Sim Copter Easter Egg - Need Your Map? Want All Copters? Can You Find Waldo?

1. Can you find Waldo in the Hanger?
2. Enter the Cheat screen(Ctrl + Alt + X) And type WITHOUT the *(Make sure it is EXACT it is case sensitive:

*A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush
Allows you to use your megaphone even outside the helicopter.

*Been there, done that
gives you the points you need to complete the current city.

*Gas does grow on trees
Gives copter full tank of gas.

*Give me bucks or give me death: xxxxx (xx = bucks, 0-50000)
Lets you ask for any money from 0 - 50000. However, the more you ask for, the more likely you'll get 'death': immediate shutdown of game without chance to save.

*I love my helicopter
sends you back to your helicopter.

*I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas
lets you type '1' through '9' in copter catalog to get any copter. Type all numbers to get all copters.

*Lights, Camera, Action!
makes your drive-in movie theaters play movies.

*Out for a Sunday drive
puts the camera behind a car.

*Shields up
makes your helicopter invulnerable.

speeds up your copter when you hold down the shift key. When the pilot is on the ground, the shift key will turn him into a dog that runs fast and can go through buildings and on water.

*The map, please
allows map to be seen when outside your helicopter.

*There's no place like home
sends you back to the hangar, but your
helicopter stays where you were.

*Warp me to career: xx (xx = city number 0-29)
During a career game only, let's you warp to any career city.

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Contributed By: Antpile on 07-14-2000
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: SimCopter, and a Keyboard
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