Soldier Of Fortune Easter Eggs

Secret in a Toilet - 8.0/10 with 3 votes
1. Go to the Sudan Slaughterhouse level (or type "map sud2" in console).
2. Go through the level untill you find a small toilet.
3. Look inside. You'll find... something inside.
4. Shoot it out.
5. John will say a funny comment about it.

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SoF Cheats (NOT AN EGG) - 5.6/10 with 32 votes
All cheats must be entered into the console. Get the Console like you did in HalfLife, edit the command/target line of a shortcut to the exe file. Right click on the short cut and click propertied. Find the command line it looks something like this "C:\Program... more

867-5309 - 4.2/10 with 80 votes
In the Japan level, JPN2, when you go into the Women's bathroom (notice how all the wussy civilians hide in there?), you will find a hostage who will tell you (in Japanese, look at the subtitles) "They're killing everyone! The access code to the SUNI... more
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Big Tributes to Id, and Some General Laziness - 1.7/10 with 139 votes
I believe the developers thought that perhaps as this was one of the last times the Q2 engine was going to be used, They put a few things in to signify it. Excuse me, but doesn't chasing racists around a german castle sound very familiar? Also, the developers... more
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