Easter Egg - A Few Sbmail Eggs

These are just a few of the eggs I can remeber from the Strong Bad Email Show.

Email underlings:
Near the beginning, Strong Bad types something to the extent of "I've got so many underlings, I've had to deal with every ackward social problem under the ackward social sun!" Click the words "ackward social sun" to see a CD case of the same name.
Also, at the end, some words are clickable (I forget which). Click them to see a comercial for "Stinks Reach", followed by a small ammount of "Dartmouth", two shows Strong Bad said he'd watch.

Email more armies:
When Strong Bad types the words "shady missionaries", click them to see a Taranchula album of the same name.
When Homestar says something about his Sega making him a waffle, click anywhere on the screen to see an explanation as to why.

Email ISP:
As someone said, clicking the "o" shows a run cycle of Homestar's weight in free signup disks. However, you can ALSO see the image when Homestar mentions it by clicking the post-it note.

Email privileges:
Clicking the magazines at the end shows an artical on the discovery of "the hardest chord ever". If this is too dull, click The Cheat's hand to have him burninate the mags.

Email dragon:
Click the "R" when Strong Mad is shown carving "DRAGON" into the table to see Homsar's (laughable) attempt at a dragon.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-11-2007
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