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Having played through MGS2 many times, I have found a considerable amount of hidden things that many people would overlook. It might be a relatively short game, but it's bursting with secrets... Have fun with these!

Tanker Poster: When on the Tanker episode, go into the Deck A locker area just inside the ship, and open the locker at the top left hand side. There is a picture of a woman inside. If you knock on the poster using your gun, it makes a boing noise, and if you knock on the poster while crouching, it will alert the guards (for some strange reason). Also, when hidden inside a locker with a poster, press the first-person view button (R1) and Snake will make a kissing noise when he touches the poster!

Tanker Bowling: Well, I wouldn't call this bowling but you get to see a lot of people falling over! In the first hold, punch/kick one of the people in the back row until they fall over forwards. This creates a domino effect, as loads of Marines in front will be knocked over by the chain reaction - about 40 people fall over, and due to the mass movement of pixels, it causes major lag for your PS2! Be prepared to equip the stealth or hide after you've done this!

Tanker Projector: When in Hold 2 of the Tanker, there are two different projector machines to the back of the room. If you go up to the left or right hand machine and press triangle, the movie should change from one screen to the other. Do this about 7 to 8 times and the screen changes from the speech to a home video of a woman, and the marines' attention will be drawn to the woman instead of the speech! The screen changes a few more times and then two images of women appear, but when Snake presses the button once more, the speech reappears and all the marines turn around.

Tanker Marines Briefed In Briefs: In Hold 3 of the Tanker, every second time (I think) you play through the Tanker episode, every soldier in the third hold will be in their pants. Funny!

Box Trick: When an enemy finds a box in his path, he will look into it and then pick it up to see what is beneath. To prevent being caught, when the enemy picks up the box, quickly press L2 and then hold him up by aiming your gun at him in First person. A good way to escape Alert Mode!

Making Noise: To distract a guards attention, there are various objects for making noises on both the Tanker and the Plant. For example - fire alarms (Tanker), frying pans (Tanker), bags of flour/boxes of fruit (Tanker), seagulls (Plant) and almost anything with the SOCOM/USP on either episode (e.g. wall, floor, railings, pipes etc), but make sure you have the suppressor equipped!

Plant Cardboard Box Man: Straight after the chat with Stillman (the bombs expert), go out to the CD Connecting bridge and you will find a knocked out guard and a man running away in a box! The man is Snake/Pliskin, because when you try to contact him there is no reply, but he replies once he has left the area. Raiden makes fun and calls the person a psycho, and Pliskin hesitates to speak!

Plant Parrot Says Ames: When in the computer room in the Shell 1 Core on the Plant, use the directional microphone to ask the parrot if he is Ames. Do this for at least 10 times, and the parrot will eventually say "You must be Ames. You must be Ames." When you leave the computer room, look through the window and two guards should be in conversation - one is pointing and making cupping motions on his chest and the other nods!

Plant Hostage Woman's Pants: When in the Shell 1 Core in the hostage room, there should be a young woman near the top middle of the room. Just beneath her is a space for crawling under, so get under there and then look towards her. She always shuts her legs when you look at her, so knock her out with the MP9 and she will fall asleep. Every couple of seconds she will open her legs and reveal her pants, then close them again! Also, if you use the microphone she will be alerted and reveal beneath her skirt. If you take a picture of her pants and then phone Campbell, Rose gets really annoyed at you and Campbell asks for you not to throw away the picture. Try it a couple of times, it may not work when you first call but it's pretty funny!

Plant Delivery Service: When you are in the delivery room in the Plant (Strut E), go to the bottom of the room and there should be a climeable surface with lights on. Equip one of the five boxes and wait for the belt to stop, then climb aboard to transport yourself elsewhere - e.g. Box 1 takes you to the kitchen in Strut C and Box 5 takes you to the Games storage at the bottom of strut E!

Plant Sniping Mission: When sniping for EE on the Plant, use the directional microphone to hear her speak to herself. When she gets behind the first pillar, she starts talking about Raiden and wondering if his hair is fake! Also, when Snake reaches his sniping point, use the mike on him and he will say things such as "I wonder if I should clear things up with Otacon before asking his sister out" and "Hmm, not bad" when you take out a sentry/cypher.

There are many more things to be discovered throughout the game but I don't want to go on for too long, so I'll stop here. If you would like me to post up the locations of some dogtags, please let me know because I have 100% of all the tags on each difficulty for the Tanker, and 100% for both V Easy and Normal on the Plant (Please be specific when asking - e.g. Hold one, Deck C, Strut E etc). Have fun!

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Update: I have now got 100% dogtags for every Tanker difficulty, and 100% dogtags for every Plant difficulty except Extreme. Need help with finding them...? Don't hesitate to ask!
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Da Zeg writes:
Just to say that MGS2 ROX!!! and also that in the tanker episode there are hidden posters of girls all ove the place E.G. in the engine room, under the door that takes you to the holds if you drop and hang from the lower floor you'll find one there. Also if you spray the parrot with coolant he says "This Sucks" repeatedly until you stop
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Monsterror writes:
If I remember correctly, there is a guard "on the lookout" in the engine room. He is the one on the highest floor in the front (compared to where you start). He is using his binoculars (spelled right?) to look at a picture. Knock him out or kill him and use the camera on the picture. When you send the pictures Otacon says something like "uuuhhh snake this is! -(snake- "what is it otacon") Oh nothing well this isnt what we needed but uuhh ill make a back up of it." also if you shoot the picture it will blow up and alert everyone in the room. Also. for the locker picture. if you hide in there, crouch, go into first person, and call otacon, snake will, how should i put this, well hell be jerkin his gerkin. ive also been told hes kissing the picture. Have fun!
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Neogamersix writes:
I noticed the one comment on "bowling", and I thought you might enjoy this. Instead of punching one out, try a stun grenade :p MAJOR lag, and be careful to throw it AWAY from them so they aren't all alerted when they hear it hit the ground.
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migs writes:
mgs2 does rock...also in the tanker stage in the secind hold all the way on the left in the begginning of the room (as you enter) there is a passage on the floor that will take you all the way to the third room when you get out on the left or right there i another crawl space take it to the end and make sure you have no weapons equiped...if you look over the rail you can see ocelot
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deaddudegod writes:
Also, a note to the first egg. If you press Select when you're in the locker with the girlie pic, then you get to see Snake...umm...we don't want to talk about that...
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Mandy555 writes:
I have another one. When you're first using your microphone to listen to olga's converation in the hostage area, point the microphone to the bathroom (to the left) and you'll hear the guard talking to himself! Then You'll find out it's the guard that was knocked out naked in MGS1!
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Jeff writes:
MGS2 ROCKS!!! Also, right after the harrier boss battle, when you are walking along the ledge next to two guards you can see through 2 windows walking about, do not let them see you and then move a little further down the path, a guard from above will relive himself over the ledge onto your head!
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Dan writes:
I think the funniest egg is when you put a adult magazine down near an enemy. It's pretty funny.
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Solid Snake writes:
Its been a while since i did this so ill try to remember. After getting the gun in the second part of the game as raiden, go to the roof and aim at the birds flying. shoot as many as you can and they will start to crap on you.
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tkiljan writes:
i have 100% of all dogtags, including extreme-plant that just shows how much i rock, 1st time on extreme-plant, i missed 1 freaking dog tag!!! Boy that guy got shot alot the second time around :)
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PSYCHO writes:
If you look at the polygon demos on the bonus dvd that comes with 'Substance' and look at the hostage room, you can see another hostage OUTSIDE of the building sitting down on the otherside of a door. Just play about with the camera angles until you see him.
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joe2cool writes:
Dan, that's not an egg with the XXX mag!
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andrew writes:
in hold 1 there is a soldier one level above witch you cant reach. hes just staring at the wall away from where the movie is being projected. just go up towards the door to the left in that hold and look up across the room. hes on the right side of the room. there is also another soldier in hold 3, same level but staring towards the general. these guys seems to serve no purpose..?
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Alan writes:
Another easter egg!! In the 2nd hold in the tanker mission, take a photo of which ever screen is blank and hideo kojimas face will come out of the screen like a ghost, when you send it to otacon he's like, "oooh thts scary"
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