Series of Unfortunate Events, A Easter Eggs

Sunny's Real Meaning - 8.1/10 with 19 votes
In the books, you have to pay really close attention to what sunny says.

Like in book 9, the carnivorous carnival, sunny says "Dragnet" reffering to the police, and Dragnet was a cop's show.

Sometimes what she says is backwards, again in book 9,... more
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Anagrams - 7.6/10 with 10 votes
Some names in the book series are Anagrams of Count Olaf, such as:

Al Funcoot (The guy who wrote "The Marvelous Marriage" in The Bad Beginning

Dr. Lucafront (The hook-handed man disguised as the doctor who examines Uncle Monty in The Reptile Room)

Foreman... more
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Clues (Spoilers!) - 7.5/10 with 8 votes
In the back of the books there are clues to what the next book will be.
1-Snake around the lampost.(reference to the snakes in the reptile room)
2-A sign that says some thing about Lake Lacrymose. (reference to the setting)
3-An optomotrist's office... more
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Fish in Every Book - 7.0/10 with 1 votes
In every book, thare has been a picture of a fish, mention of a fish, or something about fish. In The Bad Beginning (1), the fish is on the beginning of chapter 2. In The Slippery Slope, he mentions Lox, a type of smoked salmon. In The Astire Acadimy,... more
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pic Sunny Translation - 5.9/10 with 71 votes
In the Slippery Slope (tenth book), on page 107, Sunny is communicating with Count Olaf before she starts preparing food. One thing she says to him is "Busheney" which means "You're an evil man with no concern for other people." If you look closely at... more
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Moby Dick? - 4.8/10 with 4 votes
In book 11, the submarine the orphans ride on is called the Quequegg, in Moby Dick, the name of the man who helps captain Ahab catch the whale is named Quequegg
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For Esme with Love and Squalor - 3.0/10 with 26 votes
In A Series of Unfortunate Events, there is a character named Esme Squalor. This is a reference to a short story written by J.D. Salinger in his book, Nine Stories. The title of the story is "For Esme: With Love and Squalor" In the story there is a young... more

Car Tag in Carnivorous Carnival - 2.8/10 with 23 votes
In the picture showing the sign of Madame lulu(page before Chapter One), It has Olaf's Car and read the car tag. It reads
Ih8 Orfns =Which translate to I hate Orphans.
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