Alias Easter Eggs

THE NUMBERS! - 4.0/10 with 7 votes
When watching an ALIAS episode, listen and watch for the number 47. Marshal's camera will take 47 pictures, Vaughn was trapped behind door 47 when he drowned(season 1), page 47 in the Rambaldi manuscripts are always important and need to be decoded first...... more

Hidden Jennifer Interview - 3.9/10 with 17 votes
Go to the bonus section on the 5th disc. Press the remote control up button five or six times will reveal a Rambaldi sign. click on it

Rambaldi Flashes - 3.8/10 with 10 votes
When watching the opening credit sequence, notice that right before/during the frame when Victor Garber's name is shown, the Rambaldi sign flashes over the word ALIAS that has been formed letter by letter during the credits. It is only there for a second,... more

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