Shogo : Mobile Armour Division Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

During Game play,

Press T and type these:

MPGOD - Godmode
MPKFA - Full Ammo, Armor, and Health
MPHEALTH - Full Health
MPAMMO - Full Ammo
MPARMOR - Full Armor
MPCLIP - Clipping Mode on/off
MPPOS - Show Position on/off
MPCAMERA - Adjust Camera on/off
MPLIGHTSCAPE - Adjust Light Scape on/off

THX for using Absolute Cheat

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Contributed By: Zeddie on 04-23-2000
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Special Requirements: Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
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Ignatius writes:
Also, when you press T to talk, type mpanime. A message will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Although some people consider this to be a cheat, (it turns explosions to japanese anime), all it does for me is give the message.
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Trans writes:
THE REST OF THE CHEAT CODES: post it yourself if you wish... Code: mptears. Effect: Unlimited ammunition. Code: mpteleport. Effect: Teleport back to start. Code: mpvehicle. Effect: Use vehicle. (yes, just the normal vehicle mode) Code:mpmimimi. Effect: All weapons. Code: mpboyisuck. Effect: kill all enemies. (real glitchy in levels where you meet someone) Code: mptriggers. Effect: Cubes show action triggers. (the ultimate egg finder) Code: show framerate 1 Effect: Display frame rate. Code:mponfoot. Effect: Become person in mech level. Code: mpmech. Effect: Change mech. Code: mpbigguns. Effect: All character's weapons are greatly visually magnified. Clipping is just a big word for running into something, you can't run into anything with clipping off, so you go right through it. A so-called "specter mode" if you quick save before you activate "specter mode", than load into it through the menu, THEN de-activate "specter mode" (type code in again) and... you re-enter the game as a mech!.. oh yea do this in a person-level. what "mpanime" dose is make a "red riot" (the best mech weapon in the game) explosion show the basic skeleton as well as the .bmp, in other words, the explosion has these neat yellow lines conforming to the exact movement of the explosion picture.
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