FrontPage Easter Eggs

Credits - 5.4/10 with 409 votes
1. Start "FrontPage Explorer".
2. With "FrontPage Explorer" application open, hold down the Shift key
3. Select Help > About 3 times. (Click OK for the first 2 times)
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Car Racing Credits - 5.1/10 with 68 votes
1. Enter Microsoft FrontPage
2. Click on the INSERT option up the top of the page
3. Then click on COMPONENT, and then WORKSHEET
4. After inserting a new Worksheet, click on the number one, and scroll down until the number 2000 is the top number in... more
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HTML Colors - 4.9/10 with 157 votes
HTML markup language allows you to use color names to represent the color value. If you use the word yellow you will get yellow. Here are some other interesting colors:

Crap = nice hideous brown
Butt = don't know why but it is red too
Monkey =... more
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"Are You Surprised?" - 3.6/10 with 34 votes
Create a new html file and name it "crap.html". Print it with FrontPage 2000, and "Are you surprised?" is put in place of the usual file path on the top of the page.

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