Easter Egg - A Couple of Easter Eggs on the Site!

Here are a couple of eggs on the Homestar Runner website.

1. Go to SB Emails. There will be a list of words. Click on the word that says "ISP". Watch the whole email and at the end click on the "O" of the word Working. You will see a short of Homestar running. But this Homestar is made of cds and computers.

2. Go to toons. On the left there is a piece of paper. Click on the word that says 'Welcome Back". At the end of the show, there should be "Everybody, Everybody". click on the first "Everybody". You will see a short of Pom Pom and the Poop Smith sitting on and island. They are thinking of balogna sandwiches.

3. Go to the characters page. There should be a stack of movies and a VCR. If you click the eject button, then a tape will pop out. If you click it, then you will see a short of Homsar.

4. Go to the Legal page. If you stay on the page for a little bit, Homestar will walk out and say something.

5. Go to the Contacts page. There should be three flying letters and a mailbox in the background. On the mailbox there should be a sticker of Strong Bad having his fist in the air. Click on it. It should open up a new window that says " Strong Bads Message Bored". Click on the "O" of Bored. There you can play three games.

6. Go to the Store page. Scroll down to the bottom. You should see Bubs at his Concession Stand. If you click no the "N" of Stand you will see Homestar running over to Bubs and dancing.

7. Go to the Downloads page. It should be like an ATM. There should be four white buttons. Click on the bottom button and on the screen it should say "Current Balance is 0.00 Dollars". Click on the 0.00 and a card will appear. Drag it over to the slot and it will go in. Now comes the tricky part. You got to make a combination of four digits. Just to help you out here is the code: 5675. Now you can download some "Homestar Classic Quotes".

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 09-09-2006
Reviewed By: dicai, Silent_Assassin
Special Requirements: a working computer mouse, and you need to follow directions well
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ZeldaGeek writes:
Just to clarify, it's Homsar Classic Quotes, not Homestar. Homsar is that one guy who always goes "WAAHAHAAHAHAAHAA!!"
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