Sim Copter Easter Eggs

Nuclear Waste! - 8.5/10 with 2 votes
Go to your hangar when in a city and look around until you see some barrels(They should be next to all the windows). Hover your mouse over it and it will say 'Nuclear Waste'!

Game Credits - 8.0/10 with 2 votes
Enter your hangar and then hold the pointer on the windows on the back wall.
Top row:
1st window-Musicians Office
3rd window-QA office
5th window-Programers office
10th window-Designers office

Bottom Row:
1st window-Artists office
3rd window-Producers... more

Alien Dialogue - 7.3/10 with 23 votes
1)Start a new Career.
2)Select any City.
3)Once inside the city, press Ctrl + Alt + X, then type "Warp me to career: 29" (without the quotes.
4)Next, when you're in the new city, press Ctrl + Alt + X, then type "Been there, done that" (without the... more
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Radioactivity - 7.1/10 with 62 votes
1. Press ctrl + alt + X. A window will come up.
2. Type in Radioactivity (be sure to put the R in caps).
3. Press Return
4. Say goodbye to your city!!!
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Go Fast, As a Dog - 7.1/10 with 23 votes
1. When in any SimCopter screen prees Ctrl, Alt, and X at the same time.
2. Type in superpowermultiply and prees OK.
3. When either walking outside or driving in helicpter pree Shift and hold it.
4. You should go really fast and turn into a dog.
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Fly an Apache Helicopter - 7.1/10 with 140 votes
1. Type CTRL-F3 (a cheat code box should appear)
2. Type "I am the CEO of McDonnell-Douglas"
3. Enter hanger.
4. Click on Helicopter Purchase notebook.
5. Go back outside.
6. Fly your new Apache. It even has guns and missles.
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Dancers in Bathing Suits - 7.0/10 with 178 votes
1. Go to the Career game
2. Hit Ctrl + Alt + X and type "Warp me to career: 29" (no quotes)
3. Hit Ctrl + Alt + X and type "Been there, done that" (no quotes)
4. In a few seconds, about 300 guys in bathing suits will appear.
5. For fun, since... more
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Need Your Map? Want All Copters? Can You Find Waldo? - 7.0/10 with 87 votes
1. Can you find Waldo in the Hanger?
2. Enter the Cheat screen(Ctrl + Alt + X) And type WITHOUT the *(Make sure it is EXACT it is case sensitive:

*A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush
Allows you to use your megaphone even outside... more

Annoying City Hall - 7.0/10 with 79 votes
1. Get in any helicopter, but you will need a mega phone
2. Make sure that there is a City Hall in your city (large grey building with dome on top)
3. Fly helicopter to city hall, and place your spotlight right on the dome at the top
4. Now use... more

Autopilot - 6.9/10 with 52 votes
1. Go in to any city
2. Get in any helicopter
3. Press "q" until you are about to lift off then 4. Press "E"
5. Enjoy
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Movies - 6.3/10 with 24 votes
1. Make sure you have a drive-in in your city
2. Press ctrl-alt-x
3. Type in: Lights, Camera, Action! (Exactly as written)
4. Go to the drive-in and enjoy the movie!
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Be Inside a Speeding Car - 6.2/10 with 38 votes
1. In a SimCopter city hit Ctrl, Alt, and X at the same time
2. Type "Out for a Sunday drive" without the quotes
3. You should now be in a purple speeding car
4. Do steps one and two again if you want to go back to your copter

Walk on Hands - 5.7/10 with 20 votes
1. Follow the steps to the "run like a dog" trick
2. Once you typed that in wait for Medicalevac
3. When you pick the injured sim push shift while walking
4. Then let go of Shift
5. You will be walking on you hands while towing the injured sim

Sim Tower Reference - 5.5/10 with 4 votes
Load any city and go into copter, then listen to the radio. Sometimes (probably 1 hour 30 minutes after you started), the radio will announce "Sim Tower provides 5 star luxury comfort" or something like that. This is a reference to another game in the... more

Megaphone Messages! - 5.0/10 with 20 votes
1. Press the keys: Ctrl + Alt + x
2. Type "A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush"
3. Hit O.K.
4. Use the assigned keys on your keyboard to say the megaphone messages outside your helicopter!!!

Invincibility Cheat Code - 4.5/10 with 2 votes
1.hold control-alt-x
2.Type "Shields up" enter
4.your invincible!

Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG) - 4.3/10 with 114 votes
1. Hold Ctrl+Alt+X.
2. Type "Gas does grow on trees" (no quotes).
3. No more gas problems!
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Waldo - 4.3/10 with 66 votes
1. Enter the Hangar
2. Find red block in an upper right window
3. Put the mouse over it and wait
4. You've found Waldo!
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