Shogo : Mobile Armour Division Easter Eggs

Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG) - 6.7/10 with 19 votes
During Game play,

Press T and type these:

MPGOD - Godmode
MPKFA - Full Ammo, Armor, and Health
MPHEALTH - Full Health
MPAMMO - Full Ammo
MPARMOR - Full Armor
MPCLIP - Clipping Mode on/off
MPPOS... more
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Saturday Night Fever - 5.7/10 with 18 votes
In the MCA level where you have to hop from rooftop to rooftop there is a swimming pool near the end, just before the lift.

Jump into the pool in your MCA and get ready to boogie !

Reference to Another Game - 5.2/10 with 11 votes
The doll that you have to get so you can get the cat is actually a character in another game called Captain Claw.
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Message from Programming Team - 4.0/10 with 16 votes
When you finish the game the credit scroll by and it says THE END. Wait a while and some messages from the programming team will be displayed.

Note:You can go through the credits quicker by pressing the space bar.

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