Easter Eggs

Two Other Menus - 8.7/10 with 3 votes
First go into toons and and then press toons on the remote. Then go to King of Town, which should be right at the bottom.
Press the moustache on the shield to make it swing away, then press the brick behind it.
If you have done this correctly it... more

pic A Mark for 100th Email - 8.0/10 with 4 votes
This is an old egg, but it still works now. When I was watching the whole series of Strong Bad Emails, I noticed that every webpage's name is written like this: sbemail#.html. Trying to get to the 100th episode as fast as I could, I wrote sbemail100.html.... more
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Unlock the Hidden Menu! - 7.0/10 with 3 votes
We all know that Homestarrunner has a variety of cute and funny menu screens. But there is a hidden one- with Strong Bad!
Here's how to unlock it.
1.) Go to "games".
2.) Go to "old games". (It's the top left floating airplane thing.)
3.) Play "Homestar... more
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A Couple of Easter Eggs on the Site! - 6.7/10 with 6 votes
Here are a couple of eggs on the Homestar Runner website.

1. Go to SB Emails. There will be a list of words. Click on the word that says "ISP". Watch the whole email and at the end click on the "O" of the word Working. You will see a short of Homestar... more
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Hidden Toon - 6.2/10 with 5 votes
Go to the toons menu, and look at the tapes on the shelves. Next to back, in faint letters, one of the tapes reads "the joy of painting" Click on it and a short egg will play about marzipan's "joy of painting"

pic Hidden Homsar Quotes Download - 5.6/10 with 5 votes
First, go to
At the home page go to downloads.
When you get to the atm machine, go to the $ sign or "Balance Inquiry" and click 0.00 in the message that appears.
You then have to enter a password.
The password is 5 6 7 5
After... more

Love Poems - 5.3/10 with 3 votes
Go to, click on Sb Emails, then scroll to Love Poems and watch it all the way through. at the end of the video click on 'Love Poems' where it says Love Poems 101. there is a short video of Strong sad. Happy watching!

A Few Sbmail Eggs - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
These are just a few of the eggs I can remeber from the Strong Bad Email Show.

Email underlings:
Near the beginning, Strong Bad types something to the extent of "I've got so many underlings, I've had to deal with every ackward social problem under... more

Virtual Pizz - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
Type in in the address box (not on site) . Sure enough, it will take you to the website strong bad mentioned in the email "pizza joint" click on "enter" and it will take you either back to that email, or to a page telling you you've... more

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