Series of Unfortunate Events, A Easter Egg - Clues (Spoilers!)

In the back of the books there are clues to what the next book will be.
1-Snake around the lampost.(reference to the snakes in the reptile room)
2-A sign that says some thing about Lake Lacrymose. (reference to the setting)
3-An optomotrist's office in the background.(reference to the optomotrist who hypnotises Klaus)
4-a school bus in background. (reference to the school the orphans are going to)
5-A herring on the liscence plate (reference to where the Quagmire twins are hidden)
6-crow in the sky (reference to the Village of Fowl Devotees
7- A paper for the Last Chance market (where the baudelaires get chased)
8-A Madame Lulu pamphlet. (reference to well, Madame Lulu)
9-Snow Scout hand book. (reference to the snow scouts)
10-Mushrooms on the rock. (reference to the mushrooms in book 11, which i happen to forget the name of.
11-The little bell boy hats with
Hotel D on them. (reference to the baudelair's disguise and setting)
12-Anyone know?

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sushi writes:
The clue for the last book could be anything because we don't know what the next book will be actually about. The clue could be the birds flying in the background(refering to the VFD crows or eagles or the brids that Klaus was putting the birdpaper up for), theres a water tower on the roof that stands out from the rest of the illustration and there's an octopus on the front of the boat. In the note that Lemony Snicket writes to his editor theres a ship which could just mean that the next book will be set at sea.
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sushi writes:
we'd already figured that out long ago... its alreay another egg in the heading "Series of Unfortunate Events, A" and then under "Hidden Hint to Next Book"'s been there for ages
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vic93 writes:
I think the hidden message at the end of the twelve book (Penultimate Peril) is the boat because at the end of the book the Baudelaires and Count Olaf are trapped at sea with Count Olaf. There are also rumors about Female Finnish Pirates(inventors of the Devil Tongue knot) appearing in Book the Thirteenth, which is called The End.
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it may be the sea because the setting is a island
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Flapjack writes:
The Last Book Is Called The End and In The End Of The Book They Name The Baby Beatrice
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