Monkey Island 4 (Escape from Monkey Island) Easter Egg - Prosthetic Abomination

You can make an extra inventory item if you have the right parts from the prosthetics shop. (The shop where you get the wooden hand and the directions to Pegnose's house.) I have beaten the game, so I know the abomination is not required anywhere.

1. Enter the shop and talk to Deadeye Dave.Ask him about free prosthetics.

2. After you ask, he will start telling his story. This is the part where you would normally get the skin. Use all the names in different combinations to get different parts. You will need to do this many times to get everything Don't worry about repeats, he won't give a part twice, he'll just say you already got one.

3. You will need to get the following parts for this egg:

- heart
- liver
- stomach
- butt
- head
- feet
- intestines

You do not need the skin for this egg, but keep it, because it is needed later in the game to break into the bank after it has been closed.

4. Exit the shop and enter your inventory. Combine all of the prosthetics (order does not matter) and they will dissapear, but in your inventory you will get something labelled an "abomination of nature". Once you've used it it will fall apart, but the parts will reappear in your inventory, so you can do it again. Best of all, unlike most inventory items, it will not dissapear when a new chapter begins.

5. Enjoy!

Note: You need to have been framed by Pegnose before this egg will work.

Also, this is not an egg, but in the schoolhouse, where you are being educated to be a better citizen, you can swipe other stuff from the treasure chest besides the parrot whistle. Just do the same thing you did to get the whistle, and other stuff will appear. For example, you can get a "piratemon" card, or an issue of Scabb magazine, as well as other things.

I cannot take full credit for this egg, because I emailed Lucasarts Games for more fun stuff to do, and they told me about an extra inventory item from the prosthetics shop, and to keep looking in the schoolhouse. But I did discovere how to make the abomination on my own.

Please comment if you find any other way to use the abomination. Thanks!

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Contributed By: Dave on 08-11-2002
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Miner5 writes:
I figured that out myself, but never thought of it as an egg, mainly because I thought you'd need it in something... Late in the game it just seemed like a red herring... pretty cool anyway. Something you should mention, thought, is Guybrushes line, "It's alive!" which he says when you use the thing. This is, of course, from Frankenstein, the movie and a very nice thing to say when a friend of yours is cooking something...
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ADIE writes:
I found out this eegg for myself too but my friend says that you can use the "THING" when you are in the LUA bar. I dont know if he was telling the truth because I haven't found time to try it yet but he said that when you jam the water boat thing, use the "THING" on that and you can put it on top, when the french chef comes out he will scream and run out, then the "THING" falls apart and goes back in your inventory. He said if you hurry you can set the "THING" up again before the french chef comes back and he will scream and run out again.
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