel Room) I discovered several boxes which had a familiar logo slapped on the side of them - Zone Of The Enders.

You can find the boxes down the stairs where there is a vent with a Ration in it.

Hidden Conversation - 4.7/10 with 9 votes
In the sniping mission, once Emma gets behind the second pillar thingy, use the d. mic to listen in on her conversation with a man named Johnny about beautiful women and diarrhea.
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UK Extras DVD Easter Egg - 3.8/10 with 39 votes
I have only tested tis egg on my playstation 2

When on a menu in the dvd press stop and then play again. You will automaticly be taken to the biography page and Hideo's bio automaticly plays.

Birthday Cake - 2.0/10 with 2 votes
on Metal Gear solid 2 Substance
when you log on to the Node System at the Plant you enter your birthday... on your actual Birthday

you will see a little suprise... a Large Picture of a Birthday Cake on the node
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