Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Easter Eggs

pic Worst Poetry in the Universe - 7.2/10 with 217 votes
In chapter 7 Adams mentions the worst poetry in the Universe to be created by Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings. In the original radio series it referred to Paul Neil Milne Johnstone, but Adams was forced to retract the name for later recordings and for... more
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Dirk Gently Reference - 7.0/10 with 1 votes
First, obtain a copy of "Life, the Universe, and Everything." Turn to page 5. At the top it is talking about a character called Wowbagger the infinitely prolonged. About two rows down it says "stare at the clock, the hands will move relentlessly on to... more
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Arthur Dent - Fictional and Real - 6.6/10 with 437 votes
The main character in Douglas Adams' book _The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_ is named Arthur Dent. There was a real Arthur Dent, a religious writer who about 1600 published a book called _The Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven_. If you're a poor person... more
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Ford What Now? - 6.5/10 with 327 votes
As everyone knows, the man from a small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse (the one with one head) is named Ford Prefect.

A slightly less known fact is that this is a joke, because the Ford Prefect was a very popular car when HHGTTG was written,... more
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Oh the Pain.... - 6.4/10 with 13 votes
This is pretty simple, neat, and important to any fans of the book.
1. When Arthur, Ford, Trillion, Zaphod and Marvin are on the ship and being shot at by the defenses of the lost planet, Douglas Adams writes that during the scuffle one of the crew takes... more
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Disaster Area's Lead Singer - 6.3/10 with 120 votes
The lead singer with the rock band Disaster Area (whose stunt ship Arthur etc steal at the end of the first book) is called Hotblack Desiato. This is the name of a firm of North London estate agents (realtors).
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Naked DNA - 6.0/10 with 62 votes
In the TV series version on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the second episode, during the first half, Douglas Adams withdraws money, then proceeds to walk into the ocean butt naked.

Douglas Adams confirmed this in the extras on the Hitchikers... more
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42 Answer to All - 5.5/10 with 15 votes
If you count the amount of characters, you get "42".
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Phone Numbers - 5.3/10 with 159 votes
There is a phone number that pops up in the first book. This was the phone number of Douglas Adams when he wrote it. Please don't call this number, since it now belongs to someone else.

The robot also was a real person, someone the author knew. ... more
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